Daily exercise as a way to combat obesity

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Daily exercise as a way to combat obesity

The contents

  • The importance of morning fitness training for weight loss
  • Rules: morning exercises for weight loss
  • Effective set of exercises for morning exercises for weight loss
  • Variety of useful fitness

Many people dream about slim, chiseled figure and beautiful, aligned body. But a desire is not enough: the result does not come to the one who does nothing. And arguments about the lack of time and money to visit the fitness clubs are just excuses. There are lots of ways to lose weight at home. One of them — daily exercises with exercises for the whole body.

Without additional inventory and expensive equipment, giving half an hour a day physical exercise can not only improve their figure, but also to significantly improve physical health.

The importance of morning fitness training for weight loss

Morning exercise not only helps to Wake up, cheer up and get rid of the sleepiness. It runs all the vital processes in the body, activates the brain, normalizes blood pressure, increases efficiency and resistance to stress of the person.

Weight loss most effective the morning. In the first half of the day more productive the body responds to exercise: aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes are burned fat stores. Morning fitness workout dull the sense of hunger and prevent further overeating.

Rules: morning exercises for weight loss

To morning workouts benefit the body, start the metabolism and slimming and give the necessary energy for the whole day, they should be based on the following rules.

  • The training complex should contain exercises involving all major muscle groups.
  • To start training should be the top down: from the head to the feet.
  • Increase the load gradually better — the growth of physical strength and stamina.
  • Don’t miss the physical activity: conduct training on a daily basis.
  • The duration of employment shall not be less than 15 minutes a day.
  • Intervals of rest between exercises should be minimal.
  • It is advisable to regularly modify the training program and complementing it with new exercises and complicated modifications of the usual sports items.
  • To train better with the music.
  • Do not eat for an hour or so before classes begin. Half an hour before the workout, allowed to drink a glass of warm water. It normalizes digestion and contribute to the excretion of waste products from the body.
  • A contrast shower after a morning of fitness will double the effectiveness of exercise, increase the immune functions of the body, will strengthen and give tone to the vessels.
  • Be sure to observe the correct mode of the day. Night sleep should last at least 6 hours.
  • Training room should be thoroughly ventilated.
  • Effective set of exercises for morning exercises for weight loss

    Morning exercise, like any other fitness workout should consist of warm-up part, block main exercises and completed several elements of stretching.

    Basic training complex every day:

    • the head tilts forward, backward and sideways;
    • circular rotation of the head, shoulders, hands;
    • inclinations in the parties and down to the feet;
    • rotation of the pelvis;
    • running in place with high knees;
    • bringing hand weights to the belt to strengthen the biceps and the broadest muscle fibers of the back (as weights you can use dumbbells or bottles filled with water or sand);
    • pushups to strengthen your hands, study the muscle fibers of the back, chest and shoulder girdle;
    • sit-UPS from a prone position, V-shaped crunches, lifts straightened legs that are joined together to strengthen the abdominals;
    • squats to work out the buttocks and thighs;
    • classic lunges forward to get rid of cellulite manifestations, and formation rounded shape the gluteal muscles;
    • leg swings from a standing position and on my hands and knees to strengthen thighs and buttocks;
    • all exercises such as “plank” to strengthen the core muscles;
    • the slopes at the feet of a sitting position for a smooth stretching of the spinal muscles and hips;
    • traction of the spine from a standing position near the wall (my hands raised up, palms crossed to the castle).

    Each fitness element should be repeated for 10-20 times. Pick the best for himself tempo run, to avoid shortness of breath and extreme fatigue.

    Basic training complex can be complemented by any of the exercises suitable for physical activity. It all depends on your training goals, problem areas and personal preferences of the musician.

    Variety of useful fitness

    To diversify the morning exercises in a variety of options for additional fitness:

  • The rotation of the hula-Hoop: promotes elimination of excess fat on the stomach and thighs significantly reduces the volume of the waist.
  • Jumping rope: it is effective for strengthening the lower extremities, getting rid of cellulite on thighs and buttocks, increase endurance of an organism, improving work of cardiovascular system.
  • Gymnastics TABATA Protocol: allows you to quickly improve your own body and improve physical health.
  • Breathing exercises: beneficial to the functioning of the vital organs and systems, speeds up the metabolic and fat burning processes, increases immunity, normalizes the Central nervous system, improves the processes of oxygen exchange between the cells and tissues.
  • Jogging: helps to strengthen cardiovascular system, improves mobility of the joint and ligaments, accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Sports or Nordic walking: provides comprehensive restorative effect and beneficial effect on the human body.
  • Morning exercises useful to all men, women, children, the elderly, professional athletes, ordinary fitness enthusiasts and those who are not involved in sports at all.

    It tones the muscular fibre, gives energy and strength, is beneficial to the functioning of the vital organs and systems, improves physical health, enhances immunity, promotes gradual weight loss.

    Daily morning fitness training — a useful habit that will give cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day, will trigger the metabolic processes in the body, normalize mood, improve mental ability and performance. This activity is an effective prevention of diseases of the locomotorium, heart and vessels.

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