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Celery for weight loss
The contents

  • Weight loss with celery stalks
  • Diets celery
  • Interesting healthy recipes
    • Soup
    • Salad with turnip
    • With apples
    • Smoothies
    • With avocado
    • Vegetable smoothies
    • Stew
    • Cream soup
    • Pork with vegetables

Celery — a very useful vegetable. And useful it all: root, greens and stems. The stems of this plant are added to soups, salads, appetizers. They are often recommended for weight loss.

Weight loss with celery stalks

Celery contains vitamins PP, K, E, C And b, organic acids, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, essential oils, fibre, flavonoids, amino acids.

Benefits of celery for weight loss? They excrete excess water and eliminate edema, accelerate metabolism, help the body will break down fats, normalize digestion and water-salt metabolism.

In addition, regular intake of celery soothes, helps to cope with insomnia, anxiety, rejuvenates and slows the aging process. This is useful for slimming and for health.

How to use the stems in weight loss? Very useful to use them fresh. For example, make salads, smoothies, juices. You can simply chew fresh stalk like a carrot. But you can also put out, to cook soup with celery. Salads and smoothies can be consumed in the main meal, but the juice should be drink for twenty minutes before eating.

Weight loss celery is quite fast. Importantly, do not forget about proper nutrition or diet and exercise. The stems of this plant contain very few calories, but the body expends a lot of energy for their digestion. So the extra pounds are gone, and hunger hurts.

However, despite the use of plants, it is not recommended to use it in case of cholecystitis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer and urolithiasis.

Diets celery

There are many types of diets celery. You should choose the option that is more like it.

The diet lasts for four days, offers to eat salads with celery stalks. There are salads you should at least twice a day. In addition, permitted cheese, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, chicken, fish, fruit, cheese, yogurt.

Here’s diet menu:

  • morning: cottage cheese, yogurt, and three slices of cheese; or eggs, 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • snack: celery or Apple;
  • lunch: boiled chicken and yogurt; or steamed fish and 200 g cauliflower, steamed;
  • afternoon snack: salad;
  • dinner: salad and cottage cheese.

Menu hearty, so hunger will not torment. In a salad you can add any vegetables and fruits. Salads have herbal oils and lemon juice.

The five-day diet has a very varied diet. But the essence of the diet is that before each main meal you need to drink 100 ml of juice of celery.

Menu it is possible to make so:

  • Breakfast: juice, oatmeal, a half Cup of berries and green tea;
  • snack: salad with celery and Apple;
  • lunch: juice, vegetable soup, baked chicken with vegetables, fruit compote;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese;
  • evening: juice, seafood with vegetables, yogurt.

If the juice is not very pleasant, you can drink it only twice a day. In addition, it can be mixed with Apple or carrot juice.

There is a ten day diet. It involves the use of different varieties of celery: soups, salads, smoothies. In addition, it is necessary to follow a proper diet. Eliminate sweets, pastry, fatty and fried foods. The bread can be consumed in small quantities and only rye or whole wheat. Allowed sweet honey, bitter chocolate and dried fruits.

Sample menu of the diet:

  • morning: omelet with vegetables, salad of celery and carrots, coffee without sugar;
  • snack: smoothie made from celery, kiwi, Apple and honey;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, medallions of veal, slices of bread and a salad, cranberry juice;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with banana and cinnamon;
  • dinner: stew root and celery stalks, carrots, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes, bread and yogurt.

Not necessarily every day to prepare many dishes of celery. For example, on Monday you can prepare the salad, smoothies and soup, Tuesday — stew and a cocktail on Wednesday — just a salad.

Interesting healthy recipes

Recipes for weight loss need to choose low-calorie. And what is interesting is the dish, the easier it will be to get rid of extra pounds and not to fall off the diet. Here are some recipes.


300 g of the root and three stalks of celery, 300 g broccoli, two carrots, a stalk of leeks, chop and cover with water. Cook for twenty minutes. Add two tomatoes and three tablespoons of tomato paste, three cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, herbs and cook for another ten minutes. Sprinkle with chopped greens of dill, parsley and celery.

Salad with turnip

Grate the turnips, carrots, and 50 g of celery, sliced one stalk. Season with lemon juice and olive oil.

With apples

Slice two sour-sweet Apple and two stalks of celery cubes, add chopped parsley. Fill with yogurt.


Whip Cup of spinach leaves, orange juice, banana and celery. You can add a little mineral water and honey.

With avocado

Whisk the celery, Apple, kiwi, quarter of avocado, cucumber, half a glass of mineral water. You can add grated ginger root.

Vegetable smoothies

Whip 100 g of spinach, tomato, cucumber and celery. You can add mineral water or any fresh juice.


Slice 250 g of celery and three stalks, chop the onion, grate the carrots on a grater, add 100 g of broccoli and the same of green beans. Season with salt and pepper, simmer until tender.

Cream soup

Grate carrots, celery, two stalks, cut two potatoes, one onion. Saute the vegetables, season with salt and pepper. Add a couple tablespoons of flour, mix well. Beat with a blender, add the broth and beat again.

Pork with vegetables

Chop the onion, fry gently. Add two grated grated carrot, piece of celery and chopped stems (two pieces), simmer until almost cooked. Slice 500 grams of meat, simmer them with pepper and salt, add to vegetables and cook for another ten minutes.

Weight loss with celery stalks is very fast, unless, of course, stick to a diet or eat right. Besides recipes, you can choose different, and therefore, the risk of failure will be.

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