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The human body has 12 systems. In order to understand how systems work, we’ll start with the Central nervous system.

The human body has 12 systems: Central nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, digestive, excretory, urinary, including the skin, reproductive system, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, immune and peripheral nervous system. Commonwealth 12 systems gives us a whole body. If a system is zero, then the multiplier will also be zero. Does not exist important or important systems. Each system is needed and each is important. If we have lost one system, even for her, at least, reach all the others. In order to understand how systems work, we’ll start with the Central nervous system.




Central nervous system (CNS) is a system which provides in the human body control over the entire life of the organism.


In our brain are absolutely conscious neurons that give us life. If we understand what is happening, you will learn how to handle them. If you do not understand, we will start to be treated by a psychiatrist.



In order to understand what the nervous system, it is necessary to know how it looks. In our body there are billions, trillions of living nerve cells, which exist by themselves. Nerve cells do not multiply.


The good news is that the human body is designed thus that the body are interchangeable, i.e. young cells replace the old and organism lives and can live 100 years. Not only the nerve cell.


We are born and die with the same number of cells. If in two years we will have a very different heart, i.e. the heart, there will be no old cells, in 3-4 years will be very different to the liver, i.e. liver cells all die, and in their place will be completely different. Blood is renewed every three months, i.e. three months no old erythrocytes.


The brain cell are all different, they are never updated. They can be fed and get some information from nature on ecological status, but they are not born. Therefore, if we the child starved since childhood, environmental poisons, it is for the rest of my life.


For example: to bring a child into a kindergarten in which paint or lead in school which were never removed. Or around the clock to swim in a chlorinated pool. Or apply preparations that have trankviliziruyuschy actions, the same diphenhydramine, etc.


Or apply drugs that have neuro-toxic action, such as paracetamol. When used in doses slightly above normal concentrations can be caused by encephalopathy, i.e. the destruction of brain cells. All use children’s paracetamol to 35 species, including Efferalgan, etc.


Nobody takes the neuron as a living cell. When we show this movie to doctors, they too are surprised and say they’ve never seen a neuron moving, and the saw drawn. We knew that have a cellular structure but were unaware that the cage moves and lives its own life. It is very important that we understand: we are not direct the body, and we are directed by the brain.


Example: we think it would be nice to go to the store and buy milk. In fact, in ended the body calcium, and neurons with no calcium can not live and they send our body over the skin. They say: “shall we have you some milk?”


So if we think we want to sleep or something else, it is the neurons, we send a command, do it anyway. And we still resist not running this team. What’s happening? The brain sends a signal that he was tired, and the man decides to finish the balance.


Or the driver’s brain says he’s tired, has no energy and he has to go 200 km. He believes that somehow get there. And drive? If the brain is said 10 times that he was tired, then on the 11th it is deactivated.


A disabling brain is a sleep or state of meditation, i.e. when you are, and you don’t. Naturally lost control. 30,000 people are killed under the wheels of cars. Or are you someone, or jump out into the oncoming lane.


Our life is a chain of coincidences. These eventualities are on the Central nervous system. What may happen to it?


The brain contains water and cells. To these cells suitable blood. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients and takes away toxins.


How to turn off the CNS? No and never. It can be cleaned, rinse with water, it is possible to feed – giving nutrients. It is impossible to pacify.


If a person has a problem and he thinks about it. How a person can be calm? You can give a drug to make him sleep, and at this moment he stops to think. When he wakes up he will still think about your problem again. No downers, not working.


If the neuron is not enough of something, you have to give it to him. In order to understand what’s missing from the neuron, it is necessary to study the life of the cell.


Day in the life of the cell need 28 amino acids. 12 vitamins, 15 minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, water, oxygen.


We invented a lot of methods of treatment, for example, electric. Recoil on the brain with electric current, the brain is cut off and ask people “are You better off?” He says: “seemingly”. And which is better? Him what fed or what they did to him? Severed nervous system.


