Base Polish: what is needed and how to select, view, tools

Every woman wants to manicure to keep as long as possible, while damage to the nails as much as possible. Use a base under nail Polish not only helps to extend the durability of the coating, but also to improve the condition of the plate. To get the desired effect you need to choose the right remedy and correctly to apply it.


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Why use database

Before carrying out any procedure, training is required. Manicure is no exception. To make the varnish last longer and bring less damage to the nails, it is applied to the base. It comes in transparent or white color depending on its composition and functions.

Base Polish is of several types. The properties are distinguished:

  • treatment (with a high content of active components);
  • reinforcing (it reduces brittle nails);
  • for gel Polish (forms dense coupling with a nail and a sticky layer for applying colors);
  • protective (not allowing the harmful components of the varnish to penetrate into the plate and destroy it).

Often databases are used alone, without the subsequent application of color. This method is applied to health and invigorating compositions. They allow you to improve the appearance of the nail and its structure.

A base for gel Polish also differ. For a stronger plate and secure using rubber manicure. It is more viscous and dense, so working with it is necessary especially carefully. The tool that is used in most cases, has the average characteristics of resistance. However, it is less damage the structure and easier to remove.

Attention! Most medical databases contain formaldehyde, having a pungent odor and toxic properties. Therefore, the manicure needs to be done in a well ventilated area.

Base for recovery are of two types: persistent and updated. Means of the first type are applied for 1-2 weeks, then removed, the procedure is repeated. The second type are updating daily throughout the course of treatment. It takes more effort, but the effect is noticeable.

It is best to entrust the choice of a base manicure technician. He will evaluate the condition of nails and choose the best tool. Also he can advise on what to buy for home use.

Which is better

The database selection is done on the basis of human needs. They all vary in composition and properties. To determine which one fits best, you need to know its characteristics.

The medical treatment is only good for solo use or under regular nail Polish. It contains formalin, which does not allow the nails to flake. But if inhaled it can be dangerous, so work in a well ventilated area. If the tool requires daily updating, cover its top color is impossible. This will prevent the active substances to penetrate to the plate.

Protective base contains components that cover the nail in a dense film. It prevents the impact plate harmful substances and does not allow moisture to evaporate. In the end, the coating lasts longer, and the structure becomes better.

Base gel Polish needs to create a sticky layer. It contains a substance that reacts to UV or LED light. To work with need special equipment, so for self use it is not suitable for everyone. Its main function is to hold the cover. The therapeutic effect of the remedy has not.

Strengthening base gel Polish contains natural rubber. The substance is extracted from tree resin, so it is completely natural. It strengthens the plate, and suitable for people with brittle and thin nails. But any natural component can become an allergen. It requires special attention when used for a long time.

When you purchase should pay attention not only to composition and properties, but also on the manufacturer. Chinese products are low quality and low price. Russian belong to the middle segment and compete with European producers. The latter are characterized by high cost due to additional shipping costs and customs, but is known for its indisputable advantages — a long and pronounced effect.

Application technique

Way to use base for your nails depends on its type. Some tools require special preparation of the plate, while others operate independently. Before buying you should pay attention to whether there is the ability to correctly apply a product or should I purchase additional materials.

Strengthening base is applied on a clean nail. It is not necessary to degrease, as it spoils the plate and dry it. Enough baths for hands with salt, soap or decoctions of herbs. Before using the tool fingers is dried with a towel. The therapeutic compositions are also used without processing.

But a base for gel Polish require degreasing. It uses a special tool or alcohol. Without proper training, the manicure will not be held. The same applies to the rubber base.

Tip! That tool was distributed evenly and over the entire surface of the nail, you should use a small brush. This will help you to cover even hard to reach places.

After applying the base must be thoroughly dry it. The colored coating on the uncured varnish lengthens the drying time and may cause smudging of the composition. If the application of further layers is not implied, should not rush to make a hands of any action. After all, so you can accidentally mechanically remove the product and the therapeutic properties will not manifest themselves fully.

Features database

For the procedure of building the base is also required. If the technology involves the use of gel, suitable means, forming a sticky layer. It is used for varnishes on this basis. Such a product can put an acrylic powder to strengthen the plate. This is especially important for owners of brittle nails or women a lot in contact with water.

