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Lose weight, gain a dream figure and bring the body proportions to the ideal will help special fitness training, used in conjunction with proper nutrition. This process is quite lengthy, requiring full commitment and proper motivation from the performer.

Regular fitness classes not only help to lose extra pounds, but also strengthen the muscle corset, normalize well-being, relieve problem areas on the body, and put the skin in order. Trainings should be practiced at least 3 times a week.

Features of weight loss exercises

Features of weight loss exercises

In training for weight loss, two types of exercises are used: cardio (aerobic) and strength (anaerobic). Using aerobic exercise, you can strengthen the cardiovascular system and start the process of fat burning.

Strength elements will help increase the strength and endurance of the body, strengthen muscles and joints, and adjust the proportions of the body. It is advisable to include both types of physical activity in your own training program, alternating between them.

The volume of loads depends on the anthropometric and physiological parameters of each individual person, the amount of subcutaneous fat, the localization of problem areas, the presence of chronic diseases and the current level of physical development of the performer.

Types of Weight Loss Training

According to the type of load, classes for weight loss are divided into:

Cardio training.

Cardio training is based on aerobic exercise. The systematic performance of cardio exercises improves the functioning of the body as a whole: it accelerates the course of metabolic processes, normalizes the lymphatic flow, as well as the blood supply to organs and tissues, and increases working capacity. Such loads include: running, working out on an exercise bike and an ellipsoid, walking at an accelerated pace, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming. Fat burning processes in the body start after 40 minutes of active exercise.

Strength training programs.

To reduce weight, strength training is built around a circular principle with minimal working weights, but a large number of repetitions of each element. Trainings are formed from exercises with their own weight and fitness elements using weights. During classes, a large supply of energy is spent, muscle and joint tissues are strengthened, an aesthetic relief is formed.

Interval training.

According to medical research, with the help of circular interval training, you can significantly improve the physiological indicators of strength and endurance, start losing weight and quickly get rid of excess body fat.

The essence of the technique is a sharp change in the pace of the exercise. Low intensity alternates with working at maximum speed and vice versa. Such activities are quite energy intensive. Fat burning processes start 20 minutes after the start of the training.

Useful sports equipment to increase the effectiveness of home training

To achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time and diversify your fitness classes, you can use additional equipment in home workouts.


One of the most common sports weighting equipment. They allow you to perform various exercises, complicate the elements used in the training, thereby significantly increasing its effectiveness.

Hula Hup.

Using a hoop, you can get rid of excess fat locally – on the waist and hips.

Floor rotating disc.

It helps to increase the mobility of the joint-ligamentous apparatus, strengthen the spine, strengthen the muscles of the press.


Belongs to the category of cardiovascular equipment. It pumps the muscles of the hips and legs, accelerates metabolic processes, allows you to tighten the buttocks and quickly get rid of cellulite. Easy to use, has compact dimensions.

Roller for the press.

Increases the effectiveness of abdominal exercises, strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower extremities, deeply studies the shoulder girdle.

Weight Loss Training Rules

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In training aimed at losing weight, there are many subtle points and "pitfalls." To create an effective training fitness program, it is important to take into account the slightest nuances.

Training to eliminate excess weight should take place at a high pace and a large number of repetitions in sets. Training approaches should be three to six. Only such a rhythm starts the accelerated mode of fat burning.

The increase in load should be gradual, as the body adapts to the sports regime. Any workout should be preceded by a warm-up warm-up, and the recovery hitch should complete – for this, stretching exercises are practiced.

The weight of the working shells is selected individually and must correspond to the level of physical readiness of the performer. Optimally selected working weights should allow 3-4 working approaches to be performed without undue overwork.

Key principles for building a fitness workout

Weight Loss Training is based on several basic principles:

repeated repetitions of elements (from 15 times or more) with small working weights;
uniform study of the main muscle groups;
alternation of anaerobic and aerobic fitness;
moderate duration (but not less than 40 minutes) of the training;
regularity of classes.

Training is best started with cardio and dynamic loads. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas, including them more actively.

Exemplary Weight Loss Training Program

For training in the gym, you can apply the following training plan:

warm up;
work on an exercise bike;
classic or back lunges with dumbbells;
jumping onto the platform;
exercises for the press;
draft of the vertical block;
mixing legs in the simulator;

Home training can be formed from the following elements:

warm up;
jumping rope;
swing legs to the sides;
jumping squats;
running in place with high knees;
V-shaped twists;
breeding dumbbells from an inclined position;
forearm bar strap.

To get rid of excess weight, it is important not only to devote enough time to fitness classes, but also to revise the usual diet.

You should eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits in small portions, a sufficient amount of slow carbohydrates and protein foods. Limit, and it is better to completely exclude from the menu you need sugar, flour, fatty, smoked foods. The principle of calorie deficiency is also important: consume less than spend.

Following the above recommendations, you can not only bring the body into tone and achieve the desired forms, but also significantly improve your physical well-being.

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