Or propose to introduce the unit with the chemical iodine. As if he needed the body? Of course, not needed. A man asked: “Better?” He says: “don’t know”. This is equivalent to what you hold your finger in the door, out the other side and blow on it. And ask, “are You okay?” Or to spread green paint, or a blockade to deliver, or wrap it. It is necessary to open the door, finger to get. The same for the nervous system.


Doctors no luck. The nervous system is divided into two parts: one part is owned by the neurologists, the other psychiatrists. As if the behavior is something special. The behavior is the life of the neuron. If the neuron is terrible and can be scary for one reason – lack of oxygen. Other reasons for no fear.


A neuron is a cell, and if he has to pick up oxygen, then it will be terrible. In humans, bronchial asthma, narrowed ducts, to the brain not supplied with oxygen. He gets nervous, fuss, rush, he’s scared.


For example, he was attacked by a dog. Stood out adrenaline, and adrenaline sharply narrows blood vessels. The brain is a burst of blood, and then spasm. And man it is scary because there is no oxygen. Fear is lack of oxygen and energy in the brain.




12 reasons for getting sick the brain?


1. Psychology. Improper installation, lack of faith, lack of serious intellectual programmes of self-education and self-development.


If the person is dissatisfied with himself if he doesn’t like anybody, or nobody likes it, will this have any impact on the body’s internal environment? Of course. He will experience jealousy, resentment, a mixture of emotions that undermine the nervous system.


Someone owed him 3 pennies. He can not sleep, can not eat, his appetite decreases, can not concentrate at work. Just thinking about it. As a result, this part of the brain is burned, i.e. it lacks oxygen.


Psychology is a powerful factor. The best that can tell a doctor this, not to nervous. You have to start from psychology. It is necessary to define priorities in life.


For example, your health. And if you lost a notebook with phone numbers, you must create a duplicate. Not a terrible loss, a terrible loss of information. So it is necessary to duplicate it.


In fact, the person may not be nervous at all. But before that, must be some conscious actions. We makin stress. We ourselves have come up with something, and everything revolves around it. One in four of us suffers from mental illness. Look at his three friends if they are all OK, it’s you.


2. Food. I see how my colleagues are working psychiatrists and it makes me laugh. What we can say, if a person is depletion of the cerebral cortex. He has a lack of vitamins, minerals, and persuaded him to recall how he was born, through the birth canal passed.


There is a Russian tale, where the Baba Yaga asks Ivan Tsarevich close the roof. And he responds to her: “Grandmother, are you crazy, you first feed, drink, bath paper, and then the matter is ask!. 100 % working algorithm. Other treatment of the brain does not exist.


It is impossible to suppress the activity of little creatures which, if they are hungry and want to eat, if they are tired and want to sleep, if between dirty water and have this water to absorb some toxic substances, they begin to have hallucinations.


What is delirium tremens? This toxicity is the intracellular water of alcohol. The cells begin to take water from the intercellular toxins and they start all sorts of miracles. What is drug addiction, alcoholism, Smoking? It all the same.


The scary thing is that food has now become too toxic.


And the second reason is an artificial pickled pereslaschennye, salty, betterment destroyed chemical substances food.


And the brain gets nothing, he gets nervous. And conduct himself as anyone can, from fear to depression.


3. Water. The brain consists of 90% water. It is hard to imagine what will happen if she stops to do. No Pepsi-Cola, tea to the brain are not available. Will go there only pure structured water. If the structuring will take 8 hours, then it goes to the brain in 8 hours.


All drinks added gadoteridol. A person drinks a lot of Pepsi-Cola, and he becomes attached to her, it’s the same drug. On the beaker there is added 7 tablespoons of sugar, citric acid, bitter. Therefore, sugar is energy surge. Everywhere there is cheating.


There are 3 causes of a nervous breakdown: nervous, don’t eat right or drink water. People will either be angry or resentful. He will start somatic changes.


4. Parasites. A huge number of parasites living in the brain, such as Toxoplasma gondii. Different viruses: cytomegalovirus, papillomavirus, a herpes virus that affects the Central nervous system. They enter the human body through scratchy cats, and the result is toxoplasmosis gum. They are very serious harm, and we cannot understand that a man there was.


