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Chocolate: new facts about your favorite food
The contents

  • Cocoa — based chocolate recipe
  • Healthy desserts: chocolate benefits for disease prevention
  • Chocolate — food product, surrounded by tall tales
  • Safe food: how to eat chocolate?

Chocolate occupies a dominant place in the list of the most coveted treats. This dessert is a frequent guest at holiday and everyday teas, without it can not do the recipes of most sweets. Chocolate drink separately and used as ingredient. But few people know how many interesting facts centered around this delicacy.

Cocoa — based chocolate recipe

The basis of a successful recipe — the selection of quality ingredients. Cocoa beans — the plant from which is made all the favorite treat. Its fruit reaches the size of a soccer ball. The trees only grow within 20° North and South of the equator in rural areas of West Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America. The fruits are picked by hand, and a massive plant requires diligent care, however, is the case when the final result is worth the effort.

Before getting on the table, cocoa from which chocolate is prepared, goes a long way. It includes the withdrawal of a peel of seeds, their processing and drying, then the beans are roasted and ground to a powder or pasty consistency during the lasting process of the very unique aroma.

Healthy desserts: chocolate benefits for disease prevention

A balanced diet involves eating a variety of healthy foods. It is safely possible to classify and chocolate.

It is no secret that dark chocolate is more beneficial to human health than alternative recipes and most other sweets. There is evidence that weekly consumption of quality dark chocolate during the whole of life helps by 20-30% to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Carl keen, a well — known American Professor, came to the conclusion that a healthy and regular consumption of this dessert reduces the likelihood of stroke and heart attack, by bringing to normal the number of white blood cells. And phenols contained in chocolate help in strengthening the circulatory system, as well as control over the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus contained in the food product involved in the process of cellular metabolism. And the flavonoids in dark chocolate increase blood flow to the brain, stimulating its activity and making it easier to focus and solve complex tasks.

Regular consumption of chocolate is a good preventive of depression, because the magnesium contained in it helps to better resist stress.

Milk chocolate for most definitely seems to taste better. But the dark has a unique taste qualities that can be added to your favorite desserts. The more cocoa products and less sugar in the final version of the chocolate, the more useful it is to human health.

Chocolate — food product, surrounded by tall tales

There are many rumors about chocolate, firmly entrenched in the minds of most people. To find out if they’re true, offer to go the way of debunking each of them.

  • Chocolate contributes to acne

In fact, there are very few arguments to support this theory. At the time, as long been proven that food products rich in saturated fats and salt, in excess contained in the diet, much more involved in this process. They contribute to the amplification of the inflammatory reactions of the organism, provoking a more active sebum production. Faced with a similar problem it is important to review the entire menu, not focusing only on one product.

  • Chocolate much caffeine

One serving of chocolate (30 grams) contains about 10-20 mg of caffeine, while regular coffee contains between 45 to 60 mg.

  • Chocolate causes migraines

Foods regularly consumed, play an important role in his health. So in order to debunk or confirm this myth, a study was conducted in which subjects were divided into 2 groups. One given dark chocolate, another similar dessert prepared with half of the carob (carob), does not contain caffeine. In the well-being of the participants in both groups no changes were recorded. This means 2 completely different composition of the product have the same effect (or not have it both) on the human condition in migraine, and also not conducive to its development. Thus, chocolate may not be an independent cause of headaches, both strong and weak.

  • Carob better than chocolate

With this statement hard to argue, because it at least half right. The carob is less fat, so in order to turn it into chocolate, the manufacturers have to add in the product the extra fat. Unfortunately, his sources are often the types of questionable quality. Carob is sweeter than cocoa, but you should not rely on him as a medicine weight without adding dessert. In terms of caloric these 2 products are about the same.

  • Chocolate is addictive

Another palaestina. Although the action of chocolate on the mind can be considered similar to the effects of the drug in terms of feeling of euphoria, however, a closer examination of substances that promote addictive in the composition have been identified.

Safe food: how to eat chocolate?

About the benefits of this chocolate is said a lot, but how to recognize it on the shelves without hitting a low-quality product? Desserts presents a wide palette range as producers of products and their composition. Real chocolate can not be cheap, it is a sign of forgery. On the packaging of the tiles should be the inscription “Made according to GOST”, it means that the fat of extraneous origin. The percentage of cocoa products should not be lower 75-99%. Only in this case the Goodies you can get the maximum benefit. Notorious “sokoman” recommended to add to your diet more foods containing iodine. This substance will help to protect the teeth and thyroid gland.

Despite the great utility of the product, do not abuse them. Exceeding the daily requirement at times threatens unpleasant consequences. This overeating is harmful for people with diabetes, because even dark chocolate contains sugar. Also, do not lean on a dairy analogue, because it is a direct path to rapid weight gain. Also the excess chocolate can cause allergic reactions, which can manifest in varying degrees, and sometimes quite dangerous for health and life.

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