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12 best foods for fighting cellulite
The contents

  • Water
  • Broccoli
  • Porridge long cooking time
  • Grapefruit
  • Green tea
  • Dried fruits
  • Vegetable oil
  • Fresh herbs
  • The whole grain products
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Garlic

According to statistics, every second woman on the planet faced with cellulite. “As the most important role in its education, genetics plays a, there is no effective treatment to confront him.

However, maintaining a healthy weight, refusal of sugar, salt and unhealthy fats can make the cellulite not as noticeable,” says dietitian Kristen Carlucci Haase. Learn what foods will help you obtain the perfect skin!


“Cellulite looks worse on dehydrated skin”, — shares his observations nutritionist Henrietta Bailey. So the first thing you should do, having entered on the path of dealing with it — to start to observe the drinking regime.

But before you add water to your diet, liberate it from “useless” drinking. This — carbonated beverages, energy, packaged juices, and yoghurt with fruit fillings. But the contingent of eight glasses of water per day the body will certainly be pleased.

Did you know?

In different countries the “orange peel” on the thighs and buttocks of women is not uniform. And this is connected primarily with the peculiarities of the national supply! So, in States where love rich fatty foods — for example, in Russia, the problem of cellulite is more acute than in those countries where the people adhere to low-calorie diets with a moderate content of polyunsaturated fats — for example, in Japan.


Broccoli nutritionists believe the “king” of vegetables. And not just because it low calorie with a high content of vitamins and minerals! There is in it a valuable component that can prevent damage to the collagen in the skin layers, thereby maintaining its elasticity and suppleness. This is alpha — lipoic acid!

Experts recommend eating broccoli 3-4 times a week. Try it, and soon you will see great results.

Porridge long cooking time

Nutritionist Laura Burak says that reducing the amount of extra pounds in overweight leads to a decrease in the amount of body fat, resulting in cellulite are not as pronounced. So healthy foods should be the basis of daily menus. Ideal — cereals: buckwheat, rice, millet, oats, wheat, bulgur.

But foods with monosodium glutamate banned. “This Supplement improves the appetite and makes the taste of food more desirable causing overeating, as well as the formation of fatty deposits and cellulite,” says the expert.


Sweet and fragrant citrus long been associated with women not only a New year but also the fight against cellulite. And all because of the high content of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. These components improve blood circulation in the body and help to maintain water balance in the cells, thus acting as prevention of “orange peel”. And vitamin C is involved in collagen formation.

Recent studies prove that consuming grapefruit on a regular basis allows you to increase the metabolism and stimulates fat loss.


Scientists from San Diego conducted an interesting experiment! People suffering from obesity, and during dinner began to give the grapefruit slice. Four months later, summed up. It turned out that the majority of participants who received citrus “recharge” on a daily basis, managed to lose about 1.5 kg, while the rest of the respondents — not more than 400 g.

Green tea

“Foods high in sodium such as deli meats, bacon and cheese, cause fluid retention in the body, says dietitian Kristen Carlucci Haase. — Their use leads to bloating and the appearance of extra weight, what makes cellulite even more pronounced”. So you should think about their reduction by snacking more useful things. For example, aromatic tea.

The basis of the Japanese tea ceremony — green tea has long holds the status as the most popular beverage for weight loss in the world. In it a huge amount of antioxidants, which prevent inflammation in the body. And yet scientists have proven that this noble drink stimulates the metabolism and helps fat cells to disintegrate. To drink it is 3-4 times a day.

Dried fruits

Figs, prunes, dried apples and pears, raisins, dried apricots — what unites all of these products? It turns out that the high content of potassium. This important element, along with the above-described sodium, regulates water and salt balance in the body. When the balance is disturbed, it leads to edema. That’s why foods with potassium can help deal with the hated “orange peel”.

In the initial stages of cellulite is enough to check the potassium content in the menu, and the skin becomes more smooth and even. But remember that dried fruit is high in calories. Limit to 100 grams per day!

