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Eating for weight loss and health: 5 harmful and 5 foods that

The contents

  • Balanced diet for weight loss and health
  • 5 foods that you must exclude from food
  • Butter cakes
  • 5 foods that should include in diet every day
  • Checklist

Instead of having to go to an expensive trial and error, figuring out experimentally what foods are best for your body, use the advice from MedAboutMe. We will help to enrich your diet with valuable nutrients and eliminate hazardous for health.

Balanced diet for weight loss and health

If you want to lose weight, staying energetic and healthy person, should not “plant” the body on starvation rations. Your meals should be balanced, and the menu varied.

Start metabolism will help the combination of lean protein and fiber with healthy fats. Just on products that are sources of these substances, the emphasis should be thinking about diet plan.

You should beware of refined carbohydrates, TRANS fats and harmful food additives that inhibit metabolism, and therefore weight loss, and provoke the development of obesity, diabetes type 2 diabetes, and other systemic pathologies.

5 foods that you must exclude from food

There are a number of products that should not be used. Let’s call the top five of most harmful.

  • Sweet drinks (including diet)

Carbonated beverages and sugar substitutes for some become the basis of the diet. They don’t know that sweet soda “wreaking havoc” in the body, it stimulates the bouts of hunger and spikes insulin. Regular consumption of sugary drinks is one of the shortest ways to the development of metabolic syndrome, overweight, cardiopathologies and premature death.

  • Frozen foods

In search of comfort, for the sake of saving time, many of us fall into the trap of products that have passed preliminary processing, which can be a few minutes to prepare lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, cutlets, dumplings and even those frozen foods that are “positioned” as a healthy diet that contain a lot of salt.

Manufacturers are forced to add sodium, which is a great preservative to extend the shelf life of such products. And as you know, salt helps retain water and therefore weight gain. It multiplies the risk of development of arterial hypertension and some other serious diseases. Plus, new research shows that sodium plays a much bigger than previously thought, role in regulation of insulin and development of obesity.

  • A quick Breakfast

Muesli, hot cereal, cereal – the favourite Breakfast options for many children and adults. But few know that it is the combination of refined carbohydrates, flour or cereals and sugar, is a frequent cause of hyperactivity and inattention toddlers, and irritability and forgetfulness of their parents.

  • Fast food and processed foods

Our children are often “lobbied” ready meals: sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, etc. and we ourselves are sometimes unable to resist the temptation to eat in a Chinese restaurant or grab a hotdog on the run. The more we abuse such violations of the diet, the more salt, sugar, starch, TRANS fats, flavor enhancers, dyes and other harmful food additives ingested into our body. They adversely affect our health, including mental activity, dropping weight loss.

Butter cakes

Amazingly fragrant doughnuts, cookies, pies, cakes are often causes not only obesity, but also chronic fatigue, depression and many systemic diseases. Did you know that one cupcake can hide more than 1000 calories? After studying the labels on curvy buns and cakes, you will be shocked not only energy value, but also the amount of fat and sugar, which cause spikes insulin levels and rapid growth of the waist.

5 foods that should include in diet every day

It is known that the power in which lots of plant foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, is most useful. But not all products are equivalent and interchangeable. Some are composed of a special nutrients that are absent from others.

  • For example, sulforaphane is an amazing natural connection for detox liver cleanse with an antibacterial and anti-cancer properties, contains only a part of the cruciferous. You can eat tons of other types of greens and vegetables, but don’t get enough sulforaphane until you eat coleslaw or steamed broccoli.
  • Another example is flax seed, which has anti-cancer properties, contains 100 times more phenolic compounds, lignans than other foods.
  • Amazing products – mushrooms. They contain nutrients (e.g., antioxidant rich in ergothioneine), which is composed of other representatives of “the vegetable Kingdom”.

Here is a list of five products which should be daily on your plate. This is important for the prevention of diseases, improvement of health and weight loss.

  • Legumes

Chickpeas, soybeans, peas, lentils, beans and other crops out of this large family often suggest to include in the diet. It can be a bowl of pea soup or a healthy snack hummus. Experts suggest to consume a daily basis up to three portions, which are defined as:

  • a quarter Cup of mashed chickpeas or beans;
  • ½ Cup cooked beans, lentils, peas, tofu;
  • full Cup sprouted lentils or green peas.
  • Berries

To this product group belong not only raspberries, strawberries, mulberries, cherries, and grapes and “gifts of nature” that not everyone thinks the berries (avocados, bananas, melons). Daily include in the menu portion:

  • ½ Cup frozen or fresh berries;
  • ¼ Cup dried.
    • Cruciferous vegetables

    This collection brings together the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other cabbage. Recommend at least 1 serving daily (½ Cup).

    • Nuts

    I advise anyone to include in daily diet for weight loss and health 1 tbsp ground Flaxseed + serving of nuts or other seeds (¼ Cup). In addition, your daily diet should be enriched with 2 tbsp oil, nuts, seeds or peanut.

    • Whole grain

    A serving of whole grains should be on your plate 1-2 times a day. It can be:

  • half Cup of oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, etc.;
  • Cup pasta whole grain durum wheat, corn;
  • one whole wheat tortilla or slice of bread “hardware”;
  • 3 cups of popcorn without butter.
  • Checklist

    Make a list of products that are important to include in meals daily. It should always be at hand to help you:

    • to buy the necessary ingredients at the grocery stores;
    • to cook healthy meals;
    • to make a balanced menu.

    The checklist will serve you as helpful reminders will help you stick to a healthy diet every day.


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