12 insidious products that make you sleepy

Most of all I want to sleep before the alarm rings and after breakfast and lunch. But why so sleepy? It turns out that there are products that act on the body like a real sleep potion! MedAboutMe talks about them.

1. Bacon or Ham Sandwiches

Red meat can enrich the body with a high iron content, which helps maintain a stable energy level. But, unfortunately, most processed meat products are quite oily. “Since fats and proteins are heavy foods to digest, the body needs a lot of energy to break down. That's her expense and makes you feel exhausted and sleepy, ”says Dr. Pamela Piquet, author of books on healthy eating.

On a note!

On a note!

Animal experiments have shown that excess salt and fat contained in processed meat products can cause drowsiness after eating. This is definitely not what you would like at 9 o’clock in the morning – writes the publication eLife.

2. Pistachios

2. Pistachios

This kind of healthy snack perfectly brings a nap. And all because of the fact that it contains a good portion of protein (which gives a long-lasting feeling of fullness), vitamin B6 and magnesium. The last two elements act on the body soothingly, relax it. Therefore, I want to sleep more and more.

“But do not exceed one ounce of nuts (28 g). Pistachios are very high-calorie, and anything that contains a lot of calories can have the opposite effect, preventing you from falling asleep when you want it, ”warns Dr. Jacqueline London, a nutritionist.

3. Caffeine-based drinks

Think two cups of coffee are better than one? Practice will convince you otherwise! Especially if you like to put sugar and other sweet additives in coffee. Carbohydrates cause a rapid surge of energy, and its equally rapid decline. Therefore, a sense of vigor abruptly gives way to fatigue and apathy. But besides this, a high portion of caffeine – a well-known brain stimulant, causes an opposite reaction – drowsiness, so that the brain does not experience overloads.

On a note!

On a note!

“Need to cheer up quickly?” Make a balanced vitamin shake based on vegetables and fruits (combine your favorite fruit with a handful of spinach or green cabbage) and nutrients such as proteins and fats (add a tablespoon of chia seeds and almond milk), ”says nutritionist Katie Cavuto.

4. Prunes

4. Prunes

Vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium, which abound in dried plums, stimulate the body's production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Therefore, it is better to refuse prunes if you need to focus on a meeting or preparing reports. But if you need to go to bed straight to bed, cook and eat half an hour before going to bed whole grain toast with the addition of prunes. Tranquil dreams are provided for you.

5. Pasta

Fast carbohydrates, which include refined pasta, lead to an increase in blood glucose and, after some time, to a decrease in insulin levels. “These processes contribute to a feeling of fatigue and the appearance of weakness and drowsiness. The same applies to eating white bread, rolls and any other pastries. Their high sugar and flour content gives such an effect, ”says Dr. Pamela Piquet.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Almost everything that appears on your plate contains carbohydrates. So, in the celery branch there are about 2 grams, and in a glass of milk – already 10. Most products contain this nutrient.

6. Bananas

6. Bananas

Doctors love delicious and sweet fruits because they are rich in potassium, which supports the body’s nervous system and heart health. But bananas also have a lot of magnesium – an important substance for the body, which, among other things, helps to stabilize mood, relax muscles and cause drowsiness. MD Hyman calls magnesium the “relaxation mineral,” keep this in mind when planning your menu.

7. Cherry juice

Cherries and cherries are natural sources of tryptophan – an amino acid that the body synthesizes into sleep hormone – melatonin. The latter, as mentioned above, is responsible for regulating the sleep and wake cycles. Studies by scientists from the University of Rochester (USA) have shown that daily consumption of cherry juice in the morning and evening helps to improve sleep quality and speedy falling asleep. At the same time, experiments say that after drinking cherry juice, volunteers spent an average of 17 minutes less falling asleep.



The best cherry juice is natural, made from fresh products. The one that is sold in stores is almost always loaded with extra sugar.

8. Red caviar

A record amount of tryptophan can be found in red caviar. In 100 g of the product, as much as 960 mg! A sandwich with caviar is unlikely to cause severe drowsiness, but a jar of a delicious product is easy.

9. Green salad

9. Green salad

“Believe it or not, lettuce has a soothing effect,” says Dr. Pamela Piquet. “It contains a substance called lactacin, which, as shown by rodent studies published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, has a noticeable calming and analgesic effect.”



Fresh herbs are one of the best sources of fiber, which helps the body improve digestion and stool.

