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The bitter taste in the mouth is able to indicate the development of various disease States and pathologies and dysfunctions of the digestive system, dental or hygienic problems of the oral cavity, hormonal dysfunctions, etc. depending on what has become a prerequisite for the appearance of bitterness, what time of day taste, temporary or permanent bitter taste in the mouth, can eliminate some causes of or suspected the most likely diagnosis.

Bitter taste in the mouth, facing many people is the first bell of the body signaling that something is wrong. If the time to start looking for the causes of bitterness in the mouth, you can prevent diseases, proceeding chronic.

When and why might bitter taste in the mouth?

  • If you feel bitter taste in the mouth
  • Diseases that cause the bitter taste in your mouth

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If you feel bitter taste in the mouth

  • a short time — the cause may be the medication affecting the liver and digestive tract;
  • in the morning — need to examine the liver and gallbladder;
  • constantly — the reason for this may be cholelithiasis, disease of the psyche and the endocrine system, cholecystitis, and cancer of the digestive tract;
  • after eating — you need to pay attention to the condition of the gall bladder, stomach, and duodenum and liver;
  • during and after the physical works with the simultaneous discomfort in the right side — this indicates a malfunction of the liver;
  • after taking certain drugs (antihistamines, antibiotics);
  • accompanied by bad breath — the source of the problem may be gum disease.

In addition, the feeling of bitterness in the mouth often occurs after overeating or eating too fatty food, when the liver cannot synthesize sufficient amounts of bile for digestion of fats.

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The bitterness is felt and injuries in the nose and mouth. And also during pregnancy, when hormonal balance is disturbed.

To not feel the taste of bitterness in the mouth, should visit a gastroenterologist, who will reveal the true cause of the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Diseases that cause the bitter taste in your mouth

Major diseases, which are accompanied by bitter taste in the mouth, I think:

  • Chronic gastritis

It is a disease caused by malfunction of the stomach, initially asymptomatic, then appear heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea. After a series of examinations the doctor determines the type of gastritis, factors causing it, and determine a course of treatment, which usually lasts 14 days.

Folk medicine in this issue suggests the following recipes:

  • In chronic gastritis with low acidity 2 tbsp crushed in a coffee grinder oats fill the evening in a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water, drain in the morning. Drink 0.5 cups for 30 minutes before eating. Recovery rate — 20 days, then 10 days break and repeat the treatment.
  • In gastritis with high acidity effectively drink freshly made potato juice for 30-60 minutes before eating: you should start with 0.25 Cup, gradually working up to 0.75 cups. However, potato juice is effective only until the new year, then it loses its beneficial properties. After taking the juice should lie down for 30 minutes after 1 hour you can have Breakfast. The course is 10 days.
  • In gastritis with high acidity, and will help the solution of honey in warm water (1 tbsp to 1 Cup water). I subscribed to it for 1.5—2 hours before eating. Course: 1.5—2 months.


  • Chronic cholecystitis

Inflammation of the gallbladder occurs due to the presence of stones in it, which leads to a failure in the flow of bile or blood disorder gall bladder walls. Cholecystitis is accompanied by nausea, bitter taste in the mouth after eating, colic.

As a rule, in chronic cholecystitis can help yourself at home, but always under the supervision of a physician. This is good to drink cholagogue grasses. In particular, help calendula: 1 tablespoon of herbs to brew 1 Cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, strain and drink the warm infusion of 0.5 cups before meals three times a day. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties and improves bile flow.

  • Chronic pancreatitis

This disease when the pancreas cannot produce enough enzymes for normal digestion. Causes of pancreatitis are usually gallstone disease, alcohol abuse, overeating, viral diseases, poisoning, nervous tension, stress, surgery and trauma. Patients experience a bitter taste in the mouth, dull pain in the left hypochondrium.

In chronic pancreatitis a very good therapeutic effect is given traditional methods. In particular, you can use this recipe: pour 1 tbsp buckwheat groats 1 Cup fresh yogurt, cover and leave overnight. In the morning on an empty stomach to eat 0.5 cups of the tool. The second half to take before bedtime. The course is 2 weeks. Then take a break for 10 days and repeat the course.

  • Biliary dyskinesia

This disease is due to improper flow of bile in the initial section of the small intestine and are caused by dysmotility of the biliary tract and gall bladder. Is accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain or right side, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea.

When this problem will help peppermint: boil 2 tsp. of herb to 1 Cup boiling water, insist 30 minutes, drain. Drink SIPS during the day.

Or this recipe: 1 tsp. parsley seeds crushed, pour 2 cups boiling water, to insist 2 hours, strain and cool. Take of 0.25 Cup 3-4 times a day 15 minutes before meals. The course is 2 weeks, then a break for 10 days and again repeat the course. To do so within 3-4 months.

  • Acute poisoning

Intoxication by any toxic agent (food, gas, chemicals, alcohol, drugs) accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, sometimes bitterness in the mouth.

In case of poisoning must be taken very much to drink slightly salted water (2 tablespoons per 5 liters of water). The patient should drink 1 liter of fluid, then you need to induce vomiting. It washes out a greater quantity of poisons from the stomach, preventing them from entering into the intestine. Simultaneously it is necessary to do a colonic enema with warm boiled water.

Also with all types of poisonings healers and healers are advised not to lie (no matter how bad it was), and walk — the more the better. This is because during walking the body with the sweat through the skin removes toxins.

Useful as a warm bath and shower.

In cases of poisoning even if you have an empty stomach retching may continue. They can stop folk remedies. In particular, very quickly and efficiently will help so a solution of 1 tsp of potato starch pour 1 Cup of room temperature water and drink. This mixture quickly envelops and eliminates pain in the stomach.

As you can see, the appearance of bitterness in the mouth often associated with malnutrition, which leads to disruption of the normal digestive tract. Therefore, to avoid any problem with the working of the digestive system, it is necessary not to abuse alcohol, fatty, salty, spicy, fried foods and meats.published econet.ru.

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