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5 products for even tanning without harming the skin


In summer, a lot of people want to look irresistible with a tan. A uniform, light tan gives your body a healthy look and shine. But not all people can easily get such a tan: many people repeatedly burn in the sun or simply can not buy a chocolate shade, remaining pale or reddish. The secret is that there are foodstuffs that allow you to buy a flat, saturated tan without burning. Let’s find out what kind of food it is.


The orange color of carrots indicates that it contains a lot of vitamin A. This vitamin protects the skin from harmful sun exposure, which allows you to sunbathe without fear of burns. Vitamin A also has cumulative properties – it accumulates in the skin cells and gives it a reddish shade. It is a good base for further chocolate tanning.

How to eat carrots?

  • Eat a couple of carrots an hour before going to the beach.
  • Have a glass of carrot juice on the beach or just before you go out there.

Tip: Vitamin A dissolves in liquids, so carrot juice can Mix with fatty coconut oil or even cream to make it better and faster.


Another product that contains a lot of beta-carotene, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B. Apricots themselves also have a yellow and orange hue, so they act as carrots, giving the skin a red color. But they also protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays, which is also important when tanning. When using apricots, you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

How to use apricots?

  • The best option is to eat about one or two apricots every day. A single use of apricot will give either a very weak effect or will not give at all.
  • There is also apricot in the form of mashed potatoes and natural juices, which can be prepared by yourself.

Cocoa beans and chocolate

It is a natural bitter chocolate, which can be bought in many online shops. Cocoa beans contain flavonoids, a vegetable component that protects the skin from environmental influences, including sunlight. They saturate the skin with moisture (not to be confused with fat content!) and contribute to the “sticking” of tanning without harming your health.
In addition, chocolate and cocoa beans have “colorful” properties – they will give your skin a weak dark brown shade, which will be a good basis for future tanning.

How do I consume chocolate and cocoa beans?

  • Cocoa beans themselves are bitter, but they give the mashed potatoes and cocktails an unusual taste. Try to mix them with cream and banana or add them to your homemade ice cream.
  • A small bar of natural chocolate won’t hurt your body if you eat it an hour before you visit the beach.

Tip: If you don’t like dark chocolate, eat it with honey, banana or sweet oranges.

Salmon and oily fish

Such fish contains not only healthy fats and proteins, but also many vitamins: B, E, D, omega acids. This means that not only will you get protection from ultraviolet light, but you will also be able to safely “assimilate” the tan, which will lie on your skin without harm.
Oily fish also protects the skin from burning, which is especially important for people who suffer from red tanning and are often sunburned. In addition, salmon have many other useful properties.

How do I eat salmon and oily fish?

  • Raw salmon steaks or slightly smoked salmon are best suited. Eat a lot and you don’t need to – salmon are assimilated for a long time, so you can eat it even a day before going to the beach.
  • You can also eat salmon of any kind – it will not lose its useful properties.


Tomatoes are unique in that they contain a rare substance – lycopene in combination with vitamins B and numerous minerals. They provide prevention of skin cancer, prevent the formation of cancer cells under the influence of sunlight. They accelerate the appearance of tanning and provide such protection of the skin as can be provided by a cream with a low level of protection.

How do I consume tomatoes?

  • Tomato salad of any kind is delicious on a hot summer day, does not burden your stomach and is good for tanning.
  • A glass of tomato juice is quickly absorbed, so you can drink it right on the beach.

With the help of these products you will provide yourself a beautiful tan. If you have them daily in summer, you can not worry: tanning will last all very much and will be very slowly washed off the body. In addition, these products provide protection for the skin, so you don’t have to worry about health and the effects of ultraviolet light.

4 of the most dangerous diets


Diet is a diet that is primarily aimed at improving health. Diets are prescribed by qualified specialists and doctors when necessary. It is important to understand that diet is stressful for the body, and it is not worthwhile to sit on it without reason. For weight loss it is better to choose the right diet in combination with sports.
But there are a number of diets that are particularly harmful to the body. Let’s find out what kind of diet it is.

Drinking diet

At a given time (usually a month or two weeks), eat only liquid foods – water, juices, mashed potatoes, liquid soups, protein shakes. A particularly severe diet, which was common about seven years ago, is drinking only on water.
This diet has certain results: a person really loses weight in a short period of time.


