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Diet is a diet that is primarily aimed at improving health. Diets are prescribed by qualified specialists and doctors when necessary. It is important to understand that diet is stressful for the body, and it is not worthwhile to sit on it without reason. For weight loss it is better to choose the right diet in combination with sports.
But there are a number of diets that are particularly harmful to the body. Let’s find out what kind of diet it is.

Drinking diet

4 of the most dangerous diets

At a given time (usually a month or two weeks), eat only liquid foods – water, juices, mashed potatoes, liquid soups, protein shakes. A particularly severe diet, which was common about seven years ago, is drinking only on water.
This diet has certain results: a person really loses weight in a short period of time.


  • The most important complication that this diet can give is the disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Our stomach is adapted to digest food of varying degrees of hardness, but too much liquid food will lead to permanent diarrhea.
  • As a consequence, all the nutrients are washed out of the body, and those that you absorb in a liquid form, simply are not assimilated.
  • On a drinking diet you will be constantly hungry, because the stomach has nothing to digest, and it will quickly empty.
  • After hunger will be followed by drowsiness and irritability, your performance will fall significantly.

Important: it is very easy to earn gastritis on a drinking diet or get its complication up to ulcer.


4 of the most dangerous diets

In a month or two weeks, you eat only one product. You’ve probably heard that your friends are skinny on green apples, buckwheat (or other cereal) on fish or chicken. These products are definitely useful, but they do not fill up all the necessary components that we need to consume during the day or week.


  • When we eat only one product, giving up everything else, we get an oversupply of some substances and a lack of others. This puts the body under stress and can have unforeseen consequences. For example, it is easy to earn hormonal failure, spoil skin, migraine, gastritis and depression.
  • An organism put into a state of stress, gets a signal about the lack of some kind of food. If you first sharply lose 5-7 kilograms, then understand that you can easily gain them from any more nutritious food.
  • Any food you start eating after such a diet will begin to accumulate fat. The body will prepare for the next hunger strike, so it will try to store as many calories as possible, which can be spent during the hungry period.

Sweet diet

4 of the most dangerous diets

For a week or 10 days, you only eat a hundred grams of sweets a day. You can drink black coffee without sugar and milk or just water, the main thing is not to exceed the weight volume. The diet is based on the fact that sweet is a strong source of carbohydrates, but does not take into account the fact that sweet is a fast carbohydrate.


  • The body quickly spends energy from candy or a piece of cake. About an hour after eating the sweet, you will experience a growing hunger.
  • Because of the constant hunger and rare energy spikes, your body will experience extreme stress. In women, this can lead to a hormonal failure and a change in the menstrual cycle; lack of calcium will lead to bone disease, which will have a strong impact on the overall condition of the skin and hair.
  • Sweet diet quickly causes gastritis, provokes the appearance of acne.

Slimming on this diet is built in the same way as on a mono diet: you lose a lot of weight and quickly gain it as soon as you give up your diet.

Protein diet

4 of the most dangerous diets

It eliminates all carbohydrates from the diet. It would seem that carbohydrates provoke the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, so if you exclude them, you can lose weight. But we must not forget that carbohydrates are the energy necessary for both the efficiency of the whole and the normal functioning of the body.


  • The first thing you will experience when you eliminate carbohydrates from your body and focus on protein is drowsiness and lethargy. You’ll always want to sleep, you’ll lose enthusiasm for any job. It can go as far as fainting, even in previously healthy people.
  • A large amount of protein will load your kidneys, which can lead to the formation of stones or even to their failure.
  • As a consequence, the general deterioration of the body’s work leads to gastritis, migraines, impaired gastrointestinal function; you will become more susceptible to stress, colds and viruses.

Important: There is a version among scientists that women who regularly sit on a protein diet, suffer from infertility.

4 of the most dangerous diets

As we have already said, the best option is a complex proper diet and moderate physical activity. Dietary foods are especially dangerous for teenagers, whose bodies need complex care more than ever. And for a truly balanced diet, you can include in the daily diet of superfood, most of which are available to ordinary customers.

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