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Pathology of the adrenal glands is not immediately possible to diagnose. But knowing the first symptoms of malfunctioning of adrenal in women, you can smell a rat and go to the doctor.



A small gland synthesizes more than 30 hormones that take part in the work of all body systems. Therefore, any disorders of the adrenal glands, their Hyper – or hypothyroidism, will affect the overall health of both women and men.


Diseases of the adrenal in women: symptoms, causes, features and treatment


The adrenal glands consist of glandular tissue in their structure they are divided into part of the brain and cortex. Moreover, on the inner part of the accounts for 1/10 of the total volume and outer to 9/10. The functions of these departments are different.


The adrenal cortex consists of three zones:


  • glomerular, which is located outside;

  • beam — in the middle;

  • net — in.


Hormones that are synthesized by these zones. Main power engine of manufacturing process of active substances is cholesterol.


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The adrenal glands are on top of the kidneys, at the level of the waist, they look like small disks, where the right looks like a pyramid, and left in the form of a Crescent.



The function of the adrenal glands


The endocrine gland regulates the following processes in the human body:


  • the absorption of sodium and potassium and their removal from the body;

  • mineral metabolism;

  • metabolism of carbohydrates;

  • inhibition of inflammation in the body;

  • to reduce pain sensitivity in some conditions.


Synthesized natural substances are also involved in the processes of reproduction, influencing the hormonal processes in the genital organs.



The hormones produced by the adrenal glands


The main hormones produced by the endocrine glands cortex is corticosteroids. Altogether there are about 30.


They can be divided into three main groups:


  • Glucocorticoids — regulate carbohydrate metabolism and reduce inflammatory reaction.

  • Mineralocorticoids — involved in water-fat metabolism

  • Sex hormones are involved in the work of genitals, affect the ability to conceive and the development of secondary sexual characteristics.


In the brain area, the endocrine organ produces epinephrine and norepinephrine, involved in the transmission of impulses through the nerves.



The consequences of failures in the synthesis of hormones: the first effects


Improper functioning of endocrine system leads to the following disorders:


  • violations of the immune response;

  • asthmatic manifestations;

  • allergies.


Often hormonal disruptions are temporary and often present in women during pregnancy or during the onset of menopause.



The function of the adrenal glands in women

Adrenal hormones affect many body systems. Primarily on the following:


1. Cardiovascular, regulating blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat.
The digestive tract, regulating bowel peristatic and work production of gastric juices, enzymes and bile.

2. The urinary system deals with the normalization of glomerular filtration.

3. Normalization of secondary sexual characteristics.

4. With sufficient regulation of potassium exchange, the normalization of emotional state.

5. In women, the adrenal glands are involved in the proper and orderly course of the menstrual cycle and ability to conceive and bearing fruit.



The symptoms of failures in the functions of the adrenal glands in women


Disruption of the adrenal glands in women may manifest the following signs:


  • the late onset of menarche;

  • the permanent violation of the terms of the menstruation;

  • the impossibility of the withdrawal of potassium from the body;

  • appearance of acne;

  • abundant body hair pubes;

  • failure of the cardiac rhythm;

  • the decrease in the internal female organs and Breasts.


These symptoms are common to all the pathologies of the adrenal glands, but each disease has its own specific characteristics, which sometimes can be difficult to diagnose even for an experienced endocrinologist.




Types and forms of adrenal insufficiency


Reduced adrenal function may be of two types: acute and chronic. The acute form of disorders manifested by severe destruction of the cortex of the organ is developing rapidly. Chronic can be diagnosed immediately, is growing slowly, but more difficult to treat and prone to a large number of complications.


In shape is primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency. Of primary relevance to the parenchyma of the adrenal gland, which destroys infection. Often leads to inflammation of the adrenal glands. And the secondary is a change in the tissues of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus which leads to their hypofunction.



Symptoms of acute failure


When malfunction of the adrenal cortex may occur acute failure of the steam gland.


The reasons for such disorders can be the following factors:


  • Abrupt discontinuation of hormonal methods.

  • The incident cerebral hemorrhage in the parenchyma of the adrenal glands.

  • The stress led to the worsening of chronic forms of dysfunction of the gland.


With this development of the disease, the patient should be immediately hospitalized.


The acute form of the disease can affect one of three systems:


  • nervous;

  • cardiovascular;

  • the gastrointestinal tract.


Signs of defeat of the first system may be:


  • cramps;

  • migraine;

  • the reduction in muscle tone.



Complications of the nervous form of acute insufficiency of the adrenal cortex may be the following symptoms:


  • coma;

  • confusion;

  • reducing the severity of the reactions;

  • the dullness of consciousness, subcoma.


With the development of the vascular form of pathology can be manifested in the following signs:


  • integument pale;

  • ripple is attenuated;

  • the lips appears bluish hue;

  • limbs become ice;

  • inability to urinate;

  • the development of hypotension.


If develops gastrointestinal form of acute insufficiency, a person experiences the following symptoms:


  • cramps in the epigastrium;

  • retching;

  • diarrhea;

  • flatulence;

  • the impossibility of eating.


All the symptoms of acute adrenal insufficiency appear spontaneously and vividly, the conventional means will not be able to help the person cope with the manifestations of the disease. This requires correct diagnosis of the problem and taking the necessary hormonal medications.



The symptoms of chronic insufficiency


Failure chronic type develops slowly, but its impact on the endocrine gland becomes deeper and less amenable to treatment. While there are primary and secondary chronic forms of the disease.