  • The most important complication that this diet can give is the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Our stomach is adapted to digest food of varying degrees of hardness, but too much liquid food will lead to permanent diarrhea.
  • As a consequence, all the nutrients are washed out of the body, and those that you absorb in a liquid form, simply are not assimilated.
  • On a drinking diet you will be constantly hungry, because the stomach has nothing to digest, and it will quickly empty.
  • After hunger will be followed by drowsiness and irritability, your performance will fall significantly.

Important: it is very easy to earn gastritis on a drinking diet or get its complication up to ulcer.


In a month or two weeks, you eat only one product. You’ve probably heard that your friends are skinny on green apples, buckwheat (or other cereal) on fish or chicken. These products are definitely useful, but they do not fill up all the necessary components that we need to consume during the day or week.


  • When we eat only one product, giving up everything else, we get an oversupply of some substances and a lack of others. This puts the body under stress and can have unforeseen consequences. For example, it is easy to earn hormonal failure, spoil skin, migraine, gastritis and depression.
  • An organism put into a state of stress, gets a signal about the lack of some kind of food. If you first sharply lose 5-7 kilograms, then understand that you can easily gain them from any more nutritious food.
  • Any food you start eating after such a diet will begin to accumulate fat. The body will prepare for the next hunger strike, so it will try to store as many calories as possible, which can be spent during the hungry period.

Sweet diet

For a week or 10 days, you only eat a hundred grams of sweets a day. You can drink black coffee without sugar and milk or just water, the main thing is not to exceed the weight volume. The diet is based on the fact that sweet is a strong source of carbohydrates, but does not take into account the fact that sweet is a fast carbohydrate.


  • The body quickly spends energy from candy or a piece of cake. About an hour after eating the sweet, you will experience a growing hunger.
  • Because of the constant hunger and rare energy spikes, your body will experience extreme stress. In women, this can lead to a hormonal failure and a change in the menstrual cycle; lack of calcium will lead to bone disease, which will have a strong impact on the overall condition of the skin and hair.
  • Sweet diet quickly causes gastritis, provokes the appearance of acne.

Slimming on this diet is built in the same way as on a mono diet: you lose a lot of weight and quickly gain it as soon as you give up your diet.

Protein diet

It eliminates all carbohydrates from the diet. It would seem that carbohydrates provoke the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, so if you exclude them, you can lose weight. But we must not forget that carbohydrates are the energy necessary for both the efficiency of the whole and the normal functioning of the body.


  • The first thing you will experience when you eliminate carbohydrates from your body and focus on protein is drowsiness and lethargy. You’ll always want to sleep, you’ll lose enthusiasm for any job. It can go as far as fainting, even in previously healthy people.
  • A large amount of protein will load your kidneys, which can lead to the formation of stones or even to their failure.
  • As a consequence, the general deterioration of the body’s work leads to gastritis, migraines, impaired gastrointestinal function; you will become more susceptible to stress, colds and viruses.

Important: There is a version among scientists that women who regularly sit on a protein diet, suffer from infertility.

As we have already said, the best option is a complex proper diet and moderate physical activity. Dietary foods are especially dangerous for teenagers, whose bodies need complex care more than ever. And for a truly balanced diet, you can include in the daily diet of superfood, most of which are available to ordinary customers.

Slim formula: a few tips for making healthy sweets


We have already raised the issue of sweets, which do not harm the figure in one of the previous articles, but where to go if the soul is not lying neither to marshmallows nor to bitter chocolate, and to the nearest bakery two minutes on foot? To this question, as usual, we have one answer: if you want, you can, but within the reasonable limits, not going beyond the daily calorie. After all, we are losing weight due to the lack of calories, and not from cheese and poultry with buckwheat.

However, here the question is more about the temptation to always afford a little more fun. Therefore, in order not to bother yourself with hated (and suddenly) marshmallows and halvahs, but also not to succumb to the temptation, we have prepared for you a few tips on how to prepare useful sweets at home or “lighten” their favorite recipes.

