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13 products that you should avoid if you are planning a pregnancy

The contents

  • Planning pregnancy and nutrition: why it matters
  • Black list: foods that should be avoided

    • Coffee
    • Fish with high mercury content
    • Sweet drinks
    • Chips, crackers and popcorn
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Unpasteurized soft cheeses
    • Ham, bacon, sausages
    • Canned
    • Soy products

Planning a pregnancy? It’s perfect! Find out what foods should not be present in your menu, the baby was born at term are healthy.

Planning pregnancy and nutrition: why it matters

The 2017 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, shows that many women do not adhere to proper nutrition during pregnancy. But if so, the preparation for this important event in every woman’s life hardly has a more optimistic results. How to eat right if you plan on conceiving a child?

According to experts, the diet should consist only of healthy food: vegetables, fruits, berries, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, fish and meat. At the same time you should avoid food that contains synthetic substances, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers and other dangerous additives.

Black list: foods that should be avoided

Rethink your diet now so that when the two desired lines on the test didn’t have to worry. Healthy mom — healthy baby!


Fortunately for many women to give up your daily Cup of coffee, those who are planning a pregnancy is optional. But it is very important to monitor how much caffeine a day you eat.

According to the experts According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a moderate amount of caffeine during pregnancy (under 200 mg) — does not increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. However, caffeine stimulates the increase in blood pressure, and causes dehydration and can lead to addiction of the fetus from caffeine. But at the planning stage of a substance promotes the decline in fertility.

Fish with high mercury content

The use of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy planning is a very useful exercise. But choosing fish, be aware that not all options are useful. Nutritionist Kendra Tolbert warns that swordfish, tuna, king mackerel, shark and other options for mercury content contribute to the accumulation of mercury in the body of the expectant mother, which could then affect the health of the child. “The nervous system of the fetus is formed long before most women learn that they are in the same situation,” concludes the nutritionist Suzanne Fisher.

Sweet drinks

Several studies have linked sweet drinks with reduced fertility in women. Experts believe that to blame — inflammatory processes in the body that cause these foods and high content of artificial sweeteners that alter the balance of intestinal bacteria. These same properties, of energy it is also desirable to exclude from the menu.


In the first trimester of pregnancy in women dramatically escalates the sense of smell. Some experts believe that in this way nature protects the mother from eating stale or poor quality food.

Chips, crackers and popcorn

All of these products combines the high content of TRANS fats. Nutritionist Kendra Tolbert says that these snacks contribute to the occurrence of inflammation in the body and damage to blood vessels can impair the supply of nutrients to the cells, including the reproductive organs.

Besides TRANS fats in foods have been associated with the deterioration of sperm quality in young healthy men. So to give them need to both prospective parents.

Alcoholic beverages

Experts Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that US ladies who have difficulty conceiving, completely avoid alcohol. All because it contributes to infertility, depletes b vitamins in the body, which increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and baby’s development.

Unpasteurized soft cheeses

By themselves they do not threaten the expectant mother. However, kinds of cheese brie, Roquefort, Camembert associated with a very high risk of infection with Listeria, so planning a pregnancy should be avoided. Fortunately, there are many safer and more delicious varieties.

Did you know?

According to scientists, the most “popular” birthday party for toddlers is Tuesday. And least likely children are born on Saturday and Sunday.

Ham, bacon, sausages

Processed meat products, which are sold in the stores cannot be called healthy. During pregnancy they are dangerous and those that are vulnerable with Listeria. For those women who are planning conception is an additional risk. And men should just get away from bacon and processed meats because of their regular use reduces the quality of sperm. To such conclusion experts of Harvard University.


Today it is difficult to find a quality canned food without content is dangerous to the health of the expectant mother and baby substances. The additional risk posed by foods in cans. The latter contribute to the penetration of bisphenol A in food that is guaranteed to reduce fertility for both women and men.

Bisphenol-a is used in the production in the manufacture of tin and plastic containers. In this respect, drinks in plastic bottles can not be called safe.

Soy products

Soybeans are composed of the herbal form of estrogen — phytoestrogens. When abused, it can cause hormonal disturbances, which in turn will affect important processes such as ovulation and conception. Keep in mind that soy is often found in protein bars, candy, dairy products and cheese products.

Expert commentary

Elena Cullen, an expert in the psychology of weight loss, psychologist, consultant for nutritional support and healthy lifestyle

Many girls dream of becoming a mother and most importantly their desire is a healthy baby. The child from the first days formed using “reserves” of nutrients in the mother’s body. Conception and pregnancy will influence the formation of all organs and systems: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory. So, the expectant mother must first take care of your health even before pregnancy.

Quite a common problem faced by women is difficulty conceiving. The reasons can be many, this survey is conducted, the study of hormones, the organs, the presence of some infectious diseases. While considerable importance is the nutrition and intake of vitamins and minerals in the body.