If someone is diagnosed with epilepsy, you can somehow relate it to the fact that he has worms? Unlikely. If your child has epilepsy, then you are going to gelmintology? 100% not going. And in vain.


If you go to a neurologist, you will complain of weakness, dizziness, loss of some functions, loss of vision. He’s not going to complain about the cat, which he has, or worms, which he was. Diagnosing is almost impossible.


The who suggests that 70% of the diagnoses is wrong. So, 70% of people receiving the wrong treatment.


It is very important to establish the direction in which to go. Need to do some specific actions – adaptable, or at least be tested for Toxoplasma. And if a person happens something with the nervous system, he will know what it is Toxoplasma gondii.


Need to be monitored and to see if the herpes virus, Giardia, pistoria, Toxocara, Trichinella, etc. in the body, because they behave unpredictable.


Need regular anti-parasitic program. After all, if you’re freed from worms, and tomorrow go to a restaurant and ate the parsley, then you have worms again. Twice a year you need to get rid of worms. We are now the genuine pooch, we feel sorry for myself 20-30 dollars. We save, as a rule, on yourself, on your health.


Could the medicine be the cause? 100 %. There is a law that operates the medical space and if you take paracetamol from morning to evening every flu, that affected heredity.


5. Heredity. Cytomegalovirus is inherited.


6. Injury. Can affect the Central nervous system head injury? 2-3 blow to the head or ball, or on the asphalt. Everything changes in the body.


7. Gymnastics. Lack of movement is not directly connected. But this is the General way of life.


8. Bioenergy is not directly related, but is a condition. If a person has a weak energy field, the CNS reacts.


9. Could it be the environment cause CNS disease? Can. Can there be a normal brain at the painter, worked all my life with oils and paints, or miner? Can not even theoretically. So what does he need? Proofreaders and correctors of conduct. What should he do? He needs one regularly cleaned every three months sorbents to 10 days, drink water and eat right.


If we could reach pathological doctors that deal with occupational diseases, for each profession you can choose he that saves the factor for the Central nervous system.


10. Time.


11. Bad habits affect the CNS? Of course. The brain reacts, ranging from improper sleep and to read in public transport. If a person not in order the nervous system, to the psychiatrist he go too early. He must first learn to eat right, train yourself to drink water and then tested for Toxoplasma, cytomegalovirus, herpes, Toxocara, exclude medicines.


What is the attempt to lull the brain with the help of sleeping pills? It is the greatest folly. Can excited, intoxicated, exhausted, irritated brain on the team to reassure adenom? It is an illusion that will lead a person into a deep hole.


Normal brain, the worked day, to sleep. If it is a hormonal disorder associated with a toxic effect if the brain is missing any nutrients, then he would not sleep. It is night, will try to eat something. And people say: I was attacked by stress, I open the fridge and eat something. The brain is not enough power. Normal brain at night to relax and sleep.


12. Cellular nutrition for the CNS: amino acids. The brain needs all 28 amino acids. Spirulina, protivity is the best drugs for the brain. Spirulina is a substance which is not excited, not calm down.


Anyone who feels fatigue, weakness, irritability, dizziness, poor sleep, need to improve amino acid nutrition.


The second is the energy of the brain. The energy of the brain is a fatty acid omega 3/60. The dosage is different, one child, another adult, but in General, 2-3 capsules per day.


In third place are the b vitamins Is vitamin b complex, lecithin, folic acid. One times one, other times another, the third time the third.


And fourth place will always stand enzymes. Or coenzyme, but it is better coenzyme 0-10, it’s ATF of the brain. Without this coenzyme is not released, the energy of the brain. After 30 years, the production of this coenzyme decreases sharply. Coenzyme – a cellular preparation a completely unique properties.


This is called the brain program. If the brain we have a little bit exciting, then you need colloidal gold, minamin. If the brain needs a little soothing, then the set of herbs № 5.published econet.ru.

Olga Butakova


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