  1. Reduce the amount of sugar. Don’t throw yourself to extremes and cook your favorite sugar-free cookies at all. Start small: try to reduce the amount of sugar first by 2-3 tablespoons. Later you will notice how your taste buds take on new sensations and cut back the amount of sugar. And do not try to switch to sugar substitutes, as most of them are unnecessary for the body and can not be a substrate for the brain in contrast to glucose. Replacing ordinary white sugar with cane sugar is also a kind of fiction. The taste of the dish may change a little due to the specifics of cane sugar production, but it will not affect the caloric value of the dish in any way.

2. Avoid “caloric bombs”. This combination of words means the combination of a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates in the finished product at the same time. This applies mainly to waffles with fatty layers, sand dough, cakes. Thus, if your recipe is next to butter and sugar, then this recipe should still be avoided. Well, or to be very strong when tasting.

3. Discover the world of cheese desserts. With its ideal structure for use in cooking cottage cheese has a record low caloric value, even if you choose a product with a mass fats content of more than 5-9%. A nice bonus is also the fact that together with a small calorie you get a good dose of protein. And the spectrum of variants for a wide range of culinary fantasies is immense: from baked goods and cheesecakes to pancakes made of wholemeal with filling of cottage cheese with raisins.

4. Speaking of flour. If you can’t imagine your life without fragrant rolls and crispy baguette, we offer you to pay a little money. And no, not on the next tribute to the bakery industry, and on a bag of whole grains or any other alternative flour. Rice or oatmeal is also suitable. The trick is that compared to wheat they have a lower glycemic index, which, roughly speaking, reduces your craving for sugar, due to the content of carbohydrates with a more complex structure.

5. Make friends with agar-agar and gelatin. These guys are an indispensable part of mousses, jelly, soufflé and other air desserts. And also in their structure practically one pure protein. Experiment!

6. Do not forget about the fruit! They are not only a useful companion of our diet in weight loss, but also a real masterpiece for quick snacks or even full meals. And it doesn’t matter where you stop: on an apple between couples at the university or a full fruit salad with a light yoghurt – you have already made the right choice for your body.

These simple rules will help you to discover the door to an alternative useful cookery. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments!

Watch out for the restaurant!


Sitting on a diet or eating the right food is quite easy with good motivation and the constant opportunity to prepare your own food at home. However, in the life of every thinner ever comes that very terrible moment: a trip to a restaurant or cafe. It can be a date, a business meeting or a friendly outing. The essence is the same: how to behave and what to order?

First of all, there is a moral pressure on everyone. Crawling out with colleagues for lunch or with friends at the pizza place, of course, involves a dense meal. And no one wants to feel the slippery looks and answer inappropriate questions, chewing cabbage and spinach salad, while everyone else is actively eating pizza. If this fact worries you most of all, remember one simple rule: your food is your business, you have every right not to share the tastes of your companions.

However, moral pressure from outside – it’s still half the trouble. The next station is an internal conflict. The development of the catering industry has perverted the tastes of the public, forcing institutions to play hard on our senses. And in the most aggressive way it is expressed in the detailed descriptions of the menu items, which are full of colorful pictures and adjectives that indicate the tints of taste of dishes. All this is aimed at activating the imagination of the potential buyer and is another attempt to make us buy more. So how can we not get caught in this fishing rod? Learn how to filter the information you send to your brain for processing, and focus only on nouns that indicate the composition of the dish, such as “meat”, “cabbage”, “potatoes”. And don’t stop at studying the image for more than five seconds.

Below we will give you an approximate list of menu items to look out for if you are on the right diet or diet:

1) And the number one in this list, as you can easily guess, is salads. However, not everything is so simple, here you have to be extremely careful and thoroughly study the composition of what the restaurant offers you. Particular attention should be paid to refueling. Remember: no mayonnaise and other heavy sauces! Only olive oil, lemon juice or light sauce based on sour cream and natural spices. Well, of course, the composition of the salad itself is important. Vegetables, greens, tuna, seafood or chicken breast will be an ideal combination for a light dinner. And fresh fruit salad dressed with low-fat yoghurt will perfectly replace dessert.

2) Soups. Another must have a menu item for the thinner ones. With the spread of veganism in all restaurants there are dishes marked with the appropriate icon. They are worth paying attention to, as often such soups will be cooked only from products of plant origin. Spinach or pumpkin puree soup is a good option for lunch with colleagues. You can also pay attention to gazpacho, okroshka or Lenten positions in the menu. Avoid cheese and cream soups, they may be too greasy.