Vegetable oil

“In addition to genetics, there are many things that can cause cellulite, says nutritionist Yasi Ansari. One of them is the poor blood flow. Diets with a high content of unhealthy fats contribute to slowing of blood circulation, resulting in connective tissue weakens, resulting in the formation of cellulite”. According to experts at Harvard school of public health, the main sources of unhealthy fats in the American diet is pizza. But love her not only citizens of America!

To receive dividends in the form of a smooth skin of the thighs and buttocks, absolutely all helpful to reduce the amount of saturated fats, focusing on polyunsaturated fats — vegetable oil.


To run to the pharmacy for anti-cellulite cosmetics, when the “orange peel” effect is already visible to the naked eye — too late! Because the deformation of subcutaneous adipose tissue (which we take for cellulite) starts long before that — when help can simple measures: balanced menus, regular physical activity and restful sleep.

Fresh herbs

Parsley, dill, cilantro not only work as diuretics, helping the body eliminate toxins, but also prevent bloating, stagnation of the liquid. And they contain vitamins a, C and E needed by the skin to maintain its healthy state. It is these vitamins are capable of, among other measures to defeat cellulite.

Put more greens in soups, salads and mashed potatoes, use it in sauces and smoothies, use as a fragrant additive for canapés.

The whole grain products

To get rid of cellulite, nutritionist and personal trainer Kristin raisin bran, advises to abandon products white flour. “These foods contain simple carbohydrates (sugar), which when ingested causes a sharp jump in blood glucose. As a result of the glycation process (the interaction of amino acids with sugars) damaged collagen fibers, causing the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity and cellulite becomes pronounced”.

Simple replacement of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain products, enrich the diet with fiber, vitamins and minerals, will delight long-lasting feeling of satiety. And, in addition, will minimize the risk of accumulation of fats. It will promote the loss of excess weight and getting rid of cellulite.

Seeds and nuts

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are in abundance contained in the seeds, seeds and nuts, are also important components of the anti-cellulite diet. The fact that the cells of the human body are surrounded by membranes, which consist mainly of lipids (essential fatty acids). That is why we cannot allow their deficits!

Put the nuts in cereal, yogurt and smoothies or just use as a healthy snack.


“War” with cellulite is troublesome. The first results will come only after 2-3 months after the “first fight”. While reasonable restrictions in the diet, sufficient exercise and apply modeling makeup needs to firmly establish themselves in the daily chart.

When choosing cosmetics to combat cellulite, bet on the active ingredients — caffeine (ideally a concentration of 10%), vegetable extracts of horse chestnut and kelp, essential oils, menthol, Cayenne pepper, camphor, nicotinic acid. Beauty products with them in the lineup, due to a warming effect, improves blood circulation and contribute to the rapid penetration of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin.


Numerous studies show that this aromatic vegetable is a powerful natural antibiotic. It helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and is a natural stimulant of the immune system.

And it improves blood circulation, which is very important as a preventative measures the appearance of cellulite and its transition to a more severe stage.

Review expertArtem Bratkowski, fitness trainer

Many women are familiar with the phenomenon of cellulite, which is expressed in the appearance of “orange peel” skin, most often on the buttocks, thighs, sometimes on her stomach and hands. To deal with cellulite, sometimes very difficult, and this is due to the wrong approach to the problem. First of all, you need to understand what is cellulite and then deal with its cause.

Cellulite is not a disease but an external manifestation of subcutaneous fat. Our skin is divided into several layers:

— the top layer ― the epidermis.

under him are the dermis ― blood vessels and hair follicles.

— then hypodermis ― subcutaneous fat.

Fat cells in hypodermis are arranged not horizontally but vertically, that is, columns. Once the fat cell becomes full, a column like “extends” up and forms on the skin of the hill and the knot. This is the outer manifestation of cellulite.

The process of overflow of fat cells occurs for several reasons:

— the weakening of the skin,

— a surplus of subcutaneous fat,

— violation of blood circulation in superficial layers of the skin.

In General, it can be reduced to two main reasons: a lot of fat and little activity. Therefore, if you remove the subcutaneous fat appearance of cellulite will disappear.

