Fitness on the bike for effective weight loss

It is known that the process of losing weight starts when a deficit of calories entering the body is created. To do this, you should adjust your diet and make the body spend energy more actively. In addition, physical activity is needed to maintain the overall tone of the body, so that as a result of weight loss the skin does not sag, and the figure looks toned and attractive.

When choosing physical activity, you need to consider that it should bring not only benefits, but also great pleasure from classes. An excellent option is cycling, which contributes to effective weight loss and improve body tone. Such training is in no way inferior to work in the gym. In addition, a bike ride allows you to enjoy nature and escape from everyday worries.

Such a load simultaneously strengthens the main muscle groups, trains the work of the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs, and also starts the process of active burning of excess fat. After only 4 weeks of regular training, the first results will become apparent – in the form of increased stamina and reduced body volume.

Bike: the benefits of losing weight

Bike: the benefits of losing weight

Cycling refers to anaerobic or cardio loads, which saturate the body with oxygen and set a specific heart rate, which contributes to weight loss. Therefore, the bike is considered one of the best loads for those who want to reduce weight. While riding, you can well pump over the calf muscles and quadriceps of the hips, giving them attractive, elastic forms. Also, the muscles of the buttocks, back, abs, arms and shoulders are actively involved in the process of riding and maintaining balance.

The amount of calories consumed during training depends on the speed of movement and the physical parameters of a particular person. On average, if you travel at a speed of 10-15 km / h, the heart rate will be about 150 beats per minute, which will allow you to burn about 300 kcal per hour. During training, it is important to periodically monitor your heart rate so that it does not exceed 180 beats per minute. This is the limit value after which the load can become hazardous to human health.

In addition to effective weight loss, cycling affects the human body as follows:

strengthen the cardiovascular system;
improve respiratory function;
develop coordination of movements and a sense of balance;
beneficial effect on the functioning of muscle groups, ligaments and joints;
help to cope with stress and bad mood;
strengthen the body's defenses.

It is worth noting that there are some contraindications for regular cycling. So, do not engage in this sport for those who have complex diseases of the spine and joints. Also, in some cases it is forbidden to train with dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Since contraindications are individual, people with health problems are advised to consult with their supervisor first.

Choosing a bike and equipment to reduce body weight

Before you start training for weight loss, you need to choose the right bike. If you plan to ride on smooth asphalt or dirt tracks, then you should buy a light city bike. If rough terrain acts as a bike path, then a mountain bike with good depreciation and a sufficient number of speeds will be more appropriate. It is better to choose it with an aluminum frame, because it is not only durable, but also light. At the time of purchase, you must definitely check the operation of moving parts and brakes.

It is better to ride in comfortable clothes that are not restricting movements from breathing materials. Many people prefer to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt in cold weather, and cotton shorts and a T-shirt in hot weather. Shoes should also be comfortable and light, with a sole that will provide reliable grip on the pedals.

Basic rules for effective weight loss with a bike

Basic rules for effective weight loss with a bike

Losing weight will be most effective with the right cycling techniques. So, while riding, the body should be tilted forward, and the arms bent at the elbows. Legs during movement should be almost completely straightened at the knees – this can be achieved by adjusting the height of the saddle. Advanced athletes on separate sections of the track use a more complex riding method – standing riding with the transfer of all body weight from the saddle to the pedals. This allows you to further strain the legs, hips and buttocks.

Effective weight loss is possible with daily training lasting 30 minutes or more. Over time, it is worth bringing the duration of classes to 2-2.5 hours per day. Since 30 minutes of active training helps to get rid of about 10 grams of excess fat, it is worth taking care of their sufficient duration. The choice of training regimen depends solely on personal preferences and the availability of free time. As a rule, working people choose evening bike rides, allowing them to escape from business and have a good time.

Weight reduction will be most effective during interval loads, when different speeds are constantly alternating. For example, a 5-minute drive at a fast pace is replaced by 15 minutes of a slow bike ride. It is also useful to ride over rough terrain, where flat areas are periodically interrupted by hills. This route makes the heart and lungs work more actively, due to which weight loss becomes more intense.

When developing a route, you need to try less often to cross highways, choosing a closed path that allows you to calculate the required number of laps.

Also, losing weight is impossible without revising the diet, from which harmful, fried and too fatty foods should be eliminated. It is also necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein involved in the construction of new muscle fibers. And do not forget about clean water, which will help to remove decay products from the body and maintain a healthy metabolism.

On days when it is snowing or heavy rain outside, it is recommended to replace cycling with work on a stationary bike or temporarily choose a different type of physical activity.

Thus, regular cycling in combination with proper and balanced nutrition guarantee effective weight loss and a slim, toned figure.

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