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Sacrococcygeal junction has its own intervertebral disc with a hole for passing the end of the thread the Dura of the spinal cord. And end this thread is participating (together with the sacrum and coccyx all) in the cranio-sacral lag from the skull to the sacrum, associated with the release and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Thus, it appears that the displacement of the coccyx can affect the processes of functioning of the spinal cord, and through it the brain.

In this article you will learn what techniques will help to correct the displacement of the pelvis.



Techniques to correct pelvic asymmetry


If you look at the position of the pelvis in the frontal plane, it is often shifted to the right or to the left relative to the vertical midline (Fig. 1), dividing the body into two halves.
This asymmetry is guilty is most often the sacrum (and in the worst case and the coccyx) standing correctly.

Fig. 1


Of anatomy:

“The sacrum in children and adolescents consists of five separate vertebrae. To 25 years all the vertebrae are fused and form a single solid bone, the sacrum. In form it resembles a triangle, with its apex directed downwards and the base upwards. In addition, the sacrum is similar to the hemisphere: concave inner surface is the posterior wall of the pelvis”.


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The coccyx consists of 3-5 “underdeveloped” vertebrae.


Sacrococcygeal junction has its own intervertebral disc with a hole for passing the end of the thread the Dura of the spinal cord. And end this thread is participating (together with the sacrum and coccyx all) in the cranio-sacral lag from the skull to the sacrum, associated with the release and absorption of cerebrospinal fluid.

Thus, it appears that the displacement of the coccyx can affect the processes of functioning of the spinal cord, and through it the brain. Normally, the coccyx is mezhyagodichnoy the crease in the middle, slightly bent forward. The coccyx can be shifted forward and to the side.

The offset depends on the nature of a tailbone injury. Possible displacement of the coccyx with the sacrum, and displacement in the opposite direction from the offset of the sacrum side. Sometimes the coccyx is displaced so much that is not in mezhyagodichnoy crease, and covered with one of the gluteal muscles, and palpation is difficult” (A. A. Tolstonogov).


When pressing the tailbone gently springy. Nature has provided this order to its flexibility helped the body to “suck” telluric magnetic currents of the Earth. It works like the wick of a lamp lowered into the oil. It looks like a nipple. His first vertebra has transverse processes – “coccygeal horns”, while the remaining vertebrae are much smaller oval shape (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2

The coccyx within the craniosacral rhythm makes microscopic fluctuations to accurately hit in the hopper of the electromagnetic currents coming from the earth.


As mentioned above, it is an incorrect statement of the coccyx leads to S– and S-shaped scoliosis. In the first case, compensatory scoliosis curved tailbone somehow still somehow draws energy from the electromagnetic funnels of the earth and that’s why people are still forces to attempt to extricate himself from the tangle of problems. In S-shaped scoliosis of the tailbone shifted significantly, and the self-regulation system of the body stops working – scoliosis progresses to an advanced stage.


Doctors divide scoliosis into different sub-groups: the thoracic, lumbar, thoracolumbar and combined.


If scoliosis is caused by electromagnetic imbalance, he in any case comes from below – from Earth. It starts and craniosacral rhythm, and even start threads breathing. Although in material terms it seems to us from the opposite side.


Therefore, all variants of the electromagnetic disturbances are reduced to the displacement of the coccyx and of the sacrum, joining three steps “missiles” of the body and the condition of the levitation zone, distributes these flows.


In addition, the distortion of the lines-of-eight (Fig. 3) can be caused by not only electromagnetic imbalance, but also to be a result of damage to the musculoskeletal system in connection with birth or acquired musculoskeletal injuries – for example, the sacrum often shifted aside due to short legs. In this case a deformation of a bearing supported by the stereotype of our biomechanics: a habit to slouch, to sit crooked, cast legs, etc.


Fig. 3

If we talk about electromagnetic games of the sacrum with the coccyx, it all depends on their relationship with each other.


Sacrum in Latin – “sacrum”, and the “os sacrum” literally means “Holy, or sacred bone”. In connection of the sacrum and coccyx, running along the spine, there really is a mystery.


The Qur’an says: “All the sons of Adam will decay in the ground, except the sacrum. Through him man was created and through him in the judgment day he shall rise again.”


Academics (English, Chinese and Yemeni), checking it is a religious statement, conducted various experiments: they burned the sacrum at temperatures up to 6000 degrees, frozen at 200 degrees, were exposed to most strong acids, powerful radio emission, but has only destroyed adipose tissue and bone marrow, whereas cells of the coccyx remained intact. The accumulation of ashes and remains still remained a seed, preserve signs of life. As a result, the microbiologists came to the conclusion – this little component of the human skeleton, it is impossible to completely destroy.


In some translations of “immortal bone” is called the “sacrum”, in the other – “coccyx”. In the Union of the sacrum and coccyx the sacrum plays a male role, and his “tail” (coccyx) – female, helping him feed on the energy of the Earth. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the Union remains “imperishable” – a female nature or male. Most likely, their Union, because God is love.


