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10 drinks that help sleep
The contents

  • 1. Warm milk with cinnamon and honey
  • 2. Cherry juice
  • 3. Chamomile tea
  • 4. Banana smoothie
  • 5. Broth hips
  • 6. Ginseng tea
  • 7. A decoction of hawthorn
  • 8. Hot cocoa
  • 9. Tea with Melissa
  • 10. Rooibos tea (Rooibos)

According to research conducted by Western and Russian scholars, a dream of an adult shorter than 5 hours can cause health problems, including psychological disorders, dysfunction of the nervous system and respiratory diseases (due to reduction of protective functions of the immune system). Also, chronic lack of sleep, combined with the heavy everyday work, promises constant stress, nightmares, lethargy, low performance, reduced concentration and memory.

To minimize the risk of health problems, it is very important to devote a night’s rest no less than 7 hours. A soothing drink that, thanks to the valuable components, facilitates falling asleep and will eliminate the feeling of anxiety. What is useful to drink before bed?

1. Warm milk with cinnamon and honey

The taste of milk with honey is familiar to everyone from early childhood. Doting mother recommended to drink a warm beverage during a cold instead of bitter medicines and after a serious illness for quick recovery. Also warm milk with honey is advised to drink before bed, because it has on the body a calming effect. This aspect is due to the content in the composition of livestock product the essential amino acid tryptophan. It helps suppress feelings of anxiety and depression, and hence sound sleep. The effect of warm milk enhances the cinnamon and honey. This, incidentally, mentioned in the ancient Indian treatise “Ayurveda”.

Despite the high cost, many people prefer farm products. Milk is no exception. Meanwhile, not all farmers are honest with their customers. Experts Roskontrol conducted a study of nine samples of farm milk, five of them were hazardous to health. So, in the milk of the brand “Hut” was discovered Escherichia coli, and the products of the brand “Ust Luga” you have exceeded the number of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms. These aspects, in turn, suggests that the farms do not comply with sanitary norms and rules. Also possible wine store employees that make mistakes during the storage of dairy products.

2. Cherry juice

Cherry juice can be called the elixir of health. It is high in antioxidants — powerful fighters against free radicals that cause early aging, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Many in the cherry treats melatonin — the main pineal hormone. He, in turn, facilitates falling asleep and normalizes circadian rhythms, which is especially important for those who, because of work or other circumstances is forced to face an abrupt change in time zones.


Cherry juice is rich in ellagic acid. It is a phenolic compound that is endowed with a pronounced Onco-protective properties. His power struggle with malignant cancer cells, and resistance to photodamage, the acceleration of regeneration and quick healing of wounds, cuts, scratches.

3. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is often recommended in diseases of the upper respiratory tract and colds. He has also proved its superiority in the ability to normalize the psycho-emotional background and calm before bedtime, however, provided that his admission carried out 2 hours before bedtime. As shown by studies of the Moscow Scientific center of neurology, mineral components and vitamins that are included with chamomile drink quickly eliminate aggression, panic attacks, irrational fear and insomnia.


Scientists from Korea in the course of a long research and experiments, conducted in 2013, has proven that chamomile tea is extremely useful in low immunity. This aspect is determined by the content of plant phenols which are effective in combating pathogens. Drinking just a few cups of chamomile “elixir”, the person protects itself from cold and flu, which is especially important with the onset of autumn.

4. Banana smoothie

Those who adhere to a diet and suffer from insomnia, have to like a cocktail of bananas and yogurt (maybe live yoghurt without additives). In his part of the sweet drink contains a lot of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). These components contribute to the natural relaxation of muscles, elimination of negative emotions and calming down. Also in the banana treat is a lot of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin. The latter is often called sleep hormone. He is responsible for its regulation.


Many people often complain of bad dreams or lack of them. Meanwhile, it is possible to correct the situation. To see every night, vivid and sensual dreams, will help vitamin B6. This is proven by studies conducted by European scientists. In experiment took part students, some of which received 100 mg of vitamin B6 per day, and the other part is 250 mg per day. The results showed that the participants who took a large dose of pyridoxine for 5 days, beheld only the good emotional and interesting dreams.

5. Broth hips

Many have heard about the benefits of rose hips in the midst of cold and flu. Do a decoction of medicinal berries increases the protective properties of the organism and strengthens the immune system, due to the high content of vitamin C. And few people know that natural gift is very effective in combating insomnia. It eliminates anxiety, minimizes anxiety, normalizes the emotional background. Especially useful to combine berries rose hips with cones of hops, chamomile, sage, and motherwort. A drop of honey in the drink also does not hurt.

