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10 vitamin drinks that boost immunity
The contents

  • Vitamin lemonade
  • Berry cocktail
  • Sea buckthorn tea with pear
  • Healing drink “citron”
  • Smoothies strengthens the immune system
    • Pumpkin cocktail
    • Green tart smoothie
    • Smoothie with chili
  • Orange-carrot cocktail
  • Vegetable cocktail
  • Beetroot and orange cocktail

In autumn and winter it is important to support the immune system so the body can resist the diseases. To avoid the flu will help “shock” dose of elements and vitamins that improve health. Delicious and healthy drinks have to be in the diet in autumn and spring. Better to drink them in the morning to get a charge of vivacity and “turn on” the body’s defenses.

Vitamin lemonade

This is a very tasty refreshing drink that nourishes the body with vitamins. Serve it hot or cold.

  • Raspberry — 20 g.
  • Pomegranate syrup — 10 ml.
  • Pomegranate juice — 10 ml.
  • Soda water — 100 ml.
  • Lemon juice — 20 ml.

Prepare a puree of fresh raspberries, add the syrup and pomegranate juice, soda. Pour in the lemon juice, add a little honey to taste. Mix all ingredients in a blender and pour into a tall glass.

Did you know?

To strengthen the immune system, be sure to add in your diet the following products: honey, ginger, pumpkin seeds, seaweed, cranberries.

Berry cocktail

  • Cranberry, mountain ash — 30 — 35 g.
  • Sugar syrup — 5 ml.
  • Soda water — 100 ml.

Cranberries and Rowan wash and grind in a shaker. Pour in the sugar syrup and soda. Shake well, strain. You can serve with ice.

Sea buckthorn tea with pear

  • 1 pear
  • Pear syrup — 40 ml.
  • Sea buckthorn syrup — 80 ml.
  • Thyme.

Fresh pear cut into thin slices. Along with pear and sea buckthorn puree, place in a teapot. Pour the boiling water. Add a sprig of thyme, leave for 40 — 60 minutes.

Serve with lemon and dried apricots.

It’s fun!

Vitamin drinks can be prepared on the basis of tea, mate. It stimulates the immune system, tones and invigorates. The Indians are confident that this drink cures all ills, relieves sadness and grief. The tea contains substances which are necessary for normal functioning of the body. To strengthen the immune system, Yerba mate you should drink with ginger, lemon, honey.

Healing drink “citron”

This is a useful, refreshing drink with a pleasant lemon taste.

  • Lemon syrup — 350 ml.
  • Eucalyptus — 24 ml.
  • Decoction of chamomile — 20 ml.
  • Lemon peel — 30 g
  • Water — 500 ml.

Lemon syrup, eucalyptus, chamomile and zest keep 7 — 10 minutes in a water bath. After dilute with boiling water and serve hot.

Smoothies strengthens the immune system

Smoothies are easily absorbed by the body and help to fill the shortage of useful elements and vitamins.

Pumpkin cocktail

For making smoothies you will need:

  • Pumpkin — 6-7 pieces.
  • Banana.
  • Almonds chopped — 3 — 5 g.
  • Cinnamon — to taste.
  • Cloves — 1-2 sprigs.
  • Ginger chopped — 1 tsp.
  • Honey — 1-2 tbsp

All components mix in a blender and serve in a tall glass. A smoothie is best to drink between meals — then the nutrients are better absorbed.


Very useful based drinks raspberry the content of vitamin C can compete with ascorbic acid. Raspberry has antipyretic and analgesic action, is antiseptic. It is possible to grind with sugar and drink tea is not only delicious but also very healthy.

Green tart smoothie

Easy vitamin cocktail will replace the dinner he will not only strengthen immunity, but also help to lose weight.

  • Broccoli — a few buds.
  • Celery — 50 g.
  • Cabbage — 3-4 piece.
  • Apple — 1 PC.

All components beat with a blender. If the cocktail has turned out very thick, can be diluted with water or just add ice.

Smoothie with chili

Very healthy, which activates the body’s defenses.

  • Apple — 1 PC.
  • Avocado — 1 PC.
  • Half of lemon.
  • The chopped root of ginger — 0.5 tsp.
  • Chili pepper crushed — on the tip of a teaspoon.
  • Yogurt — 30 ml.

All components are thoroughly beat with a blender. If necessary, can be diluted with water.

Orange-carrot cocktail

Orange, Apple and carrots in tandem and strengthen the immune system and help the body fight off infections.

  • Orange — 1 PC.
  • Carrots — 2 PCs.
  • Apple — 1 PC.

The orange peel and divide into slices. Peel the carrots and cut into large pieces. Apple peel and remove the core, cut into quarters. All the ingredients skip through the juicer and drink immediately drink.

Vegetable cocktail

Kale is a cabbage, which is included in many vitamin cocktails. In combination with celery and tomatoes it is most useful. If you add the horseradish, the drink will acquire anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Tomato juice — 0.5 cups.
  • Kale juice — a quarter Cup.
  • Celery juice — 10 ml.
  • Lemon juice — 10 ml.
  • Soy sauce — 3-4 ml.
  • Fuck crushed — 1 tsp

Soy sauce, pour into a glass and add the horseradish. Pour in juice, mix thoroughly.

Serve chilled is better. It will help to overcome colds and flu, effective for cough.

Did you know?

The vitamin drinks you can add a little sunflower seeds. They are rich in vitamin D, which is so lacking in the winter.

Beetroot and orange cocktail

Drink stimulates the immune system and helps the body to resist viruses. To prepare the drink you will need the following ingredients:

  • Carrots — 3 PCs.
  • Beets — 1 PC.
  • Half of lemon.
  • Turmeric root — 7 — 10 g.
  • Orange — 1 PC.
  • Ginger — 10 g
  • Black pepper — to taste.

Lemon and orange peel and remove the seeds. Beets, carrots and citrus run through the juicer. To the juice add chopped ginger, turmeric root and pepper. Serve chilled, you can add the silent natural honey.


The secret actions of the drink is in abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. They need to drink regularly to keep the body constantly received vitamin support. Then the immune system will get stronger and can easily resist the virus. If the composition allows, to the drink you can add Greek yogurt. It contains magnesium and probiotics, which stimulate the immune defense and “build” an antimicrobial barrier.

Expert commentaryElizabeth Kiselev, endocrinologist, nutritionist

Vitamin drinks is a powerful weapon against viruses. Most often they are prepared on the basis of vegetable or fruit juice. It is important that it was natural — only then will benefit. So the juice is better to cook at home and drink it while it’s fresh.

Very useful for immunity green juices. They can be prepared from celery, spinach, cabbage or apples. Vegetable juice can be diluted fruit and so the taste will be more enjoyable.

To fight viruses and seasonal colds helps the ginger, garlic, chilli, you can add them in a small number of drinks. The berries of guarana and mango fruits are rich in mineral elements and vitamins.

Quickly regain strength and strengthen the immune system will help the beverage prepared according to this recipe.

Mango puree (you can buy ready-made or make your own using a blender) mix milk and yogurt in equal proportions, blend 1 minute. In the finished drink add cinnamon, ice and beat again. You can decorate with a sprig of mint.

This cocktail is very tasty, with a delicate texture. In its structure a record number of vitamins and other valuable substances.

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