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Effective weight loss: the doctor-dietician
The contents

  • Weight loss: the doctor dietitian
  • Individual plan for sustainable weight loss
  • What to eat to lose weight: protein nutrition

Overweight — a problem increasingly faced at the dawn of the third Millennium, in the era of high technology, the invasion of the gadgets under the yoke of inactivity. It is very hard to deal with excess weight and inches alone. Losing weight is a difficult task better in a team. To enlist the support will help the doctor-dietician and a visit to a specialist.

Weight loss: the doctor dietitian

Effectively, with the least damage to the psyche and overall health to lose weight, to keep within the limits already achieved the ideal body weight or force to move from “a dead point” the arrow of scales, breaking the “plateau” of weight loss, will help specialist. Entry to the doctor-dietician can be done just picking up the phone, dialing the desired number and select a convenient time for a visit to the doctor’s office. It will be a long-term plan reducing weight, taking into account individual characteristics and needs.

In addition, the proposed remote form of counseling. In this case, to talk about the existing problems and to receive medical recommendations for weight loss also need to make an appointment to see the doctor-dietician on the phone.

Individual plan for sustainable weight loss

There is no universal strategy for weight loss, which includes standard methods of struggle with excess weight:

  • surgical;

  • medication;

  • drug-free.

The latter include:

  • diet;

  • fitness;

  • physiotherapy and cosmetic treatments;

  • psychological help.

But every person is special. Therefore for every owner of excess weight required an individual approach, exclusive programme of weight loss, taking into account:

  • sex;

  • age;

  • the history of the disease;

  • the objective of the health condition;

  • psycho;

  • tastes;

  • physical training;

  • professional affiliation, etc.

Taking note of all the details, building on the achievements of modern medicine and personal experience, a professional nutritionist will develop a personalized long-term plan, carefully following which can be weight loss and then maintain the achieved result for long years.

  • The specialist will offer clear recommendations for the compilation of daily menus, taking into account the energy and nutritional values of various food products.

  • Will tell you how to change the habitual way of life, eliminating bad habits and acquiring useful.

  • Calculate optimal frequency and duration of active employment specific activities.

  • If necessary, select drugs for the correction of appetite, the shortfall of vitamins and minerals in the body, etc.

  • Will offer the assistance of an endocrinologist, psychologist, therapist, and other professionals.

What to eat to lose weight: protein nutrition

Weight reduction is impossible without the correct diet. It is a healthy, carefully balanced for the main and auxiliary substances, low-calorie diet is the Foundation of weight loss, providing effective weight loss.

It is important to know that there are foods that contain many ballast substances and water have a relatively small energy value and is great for stimulating metabolic processes in the human body.

They are classified as natural, universal and useful to all. Recommended by the best experts in the field of therapeutic nutrition for use in obesity or overweight. One of them is vegetable and animal sources of protein.

Protein foods contain amino acids, the “building blocks” which together make up muscle tissue, important for the optimal functioning of the human body as a whole. However, the proteins included in the diet not only because they promote growth and muscle recovery and help maintain health. There are a few important nuances:

  • to recycle the protein included in the composition of food, the body needs to expend more energy than the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates;

  • on the digestion of proteins takes more time and therefore slows down digestion, reduced appetite, no desire constantly snacking;

  • thanks to them, slows the absorption of sugar in the blood, which prevents food violations followed by spikes in glucose levels.

Plant and animal sources of protein is necessary to include in the daily menu, if there are no specific medical contraindications.

  • Great protein product is considered a normal chicken egg, it is whole. Working together, the yolk and the white will satisfy the needs of the human body in proteins, valuable fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. Their combination gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, yet is a slow breakdown of these substances to the macronutrients during digestion.

  • Very useful to Supplement your diet with dairy products, including low fat. For example, natural yoghurt. They have more protein, less fat and carbohydrates. However, you should not eat completely fat-free “milk”. We recommend to give preference to milk, kefir and other fermented milk products with a fat content of 1-2%, as they allow you to meet the needs of the fats and more effective tame appetite.

  • Beans, lentils, peas and other legumes are valuable sources of vegetable proteins and best food for weight loss. These products should be more often included in daily meals as they help to suppress hunger for a long time, due to the high content of insoluble fiber. Contained therein and the fiber binds with the liquids in the gastrointestinal tract, creates a sense of fullness, of satiety.

  • Very useful to enrich the diet for weight loss mushrooms. They are also low-calorie sources of protein. In addition, mushrooms contain glutamic acid, which helps to satisfy the need for salty taste. Therefore, nutritionists suggest adding them to various dishes.

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