10. Salmon

One of the most delicious and enjoyable ways to maintain heart health is to regularly lean on fish rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as salmon. In addition to being a storehouse of high-quality protein and minerals, it also contains vitamin B6, which stimulates the production of melatonin in the body. If you already feel tired, a serving of salmon will act as a sedative and cause drowsiness.

11. Chamomile tea

An excellent anti-inflammatory agent that is indispensable during the period of colds and flu, in addition to its bright taste and pleasant aroma, has the quality of inspiring dreams. “Chamomile tea, however, like ginger tea, relieves stress well, relaxes and acts like sleeping pills,” says Dr. Jacqueline London.

Did you know?

Did you know?

In nature, there are about 350 species of chamomile, and 30% of this number grows in Russia.

12. Almonds

Just a few pieces of almonds, and now, instead of concentration, a state of relaxation. “And all because these nuts are rich in magnesium and tryptophan – substances that help naturally reduce nervous excitability, stabilize the rhythm of your heart and relieve muscle tension,” summarizes nutritionist Cynthia Paskwell.

Expert Commentary

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

Emilia Viktorovna Tsybikova, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the clinic of Tibetan medicine in Moscow, the clinical base of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenova

Tibetan doctors believe that severity, drowsiness, laziness are signs of an increase, an imbalance in the basis of Slime. Its reason is nutrition, which has two properties: cold and heaviness.

First of all, rotted root crops and greens, undercooked, overcooked foods, as well as products that have a strong cooling effect should be excluded.

Cool, heavy food that causes drowsiness

Cold, heavy foods slow down digestion and metabolism. This causes drowsiness and excess weight. The energy that comes with such products is hardly spent on useful activities, but it is easily stored in the form of fat.

This group includes dough products, including those that include potatoes or other vegetables and root vegetables, pork. For example, classic dumplings with mixed forcemeat, dumplings with potatoes, cottage cheese. Any flour products from soft wheat have a cooling effect and cause heaviness, drowsiness.

Cabbage, potatoes and most other vegetables, as well as legumes, are cooling products that produce heaviness.

In addition, it includes milk, sugar, white bread, confectionery, bakery products, pastries, butter, cereals (semolina, barley, pearl barley, corn, millet).

Especially harmful are dishes that combine several cold foods. Examples are mashed potatoes in milk, millet, semolina, or other cereals in milk, milk noodle soups.

Another example is borsch, which combines several cooling products – pork, potatoes, beets, cabbage. It is a heavy food that causes drowsiness.

A cooling, light food that does not give energy

If the food is dry, light, but at the same time cooling, it does not cause drowsiness, but does not charge with energy. Energetically this is “no” food. It is harmful in that it provokes a disorder of the base of the Wind, that is, the nervous system.

With prolonged abuse, such food can provoke nervous disorders – neurosis, insomnia, depression, neurasthenia, astheno-neurotic syndrome, etc.

This is coarse, bran bread and other products in which there is a lot of vegetable fiber, as well as raw vegetables, herbs, leafy salads. Of cereals, it is buckwheat.

Neutral products

There are products that do not have a pronounced effect on the energy of the body. They do not cause drowsiness, heaviness, but they do not apply to power engineers either. These are rice, beef, veal, rabbit, carrots.

Warm but heavy foods

Warming foods are not equally beneficial. Among them there are those that give “heavy” heat. They do not slow down the metabolism and do not create an imbalance of Slime. But they give heaviness and drowsiness, since they reduce the quality of the body’s energy. These include mutton fat (fat mutton), garlic, onions, mushrooms.

The best warming food that energizes

Warming food gives not just warmth, but useful energy, which is easily spent on physical, mental, emotional activity. It does not accumulate in the form of fat. After such a meal is not drawn to sleep, it does not give heaviness.

Such products include fish (any), low-fat chicken, meat of turkey or other poultry (without skin), low-fat mutton.

Optimum heat treatment – on the grill (without extra fat), steaming, baking.

Of vegetables, pumpkin and eggplant have a warming effect. If the flour is made from durum wheat, then pasta from it also gives a “quick”, easy energy.

It well charges ghee, honey, as well as eggs, liver, seeds (pumpkins, sunflowers), seafood (oysters, mussels, squids, octopuses, scallops, etc.), seaweed.

Tibetan medicine also recommends nuts as an energy food, but only the real ones – cedar, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, and not peanuts, which are mistakenly attributed to nuts. In fact, it is a bean product that cools the body and belongs to the first, most harmful group.

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