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Autumn is characterized not only by a beautiful fading of nature, but also by a corresponding change in climate. Increased humidity, lower temperatures, reduced daylight hours – all this cannot but affect the overall condition and health.

Dieticians note that in the autumn, our body requires a certain amount of nutrition, which can often run counter to the nutrition that we believe is correct. For example, in autumn, people eat sweet and greasy more often – this allows us to get a lot of energy for a short period of time, to get warm faster and “do the best” in short-term business.

Therefore, carbohydrates, not proteins and fats, are the priority components of nutrition in the autumn-winter period. And of course, it is difficult to choose – they are absorbed for a long time, give a lot of energy and create a feeling of satiety. Also, do not forget about the fiber, which will gradually eliminate harmful substances from the body.


Especially germinated cereals and legumes. Ordinary peas, beans and various grains are important nutrients. They are easily assimilated at breakfast and give a long feeling of satiety.

Germination in the grain increases the content of vitamins and reduces carbohydrates. Sprouted legumes are allowed to eat in any quantity without fear of losing their shape. You can buy these grains, and germinate on your own, providing them with enough moisture and light.


This element of the diet takes care of your gastrointestinal tract. In times of reduced immunity, it is important to strengthen your stomach in every way possible to avoid disorders. Brans also help prevent influenza and acute respiratory infections.

Greenery and vegetables

Parsley, dill, radish, onions and other plants that can be grown in large quantities in the garden – these are the real defenders of immunity in the autumn and winter. If you’ve been making preparations since summer, it’s time to use them by adding salads and soups to your salads. It is best to eat at least a handful of natural herbs every day, so that without the disease and cold to move the transition period from summer to autumn.

Herbal infusions

You can buy them in a pharmacy, but it is better to take care of them in summer and collect chamomile, rosehip and other herbs. They can be mixed with the usual tea or stewed separately – these are delicious and healthy drinks, which will stand on the guard of immunity.

Here are such simple tips to help you strengthen your immunity in the autumn-winter period. If you eat at least one component of this list every day, then you will not face a cold, flu and other diseases.