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Errors at performance of exercises for weight loss at the gym
The contents

  • Major mistakes in organization of law enforcement training
  • Errors weightlifting exercises for weight loss
  • Effective exercises. What not to do

The gym is not a place where a beginner can experiment, learn from their mistakes. A wrong technique of doing exercises plus distorted stereotypes about the rules of training can lead to big trouble. Disappointment strength exercises — the least that can happen. Most dangerous of all — the likelihood of severe injuries when an aspiring athlete, deciding that chose the most effective exercises, is actually serious overload untrained muscles and ligaments. The result — injury and long-term treatment.

Major mistakes in organization of law enforcement training

What usually begins training in strength-trained athletes? With scheduling classes and determining set of core exercises. Beginners usually here lurking the first common mistake. Let us examine it in more detail.

  • Rejection of the basic exercises.

Wanting to get a quick result, you waive basic complex strength training in favor of working with dumbbells or machines for specific muscle groups. This is wrong. Even if your goal is to build muscle, and lose weight with exercise for weight loss, core set of bench press, squats and deadlifts will still be you need. The weight sports equipment you need to choose on the basis of individual preparation, and start out with several possible iterations. Pay special attention to the technique: only the right exercises, you will achieve the desired training efficiency.

  • Overestimation of his own abilities.

If you have a good sports uniform you want to make muscles bigger and more prominent. And immediately start working with large weights, thinking that the heavier the rod, the faster you’ll come. But too much weight in a few workouts will make you tired and passive person, which would be difficult to perform your mandatory set of exercises. It is better to take a dumbbell of medium weight and do 10-15 reps, than barely to squeeze 1-2 times a heavy barbell. Large weight is for professional athletes. Beginners need to start to get involved in workout and strengthen the muscle base.

  • Workout.

Strength exercises require a lot of energy. There will have to really “sweat”. But using force to get myself to work in the gym is not worth it. If strength training does not bring moral and physical satisfaction, and is only cause of nervousness and persistent fatigue, you should review the set of exercises in the direction of relief.

The other extreme is when the athlete is so passionate about the training continues class in the event of illness or ailments. To do it categorically it is not recommended. Severe stress during illness can cause the failure of metabolic processes that will lead to the depletion of the body. Miss a few workouts, until his full recovery.

Errors weightlifting exercises for weight loss

Become stronger and to pump up the spectacular muscle — not all go to the gym just for that. Yoga exercises for weight loss very effective, so the simulator is always enough and those who are hard to burn more calories. There is a perception that to plan such training is not required. Hence the error in practice, which does not contribute to the achievement of goals:

  • If you actively work in training, then you can eat whatever you want.

This statement is fundamentally wrong. Enhanced training helps improve metabolism and increase appetite. When used in a larger number of calories weight nowhere to hide will not. Some understand it and at the same time with attendance beginning to starve. Pounds when you really go fast, but just as quickly occurs and exhaustion. The best way is to create a balanced menu and to work on the problem.

  • To quickly lose weight, you need to run faster.

Jogging is really a great way to lose weight. But to start the process of weight loss, you must run at least 30-40 minutes in one go. To maintain a time limit pace for a beginner it is impossible and unprofitable. Therefore, if you do not have a serious running training, better use of slow running as warm up and basic exercises to do at the gym. One hour a fruitful exercise — and you’re guaranteed to get rid of 300-500 calories.

Effective exercises. What not to do

To correctly build the gym, you need many years of experience. Listen to the opinions of the instructor and avoid similar mistakes:

  • Focusing on a single muscle group.

Often in the gym you can see men with a powerful torso and comical skinny legs. This discrepancy is immediately apparent. Such a selective attitude to her figure clearly leads to unaesthetic results. Effective exercises should focus on muscles, but doing them with different intensity. Only in this case your figure will look truly beautiful.

  • Emphasis on the lateral slopes.

For men these exercises will definitely be useful. But for girls there is too developed obliques lead to the expansion of the waist, making a woman’s figure more masculine.

  • Squats in the presence of wide hips.

If its the anatomy your body has wide hips, a classic squat will not make them already. On the contrary, visually, you can increase this, and without that volume, the area. Including in your exercise for weight loss the element of the squat, give up on his classic version.

  • Classes for all, without exception, the equipment in the gym.

To improve your body, it is not necessary to attack all sports equipment, standing in the hall. Need to define problem areas and to choose those trainers that will help develop the necessary muscle groups to the desired level.

  • Long rest between sets.

When selecting effective exercises at the gym need to consider not only the workload that they give to the muscles, but also the time between sets. You should not rest more than 1-2 minutes, or visible progress will not.

Of course, it is impossible to account for all errors made by beginners in the gym. But marked with errors will help to understand the fundamental truths of strength training.

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