Add probiotics to your routine and maintain good health

Sarah Baker, certified holistic nutritionist

When it comes to the good work of the intestine, probiotics are often considered as a valuable additive and the food product, which costs to include in your diet. Knowing about their popularity, many of us begin to take probiotics in Supplement form or from food, unaware of the large number of their useful properties in addition to the ability to improve the functioning of our digestive system.

To understand the importance of probiotics, let’s look at one aspect of our digestive system, our intestinal microflora. You may have heard that our digestive system there is a whole ecosystem of microorganisms and bacteria (from 30 to 100 trillion microorganisms). This intestinal microflora not only help to digest the food we eat, it is involved in many processes in the body: it acts as a protective barrier of our intestines and protects against pathogens, helps to absorb nutrients, regulates our mood and sleep cycles, and even facilitates the production of neurotransmitters in our mind. However, various factors may adversely affect the ecosystem of our intestines, so it is important to regularly take probiotics to maintain her balance.

When the balance of beneficial bacteria in our intestines is disturbed due to the food we eat, medicine we take, or harmful substances from the environment, the bowel begins to deteriorate. This can lead to bloating, digestive problems, colds, if affected by our immune system, and can also occur, and anxiety, as there is a connection between gut and mood.

It is here that come into effect probiotics. Regular intake of probiotics deliver “good” bacteria in our body which in turn helps to regulate many processes and maintain our health. There are many strains of probiotics that perform very different tasks. Some probiotics help to protect our digestive system, and other strains is supporting the immune system, and so on.

Even if you consume probiotic rich foods, so supplementation is required when the balance in your gut is disturbed due to intake of drugs such as antibiotics. Let’s take a closer look at what useful properties of probiotics.

Improved digestion

When our gut feels great thanks to the healthy microflora of supplementation with probiotics, we have an extra line of defense against harmful pathogens, and digestive stress. Probiotics not only help protect the body from infections but also help prevent problems with digestion, which in turn gives a number of positive effects, in particular, gives energy, reduces bloating and improves the production of healthy substances in our intestines. The right balance of bacteria in the gut helps you absorb nutrients from other foods.

Strengthening the immune system

Did you know that 70 percent of our immune system is concentrated in our gut? That is why those who adhere to a diet rich in nutrients and probiotics, have a strong immune system, and those who eat a lot of processed and refined foods, often catch cold and suffer other diseases.

Can help regulate mood

Recent studies have identified a link between the condition of the intestines, and such mood disorders as anxiety and depression. For example, one study showed that a probiotic-rich diet can reduce anxiety, thus confirming the existence of a connection between gut and mood.

Maintaining the elasticity and radiance of the skin

People watching their health, it is well known that the skin may reflect what a person eats. Constantly eating probiotics, you can keep control of such skin problems as rosacea, acne and even eczema. Many brands of care products the skin began to add their products probiotics local effects to combat redness and inflammation in various skin problems.

Here are some tips that will help you to extract from supplementation with probiotics. Take your supplements just before eating and immediately after eating, when the amount of acid in your stomach is minimal. Food also softens the path supplements to your colon. If you take the Supplement with food rich in fiber, it will give the probiotics an additional “power”.

Probiotics that you ingest from food or supplements, no matter inside or externally, possess many useful properties, in addition to maintaining good bowel function. And since there is a huge number of products with probiotics, to use their advantages to maintain maximum good health very easily.


  • This article was written by Sara Baker, a certified holistic coach in nutrition and health, business consultant in strategic brand development and founder In between working with clients and the development of its Wellness brand, Sarah spends most of time promoting in the media available and full life.

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