6. Ginseng tea

Ginseng has always been famous for its unique healing properties. In China, for example, ginseng tea is considered almost a panacea for all ills. Due to the balanced set of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, alkaloids and tannins, fragrant drink is able to relieve emotional tension, reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and to improve sleep. Ginseng tea also strengthens the immune system, prevents premature aging, protects from excessive appetite. The last aspect is very important for those who decided to go on the warpath with excess weight.

Interesting fact!

Chinese and Korean ginseng tea is called a powerful aphrodisiac. It enhances sexual libido and activity. Strange but true! Men who regularly drank tea and wine from ginseng, and also chewed the root, become fathers in the eighth decade of years. At the same time their chosen ones were born perfectly healthy children.

7. A decoction of hawthorn

A decoction of the berries and flowers of hawthorn hundreds of years used in traditional medicine to combat a wide range of diseases. It listed a lot of biologically active substances, including organic acids, flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals etc. These components have a soothing and relaxing effect, increase stress tolerance, relieve physical and mental fatigue, relieve insomnia. It is also useful to drink a decoction of hawthorn with long-term depression, reduced immunity, failure in cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.


The students and faculty of the Department of health and human Sciences Plymouth University, England, conducted the study. Within a few months, the participants who suffer from malfunctions of the heart, and high blood pressure, drinking a glass of decoction of hawthorn daily. At the end of the study the previous health indicators have significantly improved. Participants also noted the rise of energy, no shortness of breath during prolonged physical activity and fatigue, good night’s sleep.

8. Hot cocoa

Favorite childhood drink is a real lifesaver for those who often suffers from insomnia. This aspect is due to the high content in the drink of magnesium, an element that helps to improve the process of braking impulses in the brain, and thus, relieve irritation and overstimulation, calm and sound sleep. Similarly, the body acts bitter chocolate, however, they should not be abused, otherwise avoid excess weight.

Experts Roskontrol conducted a study of cocoa powder from six well-known brands. First place was shared from two samples — the”Market” and “Kommunarka”. They have been tested for quality and safety, but in the second instance of violated valid regulations of the ash content. Not lost to them by scores of the sample of the trade mark “Royal Premium”, however, contains a residual amount of two pesticides in a valid number.

The black list was budget sample “Red price”. Is carob. Analogue cocoa is a literally ground into powder, the carob, which grows in large numbers in the wild of Spain, Cyprus and Italy. Carob has no harm to the health. Blacklist the product is exposed for failing to name and composition.

9. Tea with Melissa

Melissa called a natural antidepressant. Minerals and vitamins included in the composition of herbs are known for calming and relaxing abilities. Tea with Melissa on the shoulder, eliminate irritability and anxiety, to combat fear, normalizing the emotional background. It is especially useful to consume the drink with the inclusion of a teaspoon of natural honey, hops and grass Hypericum. Such a Union will be able to compete even with the most powerful medical remedy for insomnia.

10. Rooibos tea (Rooibos)

Rooibos tea (Rooibos) is fotonation, which is obtained by brewing leaves and young shoots of aspalathus linear. Especially actively it is used in tropical countries (as gaidouronisia means). Also healing drink gained popularity among the residents of European countries. It is valued for the unique composition and a huge number of useful properties. Rooibos tea, or rather the components that go into its composition, relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, normalize sleep. Not to take medicinal drink’s ability to boost immunity, prevent the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and finally, to minimize the risk of premature aging (due to the high content of antioxidants).

Review expertJackie Keller, nutritionist, author, individual nutrition programs for weight loss and better health in General, professional fitness trainer, President of the Board of Directors of the International coaching Federation Los Angeles

Insomnia does not go unnoticed. It can and must be treated, otherwise there might be problems with the heart, nervous system and metabolism. Before you buy anti-anxiety medications, you must determine the cause of insomnia. Perhaps you drink a lot of coffee or black tea during the day, eat at night, very heavy food, go to sleep in an unventilated and hot room, have a very uncomfortable mattress or pillow. This is only a small part of the reasons that can cause sleep disturbance.

Try to eliminate bad habits from your life. Before bed be sure to ventilate the room, in the summer sleep with the Windows open. Eat right during the day, do not cram the night. Try to adjust your day to paint it literally by the hour, get used to the regime. Before sleep do not watch TV, choose a more passive and relaxing activities, like reading books or listening to classical music. Do not argue and do not swear at nightfall, leave the difficult questions until the morning.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages before bedtime, especially coffee. In General, eliminate a large amount of fluid or products that can cause frequent urination (watermelon, melon). If you have trouble falling asleep for 1-2 hours, drink a Cup of herbal tea, such as chamomile and sage. This drink will help you relax, bring thoughts in order, to get rid of feelings of anxiety and fear.

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