A variety of creams and massage will help to restore the skin, but not able to solve the problem of cellulite, because they possess fat-burning effect.

In the fight against subcutaneous fat plays a major role nutrition. But rather the caloric deficit. With proper nutrition percentage of body fat will be significantly less and therefore there will be no cellulite. It is therefore very important to watch your diet properly and reduce your consumption of calories.

As for sports, by themselves, various exercises are not able to remove cellulite, but will help to improve blood circulation and tighten the body.

Remember that to get rid of cellulite in a short time will not work. It will take about 2 years, but first results will be visible fairly quickly. This requires, first of all, eat right and lead an active lifestyle.

Review expertJanna Blagoevska, beautician

Orange peel emerging in the area of the buttocks is a common problem among the fair sex. Ladies go to various tricks to get rid of this aesthetic drawback.

Not all women know that nutrition has a close relationship with the formation of cellulite. Orange peel is a result of disorders of the connective tissue. Such a process makes the skin flabby. This occurs, including due to improper nutrition. Inadequate diet leads to the fact that the cells begin to experience nutritional deficiencies, connective tissue ceases to properly deal with its functions. The result of such violations is an unpleasant bumps on the skin. Cellulite can appear on the background of intensive loss of body weight, alcohol abuse, lack of physical mobility, unregulated medications, hormonal imbalance, severe stress.

The remarkable fact that men have orange peel appears very rarely. Therefore, cellulite is considered to be typically female diseases. It does not cause pain, but the moral discomfort brings significant.

Cellulite can be eliminated or at least significantly reduce its symptoms by using proper diet and exercise.

The maximum benefit in the fight against orange peel fruit with vegetables. They are rich in whole fiber, promoting the excretion of accumulated toxic substances.

Useful when such a problem, and lean meats (skinless chicken, Turkey), fish, milk products, whole-grain bread varieties, eggs and cereals.

Women with cellulite it is recommended to include in your diet legumes, nuts, put in a dish a little more spice.

A balanced diet will make bumps on the skin less severe, help you to find the visual appeal.

Review expertValeria Barchenko, fitness bikini model

Let’s start with the fact that modern cosmetics can’t solve your problems without your direct involvement. Any procedures aimed at the correction of the body, only work if you exercise and eat right. Therefore, the question about the role of nutrition in the prevention of cellulite can be a simple answer that it is huge, as the first cause of cellulite is various disorders, lack of healthy menu, the neglect of proper diet.

First and foremost, from the diet should exclude fried and fatty: fatty meats, dairy products with high fat content, meats, sausages, chicken/Turkey/duck skin, salinity, pastry, sweet. Also, do not eat fast food and need to avoid foods with added MSG, TRANS fats (they are, for example, rich mayonnaise), sodium nitrite and artificial colors. As for the drinks, then under the ban of soda of all kinds, paketservice juices, champagne, spirits, coffee, black tea.

Welcome healthy diet is lean meats (mainly poultry), sea fish. The priority of dishes, steamed, in the oven, boiled meat, stewed. Good results are obtained predominance in the diet of plant foods — seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is important not to overeat: the size of the meat or fish meals should not exceed the size of your palm. Don’t forget about snacks: they can contribute to your cellulite diet essential skin vitamins and minerals. For example, nuts are rich in vitamin E, low fat curd, drinking yoghurt — calcium and vitamins, and fruits for vitamin C.

A list of recommended products for a week to combat cellulite looks like this:

— fruits: oranges, apples, bananas,

— vegetables: carrots, tomatoes,

— green leaf lettuce,

— meat: rabbit, Turkey, chicken (breast), liver,

— fish: salmon, cod liver,

— dairy: yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cheese, low fat,

— rye bread

— wheat bran with yogurt.

In order to prevent cellulite you need to strictly observe the drinking regime (1.5-2 liters of water a day). Allowed herbal teas, green tea, welcome fresh vegetable (carrot, beet, cabbage, juice of celery, cucumber) and fruit (Apple, orange) juice, dry red wine in adequate quantities (1-2 glasses).

