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How to “understand” your body to help normally endure any weather? How to recognize it cold allergies and to defend against it? About it our conversation with the doctor-allergist by Elena Bachinskaya.

With the arrival of cold weather some people complain that they can’t be on the street: you receive watery eyes, runny nose. But once they are in a warm room, troubles are. “It’s cold Allergy”, — explain yourself such a reaction, as it appears when exposed to cold.

What is cold Allergy

  • Symptoms may “go away” yourself
  • Get comprehensive obsledovanie body
  • How to protect yourself from painful reactions

“With cold Allergy like symptoms are not related. We can talk about spazmirovannah (prolonged involuntary convulsive contraction) or vasodilation,” says the allergist of the highest category Elena bachinskaya.

Symptoms may “go away” yourself

Cold Allergy is a specific reaction to contact with cold air, water or food. In people prone to this disease, when exposed to cold, for example, the skin may appear redness or pallor, rashes, itching not only at the contact with the cold, but also on the entire surface of the skin, also are common systemic reactions, for example, a drop in blood pressure, headaches, weakness; when drinking cold drinks, meals, ice cream — abdominal pain, until the swelling of the esophagus (which is particularly dangerous).

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Cold Allergy is one of the types of idiopathic (an unknown cause of disease) hives (its typical manifestations — rashes, redness, itching). It is believed that every man at least once in life was “familiar” with the hives, and cold Allergy.

According to world statistics, in 70% of cases it occurs in women and can last in average 1 year and 6 months, and then can pass spontaneously.

There is evidence that cold allergies can cause eating preservatives. They are found in a variety of meat, fish, canned vegetables, chips, sausages, sweet carbonated waters, juices in packages.

But don’t mistake cold Allergy with the reaction vessels of the nose in the cold. Difficult nasal breathing, which in turn provokes the tearing as impaired outflow of tears by the lacrimal canal. This channel connects the eyes and nose, and free nasal breathing maintains the necessary negative pressure to the outflow of tears. To find the real cause of the problem and properly resolve it (one way local hardening), should consult with ENT specialist and eye specialist.

Get comprehensive obsledovanie body

How to explain the true symptoms of cold allergies, about which we spoke above?

The reasons for the “malfunction” of the body that customize it on the allergenic way, much: carious teeth, worm infestation, various chronic diseases (cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, gastritis), inflammation, viral, bacterial infection.

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To find the real reason, start with the advice of the local therapist in the clinic. He will appoint a comprehensive examination of the whole organism (blood, urine, liver function tests, ultrasound of internal organs) and if necessary refer to other professionals.

Of course, it is best chronic diseases do not launch, but at least once a year undergo preventive examinations and tests, the women visit the gynecologist men after 40 years — urologist.

How to protect yourself from painful reactions

How to diagnose cold Allergy? This can be done using allergiesthere (cold test). When applying cold to specific areas of the skin, the doctor monitors the local reaction of the body. If after some time the touch occurs extensive redness, the sample is considered positive, i.e. the diagnosis of “cold Allergy” is confirmed.

How to protect against negative manifestations of this disease? If the gastro-intestinal tract reacts by pain, heartburn, flatulence, other symptoms, eliminate from your diet cold food, too — spicy, salty, fried, preservatives, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and cold sodas. Eat warm, give preference to dishes, steamed in the oven boiled, fruits, vegetables (preferably those that grow in our region), cereals, dairy products. Proper diet is very often much easier to condition.

If cold Allergy is manifested on the skin, do not provoke her hypothermia yourself, wear gloves. If the symptoms on the street is very strong (women are usually worried that reddens the face), take a half hour-hour Allergy pill (modern tablets are usually day). In women who wear nylon tights, visible areas of skin that were exposed to cold (between boots and outerwear), it is better to wear pants. Pay attention and time to their health, and then we can not only avoid cold allergies, and many other problems.published econet.ru.

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