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Diet of Yin and Yang can not be seen only as a way of fast weight loss. This way of eating will help you to acquire the desired shape and get rid of existing diseases only if it becomes your lifestyle.

According to Eastern sages, everything in our world is subject to two energies – Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine. She is described as calm, cold and inert force. Yang energy is masculine, embodies a dynamic, hot and active power. Based on ancient Eastern medicine is the doctrine of the harmony of the energies of Yin and Yang present in our bodies. Ideally, both energies Yin and Yang should drive us equally, but for different reasons is not uncommon, when one force is dominant, which creates a natural disharmony. This disharmony becomes the cause of development of various diseases, accumulation of toxins in the body, and weight gain.

Diet Is Yin-Yang

Once and for all to solve these problems, the Eastern physicians more than a thousand years ago, a diet of Yin and Yang.

The essence of the diet of Yin and Yang Diet of Yin and Yang – it is rather a special mode of power, through which you can resolve all the processes of the body, to get rid of improper metabolism and accumulation of excess body fat.

In every person, regardless of gender, contains both masculine and feminine energy. Also both of these energies are in the foods we eat.

  • If the human diet consists mainly of foods Yang, it can lead to lack of weight, deterioration of the nervous system, the lack of calcium in the organism and, as consequence, to deterioration of hair and nails.
  • If the menu is dominated by foods-Yin, this often leads to a slower metabolism, lethargy and fatigue.

To lead to the harmonious ratio of the amount of Yin energy and Yang energy, a person should choose products with the opposite type of energy. That is, if the person is greater than the energy of Yin, so you need to add in your diet foods with Yang energy, and Vice versa.

In addition, we must note that for the harmonious well-being the food that we eat, equally should consist of five dominant elements – wood, water, metal, fire and earth.

  • Products the composition of which is dominated by wood element, different sour taste and green color. These include all the greenery.
  • Products water different salty taste. They are necessary for us to establish the digestive system.
  • Products with the element of metal have a bitter taste. These include all cereal.
  • Products with the element of fire have sharp taste. These include all types of red meat and fish, and hot spices.
  • The earth element is present in all sweet product – vanilla, apricots, cherries, carrot, pumpkin, etc.

How to determine your energy type

To determine which type of energy is dominant enough to pass a small test:

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  • Your hands and feet are usually warm? (Yes, add 8, no – take 8)
  • What time of year do you prefer cold winter or hot summer? (Summer – add 4, winter – take 4)
  • Your weight is below normal, or above normal? (Above the norm – add 1, below the norm, subtract 1)
  • You energetic? (Yes, add 8, no – add 0)
  • Physical work causes you fatigue? (No, add 4, add 0)
  • You can be a lazy person? (Yes – subtract 4, no – add 4)
  • In the car or on Board the aircraft you sleepy? (Yes – subtract 8, no – add 8)
  • You have a high sexual activity? (Yes, add 8, no – take 8)
  • Your figure is athletic and fit? (Yes – add 4, no – subtract 4).

If you scored from 1 to 8 points, so you predominant Yang energy.

If you have the result is a negative number, you belong to Yin.

Especially diet for people with Yang energy

If you have a male dominated, hot and active Yang energy, you need to add in your diet foods that contain Yin energy. These include all cereals, raw vegetables, seafood and fish as well as pasta from durum wheat.

To balance out energies in your body, avoid fatty foods and sweets.

People with Yang energy are generally active, so from time to time you can afford your favorite dishes, but do not overdo it. Prefer seasonal products.

Especially diet for people with Yin energy

The predominance of female, cold and passive Yin energy makes a person lethargic, sedentary and obese. To get rid of these indicators, diet menu should consist primarily of protein foods. You are encouraged to eat meat, fish and dairy products. To normalize metabolic processes in the body, add to food spicy seasonings and once a day, eat the first dish. Try not to eat the vegetables and fruit on an empty stomach.

In addition, the diet of Yin and Yang means power, in accordance with its climatic zone. If you live in an area where you don’t grow some kinds of vegetables and fruits, their use will not benefit your body.published econet.ru.

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