7 household filters that will make your water safe

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7 household filters that will make your water safe

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  • Filters reverse osmosis system

    • Filter Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion
    • Filter PRO 100 drivers
  • Mnogostupenchataya running filters

    • Barrier EXPERT Ultra
    • Aquaphor Crystal Eco N
    • Geyser Ultra Bio 411
  • Filter pitchers

    • BritaMarella Maxtra XL+ Graphite
    • New ВодаGoldPrio

The water that flows from our taps, is far from ideal. Existing in most cities of the outdated water treatment system cannot cope with the full range of contaminants. Interestingly, contaminants often have no odor or taste. But they are dangerous to our health.

Conclusion — the water must be filtered. The question is how to choose the appropriate filter? The main criteria three.

  • The first is the original the quality of tap water. Take it to the exterminators or use the service of a private laboratory. Important criterion — rigidity. With hardness above 8 mEq manage only the type filter “reverse osmosis”.
  • Second, the desired degree of purification. After all, few people want to drink a tasteless distillate. And not just tasteless, but potentially dangerous, because the water is quite beneficial salts and minerals.
  • Third — terms of use. Sometimes ordinary filter jug the expensive multi-stage purification system, although in terms of the cost of filtration of one liter pitcher filters work extremely expensive.

Filters reverse osmosis system

Probably the most advanced to date. Special membrane through which the pressure pushed the water, leaves all possible harmful impurities and microorganisms behind. The output is even and safe, but almost distilled water. Therefore, in most reverse osmosis models have a built-in mineralizer, restoring the mineral composition to the optimum. The shortcomings of all models of this type is a slow filter (five-liter storage tank nazivaetsa little over an hour) and relatively high price. As the device, and cartridges. For example, the annual set of replaceable modules will cost about 2500 rubles. In addition, the reverse osmosis filter shamelessly squandering water, because 80% of it is spent on pushing the remaining 20% of the treated water pipeline system with filter modules, valves and membranes. As a result, for each liter of pure water your residential water meter will count a minimum of 5 litres is used up. However, if the quality of the water from the tap causes a reasonable fear, that the reverse osmosis filter is a guaranteed solution to the problem.

Filter Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

Remove all possible impurities, soften, enriched with potassium and magnesium, essential for our heart. In water no phenol, pesticides or nitrates, as well as viruses, bacteria or parasites! Purified it, the water is suitable for all, from babies to the elderly. Ideal for people who have problems with the stomach, safe for Allergy sufferers. Protect household appliances — no more limescale in coffee machines, kettles and irons. And at the highest quality, the resulting water will still be cheaper than bought in a bottle. While it is compact, requires much less space than the classical systems of the same type. Effective even at low water pressure: enough of two atmospheres. Tank holds five gallons, so water is poured out from the drinking water tap in the usual pace. In service the device is simple: regular filter needs to be changed every six months, membrane every year and a half, mineralizer — about once a year. Cartridge change takes less than a minute without any tools. Price of the device is about 8,500 rubles, the basic set of ink cartridges already included.

Filter PRO 100 drivers

Another reverse osmosis system to produce pure water. A five-speed filter allows you to completely clean tap water. Harmful impurities and bacteria — everything will flow into the sewer after use of the device. The filter enriches the water we need fluoride, calcium and magnesium using patented mineralizer. Dignity is a universal replacement toner cartridges for pretreatment. You can not search for the brand, and use similar technical characteristics from any other manufacturer. The advantages also include quick installation (30 minutes), its simplicity and comparative cheapness of maintenance. The capacity of the storage tank — 8 liters. A great choice for a large family, although the unit itself is a compact call is difficult: it takes almost all the space under the sink. Price from 8300 RUB.

Mnogostupenchataya running filters

Flow-through multi-stage filters can perform different tasks, depending on the set of cartridges and the number of steps of purification. The basic model can be used in settlements with potentially safe drinking water. But if you want a guaranteed to get rid of viruses and all bacteria, the water will need to boil. However, leading manufacturers offer variations with antibacterial treatment. The life of these modules is modest.

Barrier EXPERT Ultra

This 3-stage filter with ultrafiltration technology to protect against any contaminants larger than 0.03 micron bacteria. The first cartridge of the evaporated polypropylene will purify water from sand, silt, rust and other insoluble suspensions. The second with a four-part filter with a mixture of two types of ion exchange resins, ion-exchange fiber and granular activated carbon, it also contains silver — a safe barrier for toxins and heavy metals. Well, the third cleans the water from any particles that are bigger than 0,03 microns. Importantly, do not forget to regularly change the cartridges. The more that this is not easy, but very simple: even a child will cope. The price is from 4300 rubles.

Aquaphor Crystal Eco N

Aquaphor Crystal ECO protects from toxins, heavy metals, chlorine, petroleum products, allergens, without using chemical additives. In this case the mineral composition of water will remain unchanged. A compact filter mounted under the sink. And cartridges even a large family will have to change no more than once a year! The replacement will take no more than minutes and the money — only slightly more than $ 1000. The apparatus in this configuration is suitable for water medium, and low stiffness. Adults and the elderly can drink water without fear, but for kids pediatricians still recommend it to boil. Price — 3700 RUB.

Geyser Ultra Bio 411

Attention! This filter is only for soft water. From it he removes iron, heavy metals, organic impurities and chlorine. The filters are made on the basis of nanoaluminium fibers that provides double the resource to remove viruses and bacteria. Well, inline mineralizer further enrich the water with calcium for our bones. The filter will alert you to change cartridges weakening water pressure. This usually happens once in a year and a half. Price from 6300 RUB

Filter pitchers

Pitcher filters are simple and familiar. But the cost of a liter are more expensive than stationary running. It makes sense to buy for a small office without running water nearby, a house or a rented apartment.

BritaMarella Maxtra XL+ Graphite

This pitcher is equipped with an effective filter to purify water from impurities: heavy metals, chlorine and other substances. Helps reduce the formation of scale. The pitcher comfortable and ergonomic, the funnel and the housing is transparent. But its main advantage is the increased volume of 3.5 liters, enough for any company. The indicator on the cartridge will remind you that it is time to change. And all the parts except the cap with a filter, well washed in the dishwasher. Price from 810 RUB

New ВодаGoldPrio

The manufacturer warns that this jar is intended for the softening and purification of water after the main filters. However, he will save her from any unpleasant taste or odour, as will be cleansed of most impurities and compounds. Filter cartridge contains activated carbon from coconut shell with silver, which protect the cartridge from bacteria. Pour the water directly through the spout without removing the lid and at the bottom there are rubber feet, which makes the case more stable. The cover has a wheel-a calendar to fix the date of the next change of cartridge. And all but a cartridge can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The price of 1100 RUB.

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