7 "low-calorie" foods with which you will not lose weight

"Bio," organic "," no fat "," no sugar "," dietary product "- all these notes on the product packaging attract the attention of buyers who switch to a healthy diet and want to lose weight. But often behind the proud slogans of manufacturers there is nothing but the desire to sell their products more expensively. Not all products that are positioned as low-calorie, really help to lose weight. Their use is desirable to reduce to a minimum or completely removed from the diet.

Rice Bread Diets

Rice breads, which look very much like polystyrene, are often included in a variety of diets. It is also a popular product for holding fasting days.

Bread rolls are invariably positioned as a product with almost zero calorie content. It is believed that they can be used in unlimited quantities without harming the figure. But this is not so. In the production of bread, rice is subjected to heat treatment under high pressure, which ensures the complete evaporation of nutrients and moisture. But much more important is the fact that in the product starch breaks down into simple carbohydrates, which, as you know, lead to weight gain. The same can be said of other “air” bread made from raw grain. Eating them is better in limited quantities.

Apple cider vinegar in the diet

There are many dubious recipes for weight loss, which includes apple cider vinegar. The most popular advice is to drink a glass of water daily from 1-2 tbsp. l essences. It is believed that the product without any diets reduces irrepressible appetite, burns fats and speeds up metabolism. A rather bold statement, which has not yet received any scientific evidence.

But doctors often talk about the negative effects of vinegar (even “weak” apple). Irrepressible use of it can lead to the development and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is much safer to “accelerate” the metabolism with healthy products and workouts in the gym than with water and vinegar.

Granola Recipes

Granola Recipes

Granola is a crisp texture snack containing nuts, seeds and various cereals. She can be included in breakfast recipes and quick snacks, desserts. Any granola is positioned as a product for a healthy diet, which helps to eat tasty, without gaining extra pounds.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with eating nuts and cereals; it is a healthy product. But the fact is that the ingredients used, undergoing heat treatment in the production, lose a significant part of the benefits. In addition, sugar and syrups, flavorings and flavor enhancers are certainly introduced into the composition. From a healthy snack, granola turns into a refined product with a high calorie content, which will not help lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, do not eat a lot of purchased granola – neither as a snack, nor as a supplement to porridge or yogurt. Want to make your diet a little tastier? Then cook the granola yourself, using a minimum of sugar and butter. The recipes are extremely simple and will not take much time.

Skim milk products

Marking "low fat" on yogurt, milk and kefir attracts the eyes of those who are losing weight. It seems that you can use a healthy product in any quantity, without gaining weight.

Low-fat dairy products, indeed, do not contain animal fats in the composition. But manufacturers compensate for their "lack" of sugar. That is why milk with zero fat content can hardly be called low-calorie. In addition, due to degreasing, the products lose some of their beneficial properties. Diets with them can hardly be considered healthy and balanced. For example, calcium is not absorbed from fat-free cottage cheese by the body, since fats must certainly participate in the process.

Weight Loss Fitness Bars

Fitness bars are very fond of losing weight. No wonder – snacks can “brighten up” any diet, and manufacturers say that the product has a minimum of calories. Yes, in bars, there are nuts, seeds and dried fruits. But along with them, refined fats, syrups and sugar are certainly introduced into the recipe, which significantly increases the calorie content of the product and reduces its useful properties. You eat a bar, due to the high sugar content you feel full and a surge of energy. But soon this sensation passes, hunger rolls with even greater force.

In order not to gain excess weight, it is not recommended much and often there are fitness bars. This can be afforded only by professional athletes who spend unthinkable reserves of energy in training at the gym. Nutritionists advise eating no more than 20 g of a snack per day. If you want to increase the portion, then prepare the bars yourself – so you will be sure that the product has a minimum of sugar and refined fat.

Vegetable chips as a quick snack

Vegetable chips as a quick snack

Vegetable chips, which can be seen on store shelves, have little to do with wholesome fruits from the garden. Manufacturers insist that low-calorie snack dulls hunger, which is important when losing weight. But just look at the composition, all the illusions are dispelled. The list of ingredients for many snacks may contain an impressive amount of additional substances that enhance their taste and aroma – oil, salt, sugar. This negates the full benefits of dried vegetables.

Vegetables to actively reduce excess weight are better to eat fresh. Or cook the chips yourself, completely abandoning the purchased snacks.

Whole Grain Products

In many recipes for dietary dishes, ordinary bread (wheat or rye) is often replaced with whole grain. It is believed that it is more useful and has a low calorie content. And there is. But only if you have a quality bakery product.

Whole grains are a storehouse of substances useful to the body. They energize, quickly saturate. But careless producers are often cunning – they call whole grain bread, even if in fact only a third of its recipe consists of whole grains. There are no strict standards for the production of such products, so manufacturers can call them anything to attract customer demand.

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