Expert commentaryEmilia Viktorovna tsybikova, PhD in medical Sciences, the doctor of Tibetan medicine clinic in Moscow

The cause of cellulite — a violation of fat metabolism. As a result of degeneration of adipose subcutaneous tissue form nodules, seals, around which the fabric falls. Hence the effect of “orange peel” roughness to the skin.

Tibetan medicine considers fat to Mucus (bad-Kan — TIB.). It is a vast and important regulatory system of the body, which in addition to adipose tissue includes joints, lymphatic, immune, endocrine system.

Mucus is responsible for all major types of metabolism. The main reason for its imbalance — a slowing of digestion. From this it follows that the factor of power is Central to the development of cellulite.

The slowing of the metabolism, the imbalance of Mucus and the development of cellulite are associated with an excess of cooling foods and the lack of warming. Cooling products give a “heavy” energy that cannot be used for outdoor activities and deposited in fat depots. To cooling foods include sugar, wheat grains, vegetables, dairy products, potatoes, root vegetables, fruit. Completely eliminate them from food. So you need to neutralize the cooling effect by using garlic, spice, onion.

For example, if you cook potatoes with onion, garlic, dill, nutmeg, black or burning red pepper, melted butter, you get a product of warming, which will not system disorders of Mucus, cellulite or excess weight.

The best means of preventing cellulite should be supplemented with strong warming products. First and foremost, it is spice — nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black, white or red hot pepper, coriander, cardamom. These spices need to log in your daily meals. They accelerate the digestion, metabolism and prevent the development of diseases of the cold, including cellulite. In addition, the use of spices increases the overall level of heat and energy in the body. It helps to prevent colds or other respiratory diseases, and diseases of the joints, immunodeficiency States.

The prevention of cellulite should be possible to replace cooling products, warming or neutral. For example, instead of sugar and use honey instead of pork — lamb, beef, instead of young aged cheeses, spicy oil instead of butter ghee.

A special place in the prevention of cold diseases, which include cellulite, is fish. About her in Tibetan treatise “chzhud-Shi” it is said that it protects against all diseases of Mucus. Two to three fish days a week — excellent means of prevention.

If you want to avoid diseases of cold, food should be hot, preferably freshly made. Long-term storage food in the fridge, eat them cold, zapivanie food chilled drinks — a sure way to diseases of Mucus. You can not use burnt, undercooked, undercooked food, rotten vegetables, fruits, berries, roots, greens.

Review expertElena Cullen, psychologist, expert in psychology of weight loss

A key role in the prevention of cellulite are diet and exercise. Let us dwell on food.

You can even eat those foods which fetches the body, and only when hunger. Intuitive power allows you to consume food equivalent to the daily waste of energy. Thus, the extra food is not delayed and does not form fat deposits and cellulite.

In order to have beautiful smooth skin, should you eat following the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A balanced diet will provide the body with all necessary nutrients for proper functioning. Our body knows what food he needs at this point in time. Therefore, listening to your body, we will select a diet individually.

Tips to prevent cellulite:

  • Less likely to eat very fatty foods, such as meats, fatty meat. More likely to cook boiled and baked meals, meals for a couple.
  • To reduce the amount of salt. This will prevent fluid retention in the body and the intercellular space, improve metabolism.
  • Carefully approach the selection of sweet and starchy foods. Replace, if possible, fast the carbohydrates in a more useful slow. For example, milk chocolate to replace the bitter, white bread and wholemeal bread, or Borodino. Choose pasta from durum wheat, and potatoes to boil and not fry.
  • Replace coffee and black tea to green tea with natural herbs. Coffee slows metabolism and promotes fat deposition, and herbal tea helps to accelerate metabolism, improves the condition of skin and organism as a whole.
  • Avoid alcohol or take it in minimal quantities. Alcohol reduces the metabolic rate, water retention in the body, promotes the formation of toxins accumulation of fat.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water cleanses the body, improves metabolism, removes toxins, helps prevent cellulite and improves skin condition.
  • To include in the diet more greens and vegetables, cereals, fruits with low sugar content.

Observance of these simple rules and guidelines will prevent the appearance of “orange peel” and will save money on salon procedures.

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