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Exercise for weight loss hands systems for home and fitness club

The contents

  • Stretching exercises
  • Exercise for weight loss with dumbbells
  • A set of exercises for weight loss hand without the use of sports equipment

Exercise and balanced diet can effectively and permanently get rid of fat accumulation. But when losing weight, often appear such problems as sagging abdomen and buttocks, loose skin and muscles in the hands. It is on the muscles of the hands of women, less pay attention to when you exercise for weight loss. This is largely due to the fear of girls to significantly increase the volume and relief of the muscles of the arms, making them look like men. It is a common misconception. For muscle growth, especially in the hands, you need to train hard with big weights, eat a special protein meal.

A set of exercises for weight loss of hands is very different from the standard program bodybuilders. First of all, the exercises are aimed at burning calories and strengthening muscles, improving their flexibility and elasticity, without increasing in volume. The first results can be noticed after 2-3 weeks of regular classes. Muscles will get stronger, and with it, tighten flabby skin on the hands (especially the bottom) and disappear the creases in the armpits.

Training can be held in the gym and at home. Special equipment or complicated and expensive equipment for performing exercises is required. Will be enough to buy dumbbells at a sporting goods store.

Stretching exercises

Each workout related to physical activity, sharp and dynamic movements should begin with a warm-up. It allows you to prepare muscles and ligaments to exercise for weight loss, speed up heart rate and blood flow to the body. It also reduces the chance of injury and decreases pain in muscles after training.

A set of exercises to warm up:

  • Torso twists to the side with the swings arms. Stand straight, feet spread to the sides for stability. Hands put on the waist. Rotate the body without changing the position of the pelvis, and arms out to the sides. Then return to the starting position and rotate to the other side. Do 10 rotations in each direction.
  • Circular Mahi hands. Starting position is the same, but the hands placed to the side. Make 10 circular movements of the hands forward. Then return to the starting position and perform 10 more of the same spins ago.
  • Steps on the spot with high knee lift. During the steps it is necessary to pull the knees up. Perform the exercise for 1-2 minutes.
  • If you want you can change warm-up exercises to more dynamic. Depending on conditions, you can perform jumping jacks or rope, of the body rotation and push-UPS. For proper preparation of the body to exercise will be enough for 7-10 minutes.

    Exercise for weight loss with dumbbells

    After a workout you go to the main part of the workout. For training it is advisable to buy collapsible dumbbells. They will allow you to change the level of physical activity, depending on your training. Exercise for weight loss done by women with dumbbells weighing 1.5-3 kg. a Large mass of the projectile will cause quick fatigue and can damage the tissues of the joints and ligaments.

    Exercise for weight loss with dumbbells:

  • Stand straight, feet slightly set to the side. Hands with dumbbells are lowered along the body. Bend your arms at the elbows and raise the shells to the chest. Then move hands to the sides. Return the dumbbells in the same position, and lower the hands down. To perform 15 times.
  • Steadily to get, hands with dumbbells pull in front of him. Put your hands behind your head and return to starting position. Down the shells did not omit to carry 25-30 times.
  • Lie on the bench (2-3 stools), hands with dumbbells — front of chest. To move hands wide apart, then bring them together without bending the elbows. To run 20-25 times.
  • Steadily to stand up, arms stretched in front of him. Without bending the elbows, raise arms out to the side and back. To run 30 times.
  • Stand straight, feet spread to the width of the shoulder Department. Take turns to swing your arm with a dumbbell behind your head and pull towards the opposite shoulder. To do 20 times.
  • To sit on a chair or bench. Hands with dumbbells pull in front of him. Gently put your hands behind your head and return to starting position. To perform 15 times.
  • The exercise is performed standing or sitting. Press hands to the body. Slowly lift the dumbbells to the shoulders and lower down. Elbows all the time pressed to the body. To run 30 times.
  • Exercise for weight loss with dumbbells requires caution, because you can get injured if treated with heavy shells. Therefore, all movements with weights should be performed smoothly. It will also allow to better grasp the correct technique of the exercise program.

    A set of exercises for weight loss hand without the use of sports equipment

    If you do not have the ability or desire to deal with dumbbells, you can conduct training using your own body weight and resistance of the muscles. Such trainings are good for those who have no time or money to workout at the gym. Presents a complex of physical exercises at home very easy and accessible to everyone.

    The training complex without shells:

  • Sit on the Mat, lean back and rely on hand. To rest on the floor with the palms and heels, to tear off pelvis from the floor and lift it as high up as possible. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds. To perform 50-60 times at a fast pace.
  • Pushups. Take the emphasis lying down, bend your arms at the elbows and reach the chest to the floor. If this is difficult for you, you can rest on the floor with your knees. Perform 10-15 times.
  • Sit on the floor between the two chairs. Hand to put on the chairs, straightening them to lift the body off the floor. Not to help yourself with the leg muscles. Should work only hands. To execute 20 lifts.
  • Mahi hands in the parties. To perform Mahi hands with the body turning to the side. Arms bent at the elbows, and tense. Exercise 30-40 times.
  • Mahi hands ago. Stand up straight, one arm raised upward and the other down. To make a sharp Mahi hands ago. Perform 20-30 strokes, then switch hands.
  • You stand next to the wall. To stretch hand to its surface, and perform push-UPS. Do 10-15 times.


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