9 simple and useful practices to improve the health and well-being

In this article:

  • Start to meditate regularly
  • Take baths with the salt
  • Make your life a conscious with the help of journaling
  • Eat and drink so that the body receives sufficient amount of fluids
  • Use essential oils to maintain health
  • Begin a regular fitness
  • Cook on weekends, healthy food
  • Maintain fitness with the help of protein powders
  • Try healthy dry wiping

A healthy lifestyle is not only eating right and daily exercise. Acquiring simple habits to promote health and Wellness, you can improve the health of both the body and mind.

Start to meditate regularly

Meditation is a practice that involves concentration on his thoughts on the current situation. There are different approaches to meditation, but as a rule, meditators sit still and start concentrating on my breathing. There are many applications and a variety of resources for meditation that can help navigate the process.

Meditation can provide diverse beneficial effects on health. People who are involved in regular meditation can reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue.

Meditation may even have some positive impact on physical health. For example, it can improve circulation and lower blood pressure. Also meditation can be used to reduce pain or getting rid of it.

Take baths with the salt

Bath is a great way to relax, taking a bath, you can escape from everyday problems and to purify the mind. Therefore, the bath can be a healthy practice. Bath will be even more useful if you add to them the salt.

The salt also known as magnesium sulfate. In other words, this type of salt, which includes magnesium. According to research, magnesium plays an important role in combating a number of health problems, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, migraines, heart disease, and respiratory tract.

The magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. Thus, you can easily improve your health simply by taking a bath to which is added the teaspoon of salt.

Make your life a conscious with the help of journaling

Keep your thoughts to yourself isn’t good for anyone. On the contrary, it increases stress and anxiety. But of course, relieving your negative thoughts on other people is also unproductive. Keeping a journal is a healthy way to Express such thoughts, without harming others in the process.

Keeping a journal has several benefits for mental health. It may:

  • to help resolve the conflict
  • to facilitate clear and rational thinking
  • to release tension, stress, anger or frustration
  • to promote awareness

But that’s not all! According to studies, a daily record of your thoughts and feelings can improve the immune system. Keeping a journal may even improve symptoms associated with diseases such as eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

Eat and drink so that the body receives sufficient amount of fluids

It is no secret that water is good for the body. According to experts, women need at least 11 cups of fluid a day. Men require more than 15 glasses of fluid per day.

Eating foods with high water content might also contribute to obtaining sufficient amounts of fluid. Fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, suitable for a snack between meals. These are vegetables like watermelon, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini.

Use essential oils for healthy lifestyle

Plants contain a large number of powerful compounds, which can be good for your health and Wellness. One of the best ways to take advantage of these useful properties is to use essential oils. This concentrated plant extracts, which are available with different purposes to use externally or sprayed in the air.

Currently still ongoing study of the various ways to use essential oils. At the same time, many of their beneficial properties are already known. Here are some simple tips on how to use the most common oils:

  • Add a few drops of geranium oil in a relaxing bath.
  • Wipe insect bites lavender oil to get rid of itching.
  • Inhale the smell of lemon oil to stimulate the mind and improve concentration.
  • Spray eucalyptus oil to combat cold symptoms.
  • Before bedtime massage the shoulders with diluted chamomile oil.

Begin a regular fitness

No one has time to train for an hour every day. Fortunately, you can do a little several times during the day. Habit to do fitness every day can fill every day of sufficient physical activity.

Start your morning with dynamic movements and stretching to warm up your body and mind and prepare for a new day.

After each meal take a short walk. It not only allows you to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing, but also makes you Wake up after a meal. If you can not walk down the street, walk a few minutes through the corridors of the office or work out on the treadmill.

To relax before bedtime, a few minutes of exercise yoga. Such daily activities can help to develop flexibility and will allow the body and brain to prepare for a refreshing sleep.

Cook on weekends, healthy food

With busy schedules it can be difficult to eat right, especially those who work overtime. Sometimes the simplest solution seems to be lunch at the restaurant. Unfortunately, restaurant food can contain enough nutrients and too much fat, sodium and calories.

Instead of relying on a convenient opportunity to eat in cafes and restaurants, look for less busy days, time for cooking balanced meals. In just a few hours of cooking, many people can prepare food for the whole week. When it comes time to eat, ready meals easy to take and heat up.

A well-balanced meal must contain a clean protein, complex carbohydrates from natural foods and at least one serving of vegetables. For variety, try to use products that combine well with each other. Most cooked dishes can be stored for several days in the refrigerator but for longer storage they can be removed in the freezer. Start daily supplementation with multivitamins to get the whole set of micronutrients needed by the body.

Maintain fitness with the help of protein powders

To maintain the optimum weight is not easy, but it can help protein powder. You can use both vegetable and animal protein, and add it one scoop in a drink, to make it easier to maintain weight.

Protein consumption can increase the feeling of satiety. This means that people are less likely to overeat, trying to eat or to satisfy a hunger in the middle of the day. In addition, the protein powder contains the required dose of nutritional protein and no empty calories, as in many sneko. This powder can also help to build muscle to obtain a toned and muscular look and improve workout results.

The most popular way to consume protein is protein shakes. The cocktails are done just with milk and protein powder, or they can contain various additional ingredients such as fruits or vegetables.

Try dry wiping

The lymphatic system serves to flush out dirt and toxins from the body. A well-functioning lymphatic system helps the body to remain strong and healthy. Dry wiping is the practice that can help the lymphatic system to operate at full capacity.

Just swipe on a body brush with natural bristles. Swipe with a brush in the hands and feet. Start with hands and feet and head in the direction of the trunk. The back and belly of the handle in a circular motion brush. Do this once a day before bath.

Dry rubbing can not only stimulate the lymphatic system, but also to maintain the skin in good condition. Dry wiping removes from the skin dead cells and gives the skin a healthy glow.

These simple and affordable practices can be the basis for staying in good shape and peace of mind. To improve physical and mental health, start to include one or two of these practices in your daily routine. After you succeed, add one or two practices. Those who adhere to such approach to a healthy lifestyle, you can become stronger in body and soul than ever.

This article was written by staff writer iHerb.

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