3) The grill is the best alternative to steaks, batter fried and other not particularly useful variations of hot. It is also worth noting that the grill is not only used to cook meat or fish, but also vegetables, which will significantly reduce the calorie content of your garnish.

Stick to these simple rules and each of your trips to a restaurant or cafe will be an unforgettable event, not a nervous one.

Does coffee attract extra pounds?


In today’s world, coffee is more than just a drink. With the release of the series “Friends” 25 years ago, the process of drinking coffee became a kind of ritual, and the coffee industry itself – a religion. At the moment, there are dozens of variations of this drink from tart espresso to tender raff. Here, as usual, thinners have questions. Won’t there be extra coffee in their diet and will it affect the result?

It is worth starting with the fact that the energy value of ordinary black coffee is 2 kilocalories per middle cup of the drink. That is, even if you are used to 2-4 coffee pauses a day, it is unlikely to affect the figure somehow. Another thing is that most modern coffee houses and coffee shops add sugar, cow or vegetable milk, various syrups, toppings and sometimes even alcohol to the drink. This is exactly what can damage the figure, as many people often forget about the coffee they have drunk when calculating calories, without thinking about the fact that “just a cup of latte” can carry up to two hundred extra calories, depending on the volume and institution. Coffee also has a negative effect on the weight loss process because caffeine has a strong excitatory effect on the nervous system of some people, which can then cause insomnia, which can lead to overeating the next day.

However, coffee has a huge number of advantages. First, having drunk a cup of black coffee half an hour before training, you will wake up your body, give it a boost of energy and prepare your cardiovascular system for physical activity. Secondly, it is worth noting that the drink increases the metabolism, which also has a positive effect on the process of weight loss.

It is worth noting that coffee is useful not only for the body, but also for the brain. Fans of aromatic drink have by 65% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, as coffee stimulates brain activity and improves memory. It is also a very interesting fact that coffee helps to fight depression. Scientists have proven that drinking about three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of depression by 20%.

It is an interesting fact: in good institutions, a cup of coffee is always served with a glass of clean drinking water. And this is not about aesthetics. Water refreshes the taste buds, reduces the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and prevents the increase in pressure.
It is an interesting fact: in good establishments a cup of coffee is always served with a glass of clean drinking water. And this is not about aesthetics. Water refreshes the taste buds, reduces the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and prevents increasing pressure.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that a cup of aromatic natural freshly brewed coffee will be a great addition to the morning meal, which not only does not hurt your figure, but also has a positive effect on your future condition. However, do not forget that the consumption of this drink is worth adhering to moderation.

Make yourself a cup of coffee, and do not forget about the balance and harmony with yourself!

Slimming by the power of thought


The process of achieving the goal is always a long and time-consuming way, long work on yourself. The decision to lose weight includes not only the motivation to reduce weight as soon as possible, but also the search for full internal harmony with yourself and your body. However, not many people are ready to accept this and go the whole way from the beginning to the end, changing their thinking and lifestyle. Many people literally struggle to find workarounds: diets, starvation, exhausting training, taking “medicines” for weight loss… Not a dozen people are familiar with this situation, so spending time on the treadmill and chewing their grief with salad, unwittingly creeping up thoughts about how great it would be to just sit on a chair and burn calories literally with the power of thought. You won’t believe it, but it’s really possible. Now let’s explain why.

Let’s say right away: this method does not imply complete ignoring of proper nutrition and exercise, with the help of which you will not achieve a relief and tightened body. Ask what is the essence of the method and its usefulness? Thanks to the gifts of technological progress, we know exactly how many kilocalories per day we spend on walking, how many on exercises in the hall, but do not think about how much energy our brain “eats” per day.

The brain is only 1.5-2% of body weight, and the energy consumption of the total metabolism is about 25%. The most energy-intensive function is concentration of attention. At the same time, the process of glucose consumption by the brain is increasing so much that it is able to completely deplete its reserves in just half an hour. By the way, glucose is the only substrate for brain nutrition and that is why simple carbohydrates cannot be completely excluded from the diet. This is especially true for students and intellectuals. Thus, our brain is able to “burn” about 20% of the energy of the basic metabolism per day. Accordingly, it is easy to increase this percentage by doing mental work related to concentration and logical tasks. The brain will spend most of its calories on multi-level tasks, which will involve different parts of the cortex. But be careful! Constant mental strain can lead to fatigue and stress. Of course, stressors also speed up metabolic processes and increase energy consumption by 30-40% in combination with brain function, but it is important to remember the importance of health and balance of your own nervous system.

