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In a world full of temptations, it is becoming harder and harder to get to the figure of a dream, so people are increasingly looking for easy ways to achieve their goals. Monodiets, products with zero caloric value… All of this has its share of truth, but it is extremely small. As has been said before, only a balanced diet, regular training and full harmony with the inner world can solve the problem of excess weight. And also a healthy sleep. Yes, yes, you have not misheard. Adding to all of the above healthy sleep, you will increase your chances of slimming at least twice as fast. Why not? Answers should be sought in the old-fashioned biochemical processes.

Can you lose weight in your sleep?

Several hormones, such as leptin and grelin, are responsible for hunger in the body. The first – reduces appetite, the second, on the contrary, causes a sense of hunger. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the production of these hormones. Men’s lack of sleep causes an increase in the production of the ghrelin hormone, which stimulates a sense of hunger, while women’s leptin levels decrease, making the feeling of saturation very late. Thus, lack of sleep provokes overeating, which constantly leads to problems with excess weight.

Can you lose weight in your sleep?

The next problem with sleep deprivation is also the hormonal imbalance. Sleep deprivation is a stressful condition for the body, which leads to the production of cortisol (stress hormone). The defensive reaction does not keep you waiting long. This is followed by the stimulation of fat reserves in the depot, protein degradation and increased blood glucose levels.

From the above, the obvious conclusion is that the normalization of sleep leads to the solution of two problems at once: reduction of the impact of stress on the body and the likelihood of overeating. Simply put, going to bed at least at 11-12 pm, we not only provide ourselves with vigour and productivity for the next day, but also make a huge contribution to their health.

It should also be noted that a healthy sleep activates the frontal cortex, responsible for decision-making and self-control. That is, if you decide to take up the transition to a healthy lifestyle, an elementary seven-hour sleep rapidly increases your chances of success. After all, it is much easier for a sleeping organism with a normal hormonal background not to look in the direction of an extra portion of sweets.

Famous scientists, unfortunately, have not yet invented a cure that would effectively and quickly help to lose weight, but they have long proven the important role of sleep in life. A healthy sleep, of course, will not help you to lose the cherished “5 kilograms in one week”, but it can significantly accelerate the metabolism, prevent over-eating and unnecessary stress, increase your motivation. Try to start today, and after a week of waste to bed at 11-12 pm and seven hours of sleep, you will notice that you have become more active and productive.

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