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Diet slimming belly
The contents

  • The importance of proper nutrition for a flat stomach
  • What foods to include in diet for weight loss belly?
  • Healthy meals: different recipes
    • Drink with cinnamon
    • Drink with ginger
    • Pumpkin soup
    • Fish stew
    • Celery salad
    • Banana dessert
    • Baked apples

A flat stomach is the dream of many. But to achieve weight loss in the abdominal area difficult. To approach the solution of the problem to be complex. You will need regular physical exercise and proper nutrition.

The importance of proper nutrition for a flat stomach

From food depends on many things. Of course, sports are important, but without proper nutrition to cope with fat deposits in the abdominal area will not work.

First, slimming belly, it is important that the digestive processes were normal. Therefore, it is important to eat foods that helps to get rid of constipation, bloating, restore intestinal flora. Secondly, it is in the abdomen most often deposited fats. So, it is necessary to include in the menu foods that speed up metabolism and help to break down fats. Thirdly, slimming belly, you need to get rid of excess water in the body.

So, what should be the proper diet for weight loss belly? First of all, need to eat fractionally. Small portions do not allow the stomach to stretch and allow you not to overeat. While you should eat often: 4-6 times a day. This will avoid feelings of hunger. Of course, there should be only three main meals and the rest snacks. Moreover, the last meal should be no later than 18-19 hours.

In addition, it is important to drink plenty of pure water. It accelerates metabolism, promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the body, eliminates excessive hunger. Drink water before each meal and in the morning immediately after waking up. In a glass of water, you can add a slice of lemon, it will improve the taste and speed up metabolism.

There is also a special diet for weight loss belly. It lasts seven days and involves eating fish, meat, grains, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, berries, fruit, whole wheat bread.

Menu it is possible to make so:

  • morning: yogurt and toast, green tea, or two eggs, slice of bread and mint tea;
  • snack: fruit;
  • lunch: fish and vegetable salad; or Turkey with rice and two tomatoes; or vegetable soup, a slice of boiled beef, and tomato juice;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese;
  • dinner: chicken and citrus salad; or baked eggplant and salad; or boiled beef and cabbage salad;
  • before bed: yogurt.

Pretty hearty diet that helps lose fat in the abdominal area.

What foods to include in diet for weight loss belly?

Of course, proper nutrition in any case involves the use of healthy products. However, slimming belly the diet should include not just useful products, but also those that contribute to withdrawal of fluids, to help break down fats and improving digestion.

The diet must be fiber. It gives the feeling of long satiety, cleanses the intestines. Contain fiber in vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits, cereals and legumes. But it is important to choose products that don’t cause bloating. All legumes, grapes, cabbage, pears can lead to similar problems (flatulence, bloating).

Don’t forget about protein. He’s not converted into fat, gives strength and energy, helps to remove the feeling of hunger, is a building material for all cells. Contains protein found in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts. Naturally, it is necessary to choose low-fat products.

What other products should be included in your menu? Here are the main:

  • citrus fruits;
  • green tea;
  • cinnamon;
  • ginger;
  • cheese;
  • chicken
  • celery;
  • yogurt.

And it is worth avoiding carbonated sugary drinks, muffins, mayonnaise, fast food, fried, greasy, marinated, smoked. All these foods are not only unhealthy, but also contribute to deposition of fat in the abdomen.

So, the diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, greens, cereals, berries. Be sure the menu should be low-fat fish, meat, sea and dairy products. Do not forget about nuts, spices, green tea.

On the basis of the mandatory products, it is easy to make a menu for the week. The diet should be varied and balanced.

Here’s the menu for one day:

  • morning: oatmeal with nuts and berries, boiled egg and green tea;
  • snack: orange;
  • lunch: soup with celery and zucchini with greens, boiled chicken with roasted vegetables, juice;
  • afternoon tea: yoghurt;
  • evening: fish stew with vegetables, an Apple, yogurt with cinnamon.

Proper nutrition helps not only to cope with the fatty deposits in the abdomen, but also to improve General health, improving digestion.

Healthy meals: different recipes

What you can do for weight loss belly? Many different delicious and healthy meals. Of course, it is necessary to choose recipes that have healthy foods. And the meals should not be nutritious. Here are some recipes.

Drink with cinnamon

Pour half a teaspoon of cinnamon a Cup of hot water. When the mixture has cooled, add a teaspoon of honey and leave in the fridge for two hours. Drink is before going to bed and in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a very useful recipe for weight loss in the abdominal area.

Drink with ginger

Grate a piece of ginger root, put in a thermos. Add the Apple, sliced, half an orange (also disassemble into slices) and four berries of wild rose. Pour a liter of hot water and leave for two hours. Then add honey to taste.

Pumpkin soup

Chop the onion and a couple cloves of garlic, saute. Add bell peppers, three tomatoes, simmer for five minutes. Add 500 g chopped pumpkin and pour hot water. Cook on low heat until tender. At the end of cooking to grind everything in a blender, pepper and salt.

Fish stew

Carcass of hake portions cut two carrots to RUB on a grater, onion chop. Onion is fried, add the carrots and saute. Separately, put the fish, then add vegetables, salt, pepper and cook for another five minutes.

Celery salad

Half of the celery and two apples grate on a coarse grater. Finely chop the parsley and dill. All mix, season with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Banana dessert

Beat ripe sweet banana with 150 g low-fat cottage cheese. Cool and decorate with sour berries (red currants, for example).

Baked apples

4 Apple to prepare for farshirovaniya: remove seeds and cut the recess. Mix cottage cheese with cinnamon and spread in the resulting recesses. Bake in the oven.

All the recipes are simple, but very useful. You can also choose other dishes, the main thing that they conformed to the principles of proper nutrition.

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