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Someone’s got extra pounds deposited in an apron on their tummy. Others hate fat on their hips. But the hardest part is for those who have too puffy knees from a sedentary lifestyle and hobbies for chocolates, burgers, fried potatoes (to emphasize). In summer it is especially difficult to hide the lack of it. So you have to hit the problem from several angles! Ready? Then let’s get started!

Method 1: Honey rubbing


In order for the rolls over your knees to disappear, you need to run a metabolism. But this should be done locally. How? Very easy. It is necessary to rub the problem area regularly after a shower (it is best not only before bedtime but also from the morning when our body wakes up).
To achieve a better effect on wet skin, you need to apply a little honey. It contains special substances that not only break down fat, but also eliminate cellulite.
The skin is rubbed thoroughly. Someone does it with their hands. Some use special brushes or gloves. In any case, the method works!

Method 2: Wraps


Wrapping your knees in an attractive way will help you get back on your knees. There is no need to spend a lot of money on salon procedures. This can be done at home!
For this purpose it is required to dilute 100 g of blue clay in mineral water. Add a couple of drops of ether to the mixture. You can use shutter speeds for this:

  • lemon;
  • bergamot;
  • rosemary;
  • grapefruit;
  • patchouli;
  • orange.

Apply the product to problem areas and wrap them in food film. Hold for no longer than 35 minutes.
To make the wraps work, it is necessary to conduct a course of 15 procedures. Between them there is an interval of at least 3 days.

Method 3. Contrast shower

Contrast shower

Perfectly breaks fat deposits in the knee area of the contrast shower. This is the best way to treat problem areas every day, actively directing and alternating cold and hot jets.
This method helps to achieve a flow of blood to complex areas. What does this do? The fat starts to melt!

Method 4: Self-Massage


What else can you do in the name of beauty and slender legs? The simplest, but perfectly working way is self–massage. Kneeling should be kneeled carefully. Massage your knees:

  • The area under your knees;
  • Rollers over the kneecaps;
  • Side areas.

The movements should be alternated. First, you should lightly tap the edges of your fingers. It is recommended to switch to active kneading of fat deposits with your hands. In order for the procedure to have maximum effect, you should use anti-cellulite oil or cream with the same effect.
And remember: the places where the lymph nodes are located should be massaged very carefully. Do not press hard!

Method 5: Bicycle


Decided to get your knees back in shape? Take a bike ride. Such activity in the open air will benefit not only certain problem areas, but also the whole body.
No bicycle? No problem! Go to the fitness centre. There is a fitness centre there! No time for a gym? And it is not a problem! Give yourself 15-30 minutes of free time and perform the exercise of the same name lying on the floor at home. For example, while watching your favorite TV series!
And the most important thing is that no way to transform the knees and get rid of fat will not become a worker, if you do not normalize nutrition. Slim legs and fast food are a strange combination, aren’t they?