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5 most important minerals in nutrition

The diet of each person should include essential trace mineralsthat your body needs to ensure well-being and health. To obtain these valuable substances from certain products or special vitamin-mineral complexes, which are sold in any drugstore. There are five of the most valuable for human health of substances, without which it is impossible to imagine a system of proper nutrition.

Calcium and its impact on human health

The work of the Central nervous system, the ability of cardiac muscle to contract, and the condition of bones, hair and nails depend on calcium. It also improves the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the breakdown of fatty tissue. Diet for weight loss is inconceivable without this element, because thanks to him produces a hormone called calcitriol, which destroys fat cells.

To get enough calcium, it is recommended to eat dairy products and milk. It is important that they were not free of grease, otherwise the calcium is ingested. Also, do not buy all sorts of systems – the benefits will be only from the food of the species of this trace element. For better absorption it is advisable to fill a diet rich in phosphorus and vitamin D buckwheat, oatmeal, cottage cheese and cheese.

Zinc and its role in a balanced diet

Protein is important for recovery and muscle growth, but protein formation is not possible without zinc. It also lowers cholesterol levels, regulates glucose in the blood and improves the absorption of vitamin A. Contains zinc in Brussels and the seaweed, mushrooms, wheat germ, bran, oysters, spinach and green peas.

Magnesium rich food

The best assistant in the fight against insomnia and anxiety is magnesium. Its deficiency can provoke the production of stress hormone cortisol and insulin. Their overabundance leads to unstable emotional state, increased feeling of hunger and obesity. A lot of magnesium contained in legumes and cereals, mineral water and green vegetables, watermelons and almonds.

Iron and its correct use

Anemia is a very dangerous condition due to iron deficiency. This substance is the basis of hemoglobin, so the diet of each person must be present red meat. Iron of plant origin is found in apples, but is absorbed much worse.

Iodine and its useful functions

It is well known that the thyroid gland is directly dependent on the resulting human from food iodine. He is responsible for the normalization of metabolism, the release of adrenaline and the flow of processes of splitting of fat. The main source of this valuable trace element seaweed, she kelp.