Thus, it should be learned that it is not necessary to replace the exhausting training in the hall for a long-term brain strain, but to include in your schedule a useful habit associated with mental work, will be extremely useful. It should be noted that mental work in this key stops not only at solving logical problems. Energy consumption will require any activity: from memorizing poems to learning a foreign language.

Perfect yourself, pump your brains and lose weight in your mind!

Let’s talk about “Queen of Croups.”


For quite a long time now, the phrase “good nutrition” has been strongly associated with such products as chicken breast and buckwheat. Yes, in terms of biochemistry, these two products are almost ideal. White chicken meat carries almost no fat and about 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of breast. Buckwheat is still more interesting. This cereal, which has a number of vitamins, minerals and useful fiber in its arsenal, has the title of “queen” among other cereals.

Having appeared for the first time more than 5000 years ago in India and Nepal, buckwheat sowing spread quickly, first in Asia and later in other continents. Having got to Russia in the twelfth century from Greece (for this reason, the grits actually got the known name), it became an irreplaceable part of our diet.

According to recent studies, buckwheat has an exceptional chemical composition, which carries about 50 valuable substances for the body. In terms of protein and iron content, buckwheat is equated with red meat, which makes it indispensable in the diet of people who adhere to plant nutrition. The energy value of raw buckwheat kernels is 310 kcal per 100 g, and the energy value of cooked kernels is only 132 kcal. Complex carbohydrates (including fiber), which are part of buckwheat not only give a long sense of satiety, but also regulate the level of sugar in the blood, which reduces the likelihood of overeating, as well as is an indispensable food for people suffering from diabetes.

And a few more interesting facts:

  • Eating buckwheat porridge a day gives you 10-15% of your daily potassium needs. This microelement is essential for the cardiovascular system and water-salt metabolism of the body
  • buckwheat contains vitamin E, selenium microelement and phenolic acid – components of the antioxidant system. They reduce the level of free radicals that damage cell membranes, reduce the amount of cholesterol, normalize the immune system.
  • In addition to the most well-known and common nucleus, there are three other varieties of buckwheat. Green buckwheat, which can be grown at home, as its grains are not subject to processing. Smolensk and slice, on the contrary, are more crushed varieties.
  • By the way, green buckwheat sprouts are the most useful, because the concentration of nutrients in it is preserved to the maximum. As sprouts restore the heart and blood vessels, thereby helping people suffering from hypertension.

Despite the huge number of useful properties, you should always remember the commandments of rational nutrition and balance of nutrients. The “Queen” cereals has a unique composition and can become one of the components of your diet, but not its basis. Do not forget that it is not monodietes that lead to a qualitative result, but the balance of nutrition, physical activity and emotional health.

Four sweets to make your figure look good


Do you think girls only dream of diamonds and furs? Not at all! Most girls dream of eating their favorite sweets and not getting better. The growing food industry has given us thousands of different kinds of foods that literally break the shelves of confectionery departments. And passing by them it remains only hard to sigh, because every girl as our father knows that all the delicious delicacies are full of great and terrible carbohydrates, and sometimes even complete with fats, which will certainly damage the figure. But is it really so?

We say no. But under several conditions. First of all, you stick to a certain amount of calories per day and a balanced diet always, therefore, do not tend to snap off and get rid of a pack of cookies or waffles in one sitting. Second, sweetness should fit in with 20% of your daily calories. Feel the good news in the morning?

And now a little more good information: sweets can also be very useful. And you have probably already heard about their properties.

1) Zephyr is a light and airy, real king among sweets. Does not contain a gram of fat in its composition, as prepared from apple puree and egg whites. Contains useful for the gastrointestinal tract pectin. One marshmallow per day can be afforded even on the most stringent diets, and the modern food industry has made a real breakthrough by launching the production of lines of sweets using vegetable substitutes.

