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For three years, as in the beauty world came to scrub the scalp. A discount of 27% on HAIR CARE will tell you about two scrub Zion Health. This summer new items iHerb =)

“Healthy hair means a healthy scalp”. This trend care scalp appeared a few years ago! I wrote in the blog about another “discovery”, is a gentle peeling for the scalp Acure with green clay.

Scrub for scalp removes dead skin flakes and the remains of styling products, restores respiration and nutrition of onion. For oily scalp peeling is used once a week for dry to normal and less.

Skin after this procedure smooth, stays clean and fresh. She felt like a new “breathing”!

How to choose a suitable scrub for your scalp? I will share some of the features that you need to know.

  • Choose a specialized scrub for the scalp
  • The composition should be free of salt with sharp edges
  • Home “salt scrubs” the popular, but often traumatic procedure that can lead to inflammation and hair loss
  • No SLS or sulfates, which cause dryness and irritation of the scalp

In the scrub the scalp using sea saltthat has been processed and does not damage the skin.

Scrub the scalp Zion Health, Adama

On iHerb appeared scrub the scalp Zion Health Adama in two ways. The formula does NOT contain sulfates and parabens, does not irritate the scalp. Composed of a mild vegetable surfactants, panthenol, aloe Vera gel and argan oil. Oils little, so clean up will be easy.

If you use sulfate-free shampoos, this means a necessity rather than a pleasant indulgence. The scrub will help in time to remove grease and styling products to maintain the scalp healthy.

Judging by the composition, the means differ minimally, choose aroma of perfume – smell closer =)

Where to buy: scrub Zion Health “Vanilla and Coconut” or scrub “pear Flowers”.

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