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Author Sarah Baker, health Network Canada (CHN)

At the end of each season I have a favorite pastime: “kitchen detox”.

Just as we clean house after a long winter or every quarter we clean the body to speed up metabolism along with the change of seasonal diet, our kitchen also needs extra care and love. Think of it as a seasonal “reset” one of the most important rooms of your home.

Autumn is the time of year that inspires change. The school year begins and we take on storing summer clothes and pull out their warm winter clothing. Autumn brings with it the anticipation of new beginnings. And what could be better on the way to new achievements than the good old General cleaning in the kitchen?

When we scraped out of the kitchen clutter and freeing her from deposits of fast food, we create an area that stimulates in us the habit of healthy eating and contains much less temptations. There’s nothing worse: only decide to start cleansing the body or going on a diet, and around all sorts of chips and cookies and look at you, can’t wait when you will eat them. So feast your eyes on this guide that will tell you how to quickly and easily rid your kitchen of the junk, with the onset of autumn.

Keep two large trash bags: one to give someone food that is not in line with your healthy lifestyle and the other for products with expired period of storage on the release.

The rules of “kitchen detox”

Try to remove processed foods and replace them with solid and simple. Start with inspection of the products in the package. If the composition of the product quite a lot of ingredients with unpronounceable or incomprehensible names, Google them. If you find that they relate to sugar or fillers, get rid of them!

It is also useful to know that the ingredients that are listed first are what mainly comprises the product. So if you have in the closet to eat peanut butter, but peanuts in the ingredients are listed only in the second or third line, most likely, the jar, which you hold in your hands filled with something else.

Here are a couple of obvious recommendations that you should follow, doing General cleaning in the kitchen: go through the products in the packaging in the cupboards, fridge and freezer and throw away all the old or expired. Furthermore, the items you have not used more than six months (including kitchen gadgets, for example, a dryer for lettuce and the scattered kitchenware), you need to throw away or give away, to make room for those things that occupy a more important place in your life.

Manual rubble: the principle of zoning
For starters, we Direct Marafet in closets

Start with inspection of the contents of the upper and lower cabinets and remove from them food with a questionable ingredient on the label. If you are really ready to lead a healthy lifestyle, here is a list of foods which you need to get rid of, and what they can be replaced:

Povykidyvali products, which include TRANS fats, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils. I can talk about the fats, but the use of the above mentioned types of fats brings the body more harm than good. It is also worth noting that not all saturated fats are the same. You should avoid saturated fats, which are a part of processed and fatty foods, but many guru for a healthy lifestyle refer to studies that show the benefits of saturated fats from sources such as, for example, coconut oil. So throw away the margarine fat for frying and canola oil. Instead, use oils: olive, coconut and avocado oil.

What else to throw? Sugar. You will want to remove from the Cabinet is not only a sack of sugar, worth thinking about the sugar content in processed foods and also in foods such as sauces and dressings. If you want to sweeten the dish and sweets, choose natural sweeteners: coconut syrup, coconut sugar and organic honey.

Do the replacement in the Cabinet:

Replace bulk products, such as refined white flour, bread, pasta and cereals, for the following products:

  • Quinoa
  • Almond flour
  • Coconut flour
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain pasta

All of these products and other healthy alternatives to fill your kitchen cabinets you can find here.

Next step: we are Eliminating blockages in the fridge and the freezer

Once you have gone through the cabinets and tossed expired products, fill your cabinets with fresh, organic and seasonal products. I also don’t forget to put in the fridge bread made from sprouted grains or sprouted grains themselves, so the freshness of these products remained longer. Let’s go through the key stored in the refrigerator the products, which will make your kitchen much more useful for health:


If you eat animal protein, always choose organic products with ethical production methods, for example, the beef grass-fed. If you tend to plant foods, you can stock up on products such as tempeh and tofu.

Dairy products:

Personally, I was removed from the diet of milk and cheese, as I have intolerance to dairy products, and milk and cheese upset my digestion, and also lead to excess mucus formation. As an alternative to dairy milk I like filling the fridge with almond milk, coconut milk and non-dairy cheeses and spreads.

More useful condiments:

As for seasonings and dressings, their composition is often full of fillers, additives and ingredients, which pose no nutritional value. There are many different brands that are a healthier alternative to the mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup, which is rich in natural and whole foods.

Last stop: detox cleaners

And to top it off, replace your cleaning products to environmentally friendly, natural and safe alternatives. If you love cleanliness so much as I do, then you would be better to find non-toxic cleaners without chemicals. And health is, ultimately, more useful. With a simple cleaning solution of vinegar, water and your favorite essential oil is great for cleaning worktops and wooden floor. You can find healthier alternatives for everyday tools such as universal cleaner, detergent for dishes and more here.

When doing a “detoxification” meals, going shopping, you have to keep in mind a simple question: “would it be good for me?” Then, seeing the box of cookies, candy or chips, you can’t find any argument in favor of a healthy diet and be more likely to find it more healthy and tasty alternatives that will not negate your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

This article was written by Sara Baker, a certified holistic coach in nutrition and health, business consultant in strategic brand development and founder BalancedBabe.com. In between working with clients and the development of its Wellness brand, Sarah spends most of time promoting in the media available and full life.


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