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5 mistakes that we make when losing weight by the summer

The contents

  • The use of supplements for weight loss
  • Starvation diets
  • Long sleep in the weekend
  • Skipping Breakfast or lunch
  • Sweet as a reward

Summer is coming, and that means we need to try and get rid of a few extra pounds. Diet and exercise is what is necessary for weight loss. But what if low-calorie diet and sufficient load, the weight loss is slow? You may make mistakes?

The use of supplements for weight loss

Flawed is the reliance on special supplements for weight loss. Such funds are usually used for bowel cleansing and withdrawal of excess water, decreased appetite. However, it is much healthier to choose natural remedies.

For example, to get rid of the swelling, you can use cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins. Smoothies, salads, and stews will help to remove excess liquid. In addition, these vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals, so saturate the body with beneficial substances.

Reduce appetite will help cinnamon, bitter chocolate, grapefruit, cheese, nuts, carrots, salmon. Therefore, when excessive appetite at lunch you can eat fish with vegetables, the evening dinner with cheese, and before going to bed drink kefir with cinnamon.

As for bowel cleansing, will help beets, carrots, yogurt, dried fruits, cereals, flax seeds, drinking water. And to speed up the metabolism, add in your diet citrus, ginger, green tea, spinach, celery, sweet pepper, chicory.

We must remember that weight loss will be effective if you do not forget about diet, exercise, but not supplements to use, and useful products.

Starvation diets

Another common mistake is choosing a starvation diet. In an effort to get rid of extra pounds, many prefer a very strict diet. This is wrong.

First, the metabolism. Secondly, the body receives serious stress and strives to create fat reserves from the minimum amount of products. Thirdly, upset the work of the organs of the digestive system. Fourth, the body does not receive necessary for normal functioning of substances. Fifth, reduced muscle mass.

What does all this mean? The diet should be complete. Of course, the portion of the daily calorie should be cut in the menu need to include more vegetables, greens, fruits, berries and grains. But do not forget about meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. All dishes must be prepared properly to avoid frying and sautéing.

Here is the menu great for weight loss:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with berries, a Cup of yogurt, a pear and green tea;
  • snack: fruit and veggie smoothie;
  • lunch: a small portion of vegetable soup, baked fish with broccoli, fruit compote;
  • snack: cottage cheese with parsley and a slice of rye bread;
  • dinner: omelet with tomatoes and herbs, salad, yogurt.

As for diet, it is necessary to choose a wholesome food system. For example, Mediterranean or Swedish diet is great for weight loss. Such diets are nutritious and sufficiently balanced, have a varied menu. Therefore, the weight loss will be relaxed, and the result can be seen after a couple of weeks.

Long sleep in the weekend

Undoubtedly, sleep is important to bring the figure in order, for health and for good mood. However, long sleep on weekends is a mistake. And it can hinder the process of weight loss.

Sleep in Saturday and Sunday pleasant but harmful. Sleep till noon knocks the rhythm of life. After a late rise will be difficult to sleep at night, sleep quality will deteriorate. But if sleep is imperfect, and to get rid of extra pounds will be difficult.

A shortage of sleep leads to excessive production of the hormone ghrelin. And it stimulates the feeling of hunger and provokes excessive appetite. Therefore, the loss of even thirty minutes of sleep threatens excessive appetite. After a hearty Breakfast, again very quickly you eat. Therefore, there is a risk of overeating. For quick weight loss it is important to stick to the routine.

Skipping Breakfast or lunch

A big mistake is skipping Breakfast or lunch. The first meal should be dense and hearty. Different cereals, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, wholesome sandwiches with cheese or boiled meat and vegetables, cheese cakes that are suitable for Breakfast. And you can Supplement it with fruit, yogurt, smoothies. The Breakfast helps to speed up metabolism, which normally slows down in the night. And if in the morning only to drink a Cup of coffee, metabolism and not aktiviziruyutsya before lunch.

As for lunch, it must also be complete. Otherwise, the metabolism will slow down, calories will be deposited in the form of fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs. Best during dinner to eat first and second courses.

But if a lot of work and cannot find time for meals, you must at least eat. For this purpose, suitable a handful of nuts, fruit and vegetable smoothies, yoghurt with berries or fruit. However, such snacks is better not to abuse, and if a spare moment is followed by a full lunch. You can always have chicken or fish broth and eat the Patty with a salad (this is a much healthier snack).

Well, dinner can be easy. So if you want you can just eat a salad, cottage cheese, smoothies or a piece of fish. If you really want to eat, it is necessary to add more protein and vegetables.

Sweet as a reward

If during the week errors in the diet was not physical activity was at a decent level and regular, want to treat yourself to a chocolate bar or a cake on Sunday. But it can’t be made.

Sweets even once a week is a serious mistake (unless, of course, the summer is really want to lose weight). After all, a small cake can add quite a lot of calories. So, if you want to reward yourself for the work done, is to go to the movies, meeting with friends or a manicure. And if you absolutely have to eat sweet, you can eat half Cup of any fruit, a few dried fruits or sweet fruit.

So, it is necessary to analyze their behavior and find bugs. If they are correct, the process of losing weight go faster, and by the summer you will be able to enjoy a slim figure and a significant plummet.

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