Fitness training for weight loss: the 15-minute complex of exercises

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Fitness training for weight loss: the 15-minute complex of exercises

The contents

  • High intensity fitness training for weight loss
  • The choice of exercises to train
  • Example 15-minute fitness workout

In the busy schedule of daily chores is not easy to find time for regular fitness classes. But if you want to lose weight and tighten problem areas of the figure, without training can not do. For those who have no time to visit the fitness club, the only way you can become workouts at home. But they will have to spend at least 3-4 hours a week. Therefore, a standard fitness training for weight loss it is better to replace on short high-intensity training. Such trainings will significantly save time, but require complete dedication. Will have to deal with at a rapid pace with minimal rest breaks. Fifteen minutes of such workloads on efficiency comparable to forty minutes for standard training.

High intensity fitness training for weight loss

Short high intensity training for weight loss includes five approaches. One approach is a sequence of four exercises that are performed one after another at a fast pace and interspersed with 10-second pauses to rest. For the execution of each exercise is given 25 seconds. Periods of work and leisure is convenient to measure special timer for interval training, which is programmed under a certain scheme of classes. This application can be installed on your smartphone. The timer gives a sound signal about the end of each work interval or rest. In the absence of a timer you can just count the number of repetitions. There should be twenty-six in each exercise. To measure 10-second rest interval, you need to count to ten.

The choice of exercises to train

No specific exercises in short high intensity workouts are not used. The complex can be composed of any exercise, but it is desirable that in the performance of the work involved as a lot of muscles. Training is short and you need to have time to study the body as fully as possible. Perfect choice — different variations of planks and squats. Suitable as push-UPS, crunches, presses. With the help of these exercises for 15 minutes of work at a fast pace can efficiently stimulate weight loss and how to pump the muscles.

Example 15-minute fitness workout

For high intensity home workouts you can use the following set of exercises:

  • Dynamic reverse placket.

Sitting on the floor, rest my hands on it. Put them strictly under the shoulder joints, giving the fingers to the feet. Straighten your legs, stand on the toes of the socks and pull forward. Relying on the heel and straight arms, get your buttocks up. Align the body: legs, pelvis and torso must be positioned on the same line. Make sure that the pelvis does not SAG. This pose reverse plank. Now reduce the gluteal muscles and lift your pelvis up until it stops. Then lower it below the initial position, leaving about five centimeters to the floor. Then move your right foot to the right diagonal, and left — left. And hold them straight. Again lift the pelvis to its maximum height, then lower close to the floor. Again put the legs to each other and get the pelvis up. Continue in the same spirit, until the set time (25 second interval) or not done 26 reps. When lifting the pelvis exhale through your mouth.

  • Side lunges touching the floor.

Adopt a standing posture: back straight, feet together. Utahnite right leg sideways and place your foot on a sock. Simultaneously, slightly bend your left knee, bend forward, pull your pelvis back and touch your right hand to the floor. Newporno keep leg straight and pull the sock. Supporting leg bend slightly to better stretched muscles of the rear thigh. Low jump with the other leg: the left leg reserved side, and the right is the reference. Case in point, jump and change the legs a little bent, but the back remains straight. Strive harder to twist the body: when you touch the floor with your hand, the other hand touching hips and stretch back elbow. Touching the floor with your hand, make an exhalation through the mouth.

  • Dynamic plank on elbows.

Stand in the bar with emphasis on the forearms and toes. Place the elbows under the shoulder joints. The angle at the elbows should be straight. Stretch it straight. Try to keep the legs and chassis straight, without sagging and sagging. Staying in the strap, put your feet on the diagonal: right foot right, left — left. Behind the leg, continue to rest her toe on the floor. Again, in turn, move the feet, returning them to the starting position. Exhale through your mouth when you take your right foot and return it to the place. As in the other exercises in this fitness workout, do 26 repetitions or used 25 seconds when measured time by the timer.

  • Jumping up from the squat.

Stand up straight, spread feet shoulder-width apart and drop down into a low squat. To do this, leave the pelvis, slightly lean forward and bend your knees. Bent keep your hands in front of him. While in the squat, in early recovery, you jump up sharply. Do this by twisting the hip forward with the effort of clenching his gluteal muscles, and helping himself with his hands. Arms should straighten and to leave a little bit ago. Hold the back in a stable position, keeping a slight bend in the lower back. Keep in the bottom of the squat the knees remain behind the toes. Squatting, exhale through the mouth.

For an untrained person such fitness training are a serious burden. Therefore, they should be treated with caution, especially if you have certain health problems. Will not prevent preliminary consultation of the doctor. If no obstacle to the occupation there, you need to work in full force. Weight loss will be successful only with the fast pace of work. However, in the first training speed can be slightly lower, as due to the fast pace of work may suffer equipment of performance of exercises. Only after new types of exercises are well developed, you can increase the tempo to the maximum.

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