Under gel Polish it is possible to use a silicone base. They are easy to apply and allow you to reduce the amount of time for a manicure. They look like stickers — they are applied on the nail and fix. These funds are not highly persistent, but allow carefully to remove the manicure. They are suitable for girls with thin nails that want to continue to wear the varnish on the gel basis, but wish to reduce the risk of injury to the plate.

For those who do not want or can not spend a lot of time to manicure, invented camouflage gel base. They have a shade that allows you to use them solo. But the durability of such coatings will yield applied in three stages (base+color+top).

Such bases are for nails not suitable for conventional varnishes. They are dried UV, LED or lamp light combo. For applying the plate slightly cut to remove the glossy Shine. This ensures high durability, but injure the nail. Therefore, as a restorative or curative, this option will not work.

The base under ordinary varnishes do not require special drying conditions or application. They are easy lays classic enamel. But for stability it is impossible to compare with gel — it gives 3-7 times. One of the advantages of such means it is possible to note the lack of injury to the plate. The coating preserves the natural color of the nail even when applied to it bright or dark varnish.

Treatment base can have a watery or oily texture. They are designed to provide the plate with nutrients, but don’t prolong the durability of manicure. Most of them cover not to apply. The procedure may be repeated daily or several times a week. The use of such means allows to improve the appearance of the nail, to strengthen it and give it Shine.

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Browse the best means

Since all the bases differ in composition and functions to highlight a few of them for the TOP best impossible. Therefore it is better to sort out the leaders category. Not each of them will be a lot of points, often means simply do not work and are merely a business move — a good ploy for the buyer.


Among medical bases, you can select the product from brand Eveline “8 in 1”. It is able to recover the plate from the terrible state and bring it into good view. But it has several drawbacks:

  • a high percentage of formaldehyde content;
  • sudden strong smell;
  • the risk of allergic reaction, leading to deterioration in the quality of the nail.

Before use it is better to conduct an Allergy test. It needs to last at least 72 hours. During this time in the body accumulate antibodies, able to give a response. If it had not happened, it is possible to use the tool safely. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of the sample is recommended to do 1 nail.

Of the bases, classic fit lucky, you can also select the “Smart enamel”. This tool is on the market a large amount of time and has established itself as one of the best to restore the structure. Treatment they recommended 1-2 times a week. So the treatment is easily combined with a colored nail, which is especially important for modern fashionistas.

Under gel Polish

Now popular varnishes based on gel. So the bases for them should be given special attention. They are of several types, and each of them can create its own rating. From the classic formula is considered as the best:

  • CND Base Coat – a pioneer in the market of gel varnish, which no one has jumped in quality.
  • Entity Base Coat is the quick dry base;
  • Haruyama Base — an ideal ratio the price-quality.

These bases have average resistance and mild strengthening. But they help the gel Polish to stick firmly on the nail, not too thickening the plate. It is not very suitable for people with thin and brittle nails. They created a database based on rubber. This material gives the strength that allows you to grow a desired length. The top of the best databases of this type include:

  • Kodi Rubber is the best among its kind, has a unique patented composition, which failed to repeat any firm;
  • Beautix Royal has the best performance to protect the nail from breakage and exposure to external physical factors;
  • Ingarden Ideal Nails – perfectly evens out the nail plate that requires the people to traumatic or caused by a lack of nutrients damage.

Such bases have only one significant drawback — they are very difficult to remove from the nail. So working with them should only professionals, and to remove the coating is hardware method. Without special training can easily damage the plate or cause injury to fingers. But such situations happen at the masters. It is helpful to put on the manicure table hydrogen peroxide and put a bandage and cotton wool.


For a quick, but not too resistant manicure will fit camouflage base. This is a standalone tool that replaces all three stages of applying gel Polish. Among them you can also select the best, including:

  • Bluesky Rubber Base Cover – perfect for French manicure, it gives a soft pink coating;
  • Klio Professional Base – has the best restorative properties among databases camouflage type;
  • Vogue Nails Rubber — helps to grow long and healthy nails due to a combination of careful lifting and the ability to thicken the plate, keeping her from breaking.

Among every type of database it is important to choose a tool that fits the individual needs of girls. Some products may be allergic, it is also important to consider. After all, it contributes to the rapid appearance of chips in the coating.

Selection of base is best to deal with the master. He will consider all requests and advise the best option. In the salon you can try various means to allergopharma, causing each on a separate nail. And choose the perfect on the basis of the obtained results. This will help to avoid mistakes and achieve the results that were intended.

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