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Berries, fruits, spices, herbs: 8 flavor combinations for lemonade

The contents

  • Citrus fruit + water
  • Lime + lavender
  • Berries + mint
  • Cucumber + kiwi
  • Ginger + honey
  • Red currant + sorrel
  • Lemon + tarragon
  • Exotic fruit + chamomile

What drink will help to cool off in the summer heat and cope with the cravings? Of course, lemonade. But not the purchase of sodas with high sugar content, and a cool homemade drink. The basis can be boiled or mineral water. And berries and fruits will give the liquid a pleasant sweetness and delicate flavor. There are many combinations that can be used for making refreshing drinks. Use your fantasy and experiment with recipes.

Citrus fruit + water

One of the most simple and budget-soft drinks — citrus juice, diluted in water. By varying the amount of sugar in the recipe, you can make a drink more or less acidic. Focus on your own taste preferences.

For the preparation you will need the following ingredients: 2 citrus fruit (lemon or lime), 1 liter of water (boiled or carbonated) and 100-150 g of sugar. The ingredients will mix better if you first make a sweet syrup — dissolve the sugar and heat in a small amount of water. Then connect it with the juice squeezed from citrus, and mix. Fruit syrup, pour the desired amount of water and put in the fridge.

For more flavor and aroma to the lemonade, you can add zest, removed from fruit.

Lime + lavender

Lavender is often used for desserts and drinks. Try to add flowers in homemade citrus lemonade to give it a nice violet color and tender, with nothing comparable flavor.

Experiment with recipes. Lavender tastes perfectly with any citrus fruit — limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits.

1.5 l of water will need 150 g of sugar, 3 lime and 2 tablespoons of dried lavender. Half water pour into pan. Put here the lavender and sugar, boil and simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Let the syrup was infused for half an hour. Then it can drain and combine with lime juice. Add to the mixture the remaining water and put the lemonade in the fridge.

Berries + mint

Strawberries, currants, bilberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries — take any wild berries to cook up a refreshing homemade lemonade. Let “the cause” frozen fruits, which you never used in winter. And fresh mint give an intense aroma. It goes well with any berries. The lemonade is bright, since the fruit colours water natural pigments. The best alternative to purchase drinks with artificial dyes at a children’s party.

Per liter of water will be required 100-200 g of berries. The exact number depends on their sweetness. Fruits and 2-3 sprigs of mint chop the blender to puree, combine with sugar and pour hot water. Place the jug in the fridge, and then strain the drink.

Take only one kind of berry, or mix and match them, creating unique recipes.

Cucumber + kiwi

It seems that fruits and vegetables are not compatible in the preparation of beverages. But cucumber is the exception. He often adds their refreshing flavour lemonades, smoothies and fresh juices. Try to reproduce the real summer recipe, consisting of cucumber and kiwi. Rich green color of the drink will cheer up, and the acidity will refresh and quench your thirst.

500 ml of lemonade, you will need a cucumber and 2 kiwi. A vegetable cut into thin slices, and fruit preroute. Kiwi fill with hot water, add the cucumbers and add some sweetness to the drink (with sugar, honey or any syrup). Stir the mixture and refrigerate. The lemonade drain or leave the pulp. When serving, it can be decorated with mint leaves or thyme, which “enrich” the aroma of spicy notes.

Ginger + honey

It is considered that drink of ginger are more suitable for the cold season. But the spicy root can become the basis and refreshing soft drinks, when you combine it with citrus juice and mineral water, and then cooling.

You will need the following ingredients: 30 g fresh ginger, 50 g of honey, 100 ml of lemon juice. You first need to make the ginger syrup — uvarovite 10-15 min. on low heat mix honey, chopped ginger and 200 ml of water. When the syrup has cooled, strain it and combine with the lemon juice. The mixture pour soda to 1-1,5 l and refrigerate.

In ginger ale for more flavor, you can enter and other ingredients — juice of exotic fruits or berry puree.

Red currant + sorrel

Don’t like sweet drinks? Then try to make lemonade with a combination of sorrel and red currant. The berries will color the drink is bright red, and greens gives it the best taste. Addition to the recipe can be any sweet syrups, honey, or herbs (mint, tarragon, thyme).

Prepare the following ingredients: small bunch sorrel, 100-200 g of red currants, 1 liter of water, 30 ml of syrup. Greens and berries preroute blender, add crushed ice and syrup. The mixture pour water and leave to cool.

Lemon + tarragon

The main component of purchased beverages tarragon — flavored tarragon. You can prepare your own delicious lemonade, combining greens with lemon juice. It will refresh and quench your thirst for a long time.

To prepare finely chop a few sprigs of fresh tarragon. Greens connect with juice squeezed from 2 lemons. The mix sweeten with 30 ml of syrup or honey. Fill it with carbonated or boiled water. Let the lemonade is in the fridge a couple of hours.

Instead of lemons can I use limes or grapefruits.

Exotic fruit + chamomile

Use exotic fruits to make delicious homemade lemonade. You can use any fruits that you can blend — kiwi, mango, passionfruit, peaches, pineapples. Connect them with chamomile tea to give the recipe a tart finish and make it even more useful.

Select your favorite exotic fruits (you will need 200 g of pulp of any fruit), pureria them in a blender and sweeten with honey to taste. Now in 1-1,5 liters of hot water, steep 2 tablespoons dried chamomile. When the tea cools, strain it and combine it with fruit puree. Stir the drink and strain again. Before serving, cool it and add a sprig of sweet Basil, tarragon or mint.

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