2) Although Halva is the leader in caloric value among the presented products, and also carries in its composition a large amount of fat, but all this is compensated by its properties. Firstly, a significant fiber content regulates glucose and cholesterol levels in the body. Secondly, since halva is made of seeds and nuts, the bulk of the fat in its composition – unsaturated, that is, those that also participate in the recycling of cholesterol.

3) Black chocolate. Unfortunately, many sweet toothpastes, the one that is from 65% of cocoa content and without stuffing. But what a treasure trove of trace elements! Also, bitter chocolate is a real source of serotonin, the very “happiness hormone”. Two pieces of chocolate in the morning will not only break the craving for sweets during the days, but will also increase concentration and normalize blood pressure.

4) Honey. Very good replacement of sugar, because it does not carry bare carbohydrates, but also a stock of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Tea with honey is not only an effective remedy for colds, but also the best substrate for the brain and heart muscle.

Diets VS hemoglobin


Blood is an important internal environment of the body. Blood laboratory tests are the main link in the diagnosis of most diseases. But how often do we think about our blood condition when we think we are healthy?

Blood parameters always change: after a meal, strong emotions, physical activity. These changes are called physiological changes. However, the line between the norm and pathology is known to be very thin. Sharp changes in quality of life and diet can lead to abnormal changes in blood parameters. One of the most aggressive factors is diet. Restrictions in diet lead to the fact that the body does not receive sufficient amounts of macro- and microelements. In particular, iron and folic acid, which, accordingly, reduces their concentration and leads to the development of anemia. Therefore, if you are on a diet a week ago, suddenly began to feel a constant obsession with sleepiness and fatigue, as well as found an unusual pallor of the skin, you should think about taking a general blood test. Perhaps, depriving your diet of iron-containing products, you have received a low level of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is an extremely important component of the blood, an iron protein, without which oxygen enrichment is impossible. Man needs 15-40mg of iron a day to maintain normal levels of hemoglobin, but from the food this trace element is absorbed only by 10-12%.

Naturally, the question arises, what do you need to eat on a diet, so as not to spoil the blood composition? It is better to use products of animal origin, as they contain a form of iron, the digestibility of which is about 15-20%, in contrast to vegetable iron-containing products. A good choice will also be some fruits and vegetables, which in addition to iron contain vitamins C and B12, contributing to better absorption of trace elements in the body.

Below is a list of products with a high content of iron, which will not only cover the daily need for trace elements, but also will not go beyond the daily calorie. And the main thing is that they are all simple and publicly available.

  • By-products (liver, kidneys)
  • red meat (beef, lamb)
  • beans
  • cereals (buckwheat, tolokno)
  • vegetables (spinach, beetroot)
  • fruit (apples, persimmon)
  • Dried fruit (raisins, prunes, apricots)
  • nuts (cashews, almonds)

How to lose weight by missing just one meal


Many things change over time. Again, the style of a la 90s is in fashion, people are becoming more tolerant, and modern nutritsiologists, unlike their older colleagues promote not five meals a day in small portions, and interval starvation.

Interval starvation (it is also a fasting) – is a diet designed to reduce body weight, which is based on the rejection of food for a certain number of hours per day. The most popular method is the “16 to 8” method, that is, 16 hours a day of continuous fasting, and the other eight can eat anything you want. Naturally, within the limits of a rational food and your daily norm of calories. Fasting has two absolute advantages over regular diets. Firstly, it is much easier to adhere to this system, because you choose your own food without giving up anything. Second, you only need to give up one meal.

The main question is: How will the body react to the interval starvation? Let’s start with the fact that fasting is contraindicated for pregnant women, breastfeeding people, people suffering from gastritis and chronic cholecystitis. For everyone else, interval fasting is a fairly simple and effective way to lose a few extra pounds.

What are the advantages? Refusing to eat for 12-16 hours will make your body normalize insulin production, which will make your body less sensitive to carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, so after a couple of days you will notice that it will be much easier to refuse yourself an extra piece of cake or chocolate bar. Another advantage of the method is that in the absence of food the body will spend on energy production is fat reserves, which, combined with sports activities will help to build muscle mass and make the body more relief and tightened.

Thus, fasting is not just another diet. This is a kind of daily “reset” of the body, because giving your stomach rest every day for 12-16 hours, you not only provoke fat burning, but also increase your immunity and improve the hormonal background.


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