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Coconut milk and water in the diet fans HLS

Interested fitness fans HLS limited in the choice of products, so as to adhere to the diet. But losing weight the athlete sometimes you want to pamper yourself with something tasty and unusual. Fans of fitness and supporters of proper nutrition is to pay attention to exotic products. Among them you can find not only delicious and low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds.

What to choose Amateur fitness – coconut milk or water?

Coconut milk can serve as the power source, which will make a pleasant variety in a strict sports diet. But one should consume it moderately, not every day. The main component of coconut milk – fats. They are natural and healthy, but too nutritious. Too high-calorie (500 kcal in one Cup) allows you to use coconut milk only from time to time.

Much less nutritious coconut water in 100g contains 46 kcal. Sweet white juice (water) is naturally produced in the cavity of the coconut, while the milk obtained artificially, by processing the pulp of the Mature fruit.

For inclusion in the diet of the athlete is more suitable coconut water. It is quite sweet and nutritious, but incomparably the caloric content of milk. Its food value is about the same as fizzy drinks. But benefit from it much more. Sports nutritionists recommend the use of coconut water as soft drink and even call it natural energy.

Coconuts is a source of important chemical elements

The value of coconut water – available minerals. The use of this liquid allows to compensate for the loss of sodium, potassium and other elements that are released when sweating during workouts. The loss of minerals has a negative impact on water and electrolyte metabolism, thus causing an imbalance and leading to disturbances in the functioning of cells and organs. Electrolytes must be constantly present in the body in sufficient quantity. Not only do they support the desired concentration of kinetically active particles in body fluid, but also form the electric potential, act as catalysts, provide blood clotting, stabilize the bone, etc.

Coconut milk and water contain little sugar. It is important for people trying to lose weight, because it is fast carbs easily slip into fats and deposited on the waist and hips. But fans of the HLS is better to give preference to coconut water with its lower concentration of fat and calories.

Periodically to add variety to the diet – not a fad but a necessity. It gives a psychological discharge, improves mood, stimulates the metabolism, switch the gastrointestinal tract with digestion “favorite” athletes protein foods on other types of products.


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