With the defeat of the directly the cells of the tissue of the adrenal gland occurs:


1. Gradually increasing nervousness, aggression.

2. The appearance of a constant feeling of weakness, astening state.

3. Memory and intelligence are reduced, there is a headache a chilling character.

4. Body hair in women stop growing.

5. Suffering libido.

6. Increased sweating and night urination.

7. Impaired appetite which leads to weight loss.


With the defeat of cell layers of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus happen the same manifestations, but the intensity is much less.


Fact! An important symptom of adrenal insufficiency in women can be considered the emergence of a strong pigmentation, which in addition to the exposed areas of the body affects another, and mucous membranes.



Symptoms of hyperthyroidism


One of the most common pathologies of the adrenal glands is considered to be a surplus of hormone synthesis. This disorder affects mainly women, it has a negative impact on fertility.


Usually the disorder show the following symptoms:


  • symptoms of osteoporosis;

  • increase in blood pressure;

  • the change in the water-lipid metabolism;

  • violation of menstruation by the type of amenorrhea, anovulation;

  • the development of diabetes of the second type;

  • violation of the regime of sleep and rest, the occurrence of stress and anxiety.


The reason for the development of such a process may be excessive intake of medicines, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases.




Disease hyperthyroidism


As a rule, hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex occurs when there are tumors in any of the departments of endocrine glands.


Adenomas are striking in the following areas:


  • brain;

  • beam;

  • net;

  • the glomerular.


Tumors can occur in several layers, in addition, may be hypertrophy of the whole of the adrenal cortex. Precipitating factor in the development of excess synthesis of adrenocorticosteroid becomes a disease Itsenko-Kushinga.



The symptoms of hypothyroidism

Reduced synthesis of adrenal hormones is also considered a serious violation of the endocrine system.


It is manifested by such symptoms:


  • increased pigmentation of the skin, but mucous membranes;

  • the development of hypotension;

  • develop frequent dizziness, pain;

  • the appearance of bowel disorders of different plan;

  • the instability of the emotional state;

  • malfunction of the heart.


Causes of adrenal insufficiency can be:


  • disorders of the immune system.

  • hereditary pathology;

  • tumors in the brain;

  • the development of renal tuberculosis;

  • disruption in the blood vessels;

  • disorders of the pancreas or thyroid glands.


If with the same diet lost weight, and increased pigmentation of the skin, it could mean the first signs of incipient disorder of the endocrine system.





Dysfunction of the adrenal cortex


A disturbance in the functioning of the adrenal is a hereditary disease, which is associated with various disorders of secretion of the adrenal glands. Most often this disease affects women.

They may manifest the following symptoms:


  • hair growth on face, chest;

  • violation of menstruation and fertility;

  • acne.


In parallel with the adrenal glands and their lesions may develop obesity and disorder of other endocrine glands.



Hyperplasia of the cortex


Hereditary may such disorder as adrenal hyperplasia.


Symptoms of the disease depend on the quality hormonal disorders: the more secreted hormones into the blood, the stronger the negative effects are manifested in the human body.


The patient may manifest symptoms of the following diseases:


  • hyperadrenocorticism;

  • hyperaldosteronism;

  • hyperandrogenism;

  • hyperestrogenia.

Hyperplasia of the left adrenal gland as the right, often is benign in nature. Hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex causes the incorrect synthesis of hormones of the different zones of the gland and can manifest different symptoms.





How to test adrenal gland function in a hospital? Cervical cancer screening is conducted by several methods:


  • biochemistry of blood and urine;

  • MRI;

  • Ultrasound;

  • multislice CT;

  • radiation tumor study.


The most informative way remains screening of blood for hormone levels. It allows you to test adrenal gland function in all areas of their activities. All other methods are complementary and should be made at the request of the endocrinologist, a doctor who deals with disorders of the adrenal glands.


Women have additionally conducted a study of the skeletal system for an adequate amount of calcium, as especially in case of violation of the adrenal glands they are striking osteoporosis.



Treatment of the adrenal glands in women


The first task in normalizing adrenal function becomes the normalization of hormonal balance. When hypofunction is prescribed hormonal preparations, fills the lack a little of synthesized hormones.


When hyperthyroidism prescribe special drugs that reduce the secretion of certain hormones.


In other cases it may need a trick:


  • antibiotics;

  • immunodepressantov;

  • immunomodulators;

  • surgery;

  • chemotherapy;

  • physical therapy;

  • folk treatment.


What kind of doctor treats cancers? We must remember that the surgeon.


If it is impossible to achieve positive dynamics with synthetic hormones and cancer in the adrenal glands, the doctor will prescribe endoscopic surgery, which takes place in a sparing mode. Can be surgically removed how the entire gland and part.





Easy rules will help in the fight against disease associated with the violation of the endocrine glands.


To do this:

  • to exercise;

  • to eat right;

  • not to worry;

  • to support the regime of work and rest.


In parallel with hormonal means you can apply the therapy with traditional methods, which increases the possibility of recovery.


Help in the fight against diseases of the endocrine glands tincture of geranium, which is prepared in proportion 1:5 leaves in relation to alcohol. Infused it in the dark for three weeks, after which it is to take 1 teaspoon before meals three times a day.


Fact! Taking decoction of lungwort can not only normalize hormones, but also saturate the body beneficial trace elements, and carotene.



Diet in diseases of the adrenal glands in women


With the defeat of the adrenal glands can help special diets. In compiling the diet should be based on the following rules:


1. The presence of animal protein (eggs, fish).

2. The use of antioxidants (fruits, vegetables).

3. Use products that are rich in tyrosine (bananas, spirulina).

4. Use unrefined sea salt.

5. Use products rich in Pantothenic acid (second innards, radish).


As additional funds applied tincture of licorice root. This tool is able to protect the hydrocortisone when it interacts with liver enzymes.published econet.ru.

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