5 reasons to start the day with a cup of green tea

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5 reasons to start the day with a cup of green tea

Traditionally, dieticians recommend starting the day with a glass of fasting water. We undoubtedly support this opinion. However, the water will be followed by a light charge and morning toilet, and after them there will certainly be time for breakfast. About 60% of people (if not more) complement their breakfast with a cup of coffee. The usefulness of this drink will be discussed in the following articles, but in the meantime let me give you five arguments in favor of having a cup of aromatic green tea at breakfast.

1) Green tea contains an analogue of caffeine – theine, which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, urging the body to wake up as soon as possible. It is worth noting that high-quality green tea can give the body more energy than a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

2) The polyphenols contained in tea increase the rate of heat exchange in the body, which speeds up the burning of fats. Thus, regular consumption of green tea several times a day accelerates metabolism, provoking weight loss.

3) Green tea is a good diuretic, which gently removes excess water from the body, and with it – toxins and slags. Extremely useful property for those who suffer from swelling and dark circles under the eyes every morning.

4) An interesting fact – if you drink a cup of green tea half an hour before lunch, you will eat less food. The fact that the substances contained in this drink, reduce the level of sugar in the blood, which literally “reduces the appetite” of the cells.

5) Also it is necessary to note that the given drink is also a storehouse of useful substances such as vitamins of group B, K, PP, ascorbic acid, fluorine which is useful for teeth, and also copper and zinc which are irreplaceable for health of nails and hair.

5 reasons to start the day with a cup of green tea

How to drink green tea correctly? Preferably in half an hour or during meals, 3-4 times a day and if possible without sugar. But the main thing is to remember that green tea is not a cure-all, but just a good addition to a rational diet and regular training.

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