If the sacrum stretches followed by the pelvis (because of the attraction to the ground opposite the supporting leg), and coccyx (while maintaining a flexible connection with the sacrum), as opposed to he still clings to the ground, trying to bring the system back to order, occurs S-shaped scoliosis. And spiral Mobius, though twisted figure of eight, passes through the zone of levitation Solar plexus, perezhitoe not until the end. The sacrum and coccyx in this case, go to the gap.


When both of these spine snapped, and the sacrum deviates in the same direction as the coccyx – there is a C-shaped scoliosis.


In this case, the energy of the spiral Moebius may not need to go through spazmirovannah the levitation area of the Solar plexus, and to intersect only in the cervical spine. In the Union of the sacrum and coccyx, there are only two possibilities: either the coccyx is displaced in one direction from the sacrum, or they go on a break, stretching out in the opposite.


In the first case, the “head” of the spiral of the spine (Atlas) is closed with the “tail” (the coccyx), as in the cycle of the Ouroboros, the shoulder is pulled to the extended pelvis. As the pelvis otzerkalivat from the skull, this shift of the sacrum and the coccyx, located in one coupling may be omitted, swing, and sphenoid bone toward the lateral displacement of the sacrum.


In the second case, the “head” of the spiral spine will follow his “tail” as in the cycle of Yin and Yang – dropping the shoulder will catch up in a circle put forward the opposite hip.


It is always manifested in human psychology: “running in a circle”, it will feel like a hamster in a wheel. In the case of rupture of relations of the sacrum and coccyx of man will rend contradictions.


By the way, this dissonance between the feminine and masculine energies inside the body very often leads to problems in real life: between a man and a woman start friction, nervous breakdowns and divorces.


In the case of “bows” of the sacrum with the coccyx, the main stress falls on the Sacro-coccygeal articulation, causing the sacrum and coccyx closer to cuddle up to each other on the level is not electromagnetic, and gravitational relationships occurring at the micro level.


And all because, as I said, all the defects of the body are associated with gravity flows with the curvature of “space – time”. And a bunch of “sacrum – coccyx” sacrum possessing male energy, represents space, and the coccyx, with the female energy of time.



Correction the displacement of the pelvis


As a result of performing the reception of the pelvis should rise symmetrically with respect to the gravitational axis mezhyagodichnoy fold should be on this vertical. The technique helps the pelvis to find its place along the median line.


The sacrum is often shifted in the opposite direction from the shortened supporting leg in the direction in which deviates the hip (not to be confused with the rotation of the pelvis when he is on the same axis with the gravitational vertical, but curled around her. To compensate for the rotation of the pelvis meant receiving a “Rotated pelvis”).




For starters, you must determine whether there is asymmetry in the location of the sacrum. To determine it can be if you have experience in your photos – mezhyagodichnoy crease needs to be exactly in the center, dividing the basin into two equal gluteal muscles. Only after an accurate “diagnosis” you can begin to receive.


Sit on the edge of the chair. Shift the body weight on the big size buttock (sacrum always shifted in the opposite direction). The same leg bend the knee and put under the seat to toe.


Try to put her along the hips, not opening the knee angle. The second leg extend along the chair seat as in a “cross-splits”. Place your foot perpendicular to the leg.

Relying on a sock, hands in the armrests and straining the gluteus Medius, where you sit, how would you lift the body up (reducing the load on the gluteal muscle) and shifts it laterally to the buttock (Fig. 4).


Do not sit! Sit up straight on one buttock, as if it were the middle legs. During the execution of the reception, pull the top half of the body vertically.

Fig. 4

Locking in this position this half of the pelvis (large size buttocks), begin to pull your sacrum towards her.


Pull his foot of the outstretched leg, knee and posterior surface of the hip bent legs, strained muscles of the buttocks, perineum, anus and pelvic floor.


Work it for a minute.


The execution results receiving track according to your photos median line running along the body, must pass through mezhyagodichnoy the crease. After placement of the pelvis try to keep it in the correct position – sitting strictly at the crotch, not moving the pelvis to the left or right and not throwing the leg over the foot.



Welcome “Libra”


The technique helps to adjust the position of the sacrum and the weight of the right and left sides of the body.


Osteopaths use a similar technique when edits are small children in a sitting position. They put them hands under your buttocks as if weighing the right and left half of the body, manipulating them in space to achieve balance.


You can “weigh” yourself.




Reception is done in the sitting position. Press your hands into the armrests of the chair. Pripodnimaet seat, alternately lifting the right buttock, then left. One leg rests on all the feet, the other gets up on the toes (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5


In “limbo” state, wait up to 5 seconds. Track gravitational vertical of the body. Reach the second step up body. Lift her in his arms, leaning on the armrests. Not sit.


If you feel pain, wait when it will resolve. Often pain syndrome can accompany welcome when you hit the foot of the supporting leg.


If the pain increases, stop, and then start to implement it with smaller amplitude. You have to bring the performance of reception to painless sensations. published econet.ru.

©Natalia Osmena, from the book “Samomoderirovanie body and face. System Simionica. How to gain good posture”

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