As an example, insufficient intake of unsaturated fats, especially omega-3, reduces the synthesis of female hormones and vitamins, as a result, broken the cycle and, therefore, decreases the possibility of conception. Conversely, a steady supply of spicy and fatty food causes disorders of the intestine and reduces the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

In this regard, there are products that are better avoided if you are planning a pregnancy:

1. Sweets and starchy foods not only contribute to weight gain, but also cause the constant surges of glucose and insulin in the blood. A high glucose level reduces the probability of conception and complicates the process of carrying a baby.

2. Foods that cause upset and flatulence: fried and fatty, spicy dishes, viennoiseries, fresh bread, peas and a dish of peas, cabbage, potatoes, and apples in abundance, any kind of soft drink. From the intestines depends on how thoroughly you will digest the foods and how much nutrients from the food will enter the bloodstream. After all, if the intestine is unable to perform his functions, no matter how many useful products have been received, and how much of vitamin-mineral complexes were not taken, they will not be processed.

3. Caffeine. It contains green and black tea, cocoa, chocolate, but mostly coffee. The effects of caffeine are aimed at activation of all body systems, especially the Central nervous system, the active use of own reserves of glucose, vitamins and minerals. That is why after his admission a sense of cheerfulness and increased activity. But the constant and excessive intake eventually leads to the depletion and overstimulation of the nervous system, which is important, because the future mother needs to be calm that her condition will continue to affect the condition of the child.

4. Preservatives and pesticides. During the planning of pregnancy should pay attention to the quality of the products and choose only natural, without preservatives, chemicals and pesticides. It is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol, because it is poison that can damage the ovaries and penetrate through the placenta into the baby’s blood. The same applies to Smoking. Tobacco smoke and its components in addition to the negative impact on the mother’s body causes a spasm of the blood vessels and reduce the oxygen needed by the baby during the formation of organs.

In contrast to the work of male sexual system, where there is a complete update of gametes for 3 months, the female body works differently. The ovaries are not updated, so their cells will accumulate all the substances and toxins that enter the body. Therefore, it is important to remember that all the products will affect the baby’s health. The earlier in the pregnancy planning and adjustment of the diet, the greater the probability of conception and the birth of a healthy baby.

Expert commentary

Elena Podlegaeva, a nutritionist, a nutritionist, an expert on nutrition and weight correction

You expect a happy period in my life — motherhood, and you have to think not only about themselves, but the little man, the life and health of which depends entirely on you! Of the balanced nutrition, it is worth considering at the stage of pregnancy planning. Some eating habits will have to give up some Vice versa, but in any case, you will find one of the best periods in your life. The period in which you will flourish even more, which you will have mood swings, doubts, fears, sentimentality, tenderness and tearfulness.

I will tell you some secrets about nutrition in preparation for and during pregnancy.

1. Eliminate from your diet fast food, foods with flavor enhancers, food dyes, and preferably everything that is produced on an industrial scale. This is recommended even for six months or a year before the alleged pregnancy. I.e., those foods and dishes that are prepared not by you and not in your home. This will save your child later from severe allergies and pathologies in development.

2. Eliminate sweet drinks and packaged juices as they often contain sweeteners, for example aspartame, which subsequently increases the risk of cancer and blindness; dye, or just lots of sugar. Help homemade fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas and bottled water.

3. Add to your diet a high-protein diet — both before and during pregnancy (meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs). Even a temporary deficiency of protein leads to delay in fetal development, increases the likelihood of developing anemia, premature delivery and increase perinatal mortality. Protein should be animal and vegetable, usually in equal proportions. The predominance of animal or vegetable protein may result in impaired biosynthesis of RNA, DNA, and the duration of the pregnancy.

4. Alcohol. Eliminate alcohol for a couple months before pregnancy and during pregnancy and feeding the baby’s chest. The consequences can be much sadder than it seems: petalcorin syndrome, deformities, pathology, miscarriages and a lot to worry about.

5. Vitamin — mineral complex. Before pregnancy it is recommended that multivitamin, plus omega-3, vitamin D and folic acid. During pregnancy — there are special vitamins for pregnant women. And remember that the overabundance of vitamins is also bad!

6. The diet should be complete, balanced and correct. Especially during pregnancy, because the need for protein, quality fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, macro – and micronutrients increases dramatically. Nutrition should ensure the normal functioning of all systems and organs, as mom and baby! It affects the health of your child, and how you will feel during pregnancy and in the recovery period after childbirth.

7. A few months before pregnancy and during pregnancy, your diet should include meat and meat products, fish and seafood, milk, dairy and dairy products, bread and bakery products made primarily from rye and wheat flour, cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, pasta from durum flour), vegetables, fruits and herbs, butter, vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive). You want your baby to be healthy and happy, and his mother beautiful? Then forward to a balanced and healthy eating!

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