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Recommend these training elements trained athletes, crossfit enthusiasts and inveterate fans of fitness.

Called plyometric exercises, performance technique which involves explosive muscular effort. These exercises almost always contain jumps. They burn huge amounts of calories, develop strength, speed and reaction. Plyometric training is very fond of football stars and Hollywood celebrities. Worse than you? I do not need to remind you about the mandatory warm-up before such harsh training? Want to pump my body to the max? Forward!


Plyometric exercises: TOP 9


Squats with jumping


Called plyometric movement, in that case, if both feet are off the ground simultaneously. In other words – it is a jump.


These exercises maximally load your muscles and add cardio to your weight training.


Thus, to complicate the usual squat – add to it jumping.


  • So, sit down, and then sharp force straightening the knees, you jump up.
  • Land on slightly bent legs.




Frogs, known to be great jumpers. Wake up your inner amphibian!


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  • Sit down, legs wide apart. Socks apart, the pelvis is nearly touching the floor. Put your hands on the floor in front of him. Now come on, everybody, hands up!
  • Land back in the frog pose.




  • Sit down with legs apart wider than shoulder width, hands spread at his sides, like you’re standing on a surfboard with the right side forward.
  • Now jump, turn around, landing on the Board the other side.


Squats with a jump on the obstacle


This version of squats with a jump for people who love training hard.


  • Stand in front of a large stable obstacle. You can use the step platform.
  • Do a normal squat, with the power tolkienites from the floor and jump both feet on the obstacle.
  • Upstairs again, do a squat and jump back.


Land very softly!

Start with small steps, then you can increase the height. Then when a good work out movement you can increase height.


Be very careful, this is a challenging exercise. Without good preparation to practice it is not necessary, as it is very easy to get injured.


Squat jump – high knees


  • Drop down into a low squat, feet shoulder width of the pelvis.
  • Sharply jump out, at the top trying to pull the knees as high as possible and slap him on the hands (or the side of the shins).
  • Land back in a low squat.


You don’t have to stand in between repetitions. Crouch – jump, Crouch – jump. Believe me, you haven’t warmed up!


Without leaving the squat


  • Do a regular squat.
  • Make a springy movement of the pelvis down and jump up without straightening his legs.
  • Land on bent legs and repeat.


Make small, quick jumps. You don’t straighten the body throughout the exercise.


Some burpees


  • Sit in a squat, put your hands in front of him.
  • Jump, throw your legs back and observe the position of the strap.
  • Again jump back to the squat and you jump up.
  • Land again in the squat and repeat the exercise.




Exercise “ninja” is actually easier than it seems.


  • Get on the floor on your knees, hands down at the sides from the body.
  • Struggling to squeeze your glutes, quads and hips.
  • Sharply straighten your legs, pulling them forward and landing in a low squat.
  • Mahi hands will help you to boost the body and increase agility.
  • On your knees be careful, in any case not hit them on the floor.


Russian squats with jumps


Starting position is almost the same as for the squat sumo wrestler. Just stand with legs at shoulder width and toes apart.


  • Shift your weight to your right leg and jump out into the left side.
  • Land on both feet.
  • Shift your weight to the right leg and repeat the movement on the other side.published econet.ru.



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