Five morning habits that lead to excess weight

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All nutritionists in the world say with one voice that the day should start with a hearty and nutritious breakfast. This is the first rule of weight loss and wellbeing. But the morning meal should be correct. Otherwise, it will only lead to weight gain! You are not interested in this? Then see what unobvious mistakes you can make during breakfast, which will cause extra pounds!

Habit #1. Too little food

Five morning habits that lead to excess weight

A lot of people can’t eat in the morning. Some people don’t have time, others just don’t want to stick food in their bodies until they wake up. Some people refuse to eat after waking up. Are you one of them? Too bad! You shouldn’t refuse to eat in the morning. Breakfast is a source of energy. It recharges with energy. If you don’t eat thoroughly in the morning, you will be tempted to throw some disgusting stuff at yourself before lunch. For example, a Twix bar or that juicy burger over there, isn’t it?

Habit number 2. Ready-made breakfasts

Five morning habits that lead to excess weight

Another unobvious reason for the extra pounds of breakfast is the habit of eating ready meals. In addition, most of them are sold in packages marked “fitness”. What is not the diet option? This is the danger! They usually contain a cosmic fraction of sugar. This applies:

  • Granols;
  • Muesli;
  • yoghurt;
  • Nut pastes;
  • cottage cheese.

In addition, such shop breakfasts have a lot of other harmful components, including preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, artificial flavors, various chemicals. These products can be safely called food garbage, which leads to weight gain, but not to its reduction!

Habit #3. Lack of control over additives and portion weights

It is hard to disagree with those who have oatmeal with slices of fruit, chia seeds, berries, nuts and dried fruits – this is very useful. But such a mix can just “kill” with its calorie content. So you should be more careful with the additives. Otherwise, a healthy breakfast will cause extra centimeters at the waist!

Habit number 4. Bet on breakfast cereals

Five morning habits that lead to excess weight

Another common, but not the most obvious, mistake of the thinners is the choice of cereal rations for breakfast. Do not be afraid of a one-time reception in the morning:

  • Chocolate balls;
  • Sweet cushions;
  • cornflakes.

But you don’t have to turn it into a norm!

Each serving of cereal is a huge amount of sugar and empty carbohydrates. Therefore, if oatmeal or cottage cheese is quite tired in the morning, it is better to replace them with eggs or omelette to steam. There will be more benefit!

Habit number 5. Too much cream, milk and sweeteners

Five morning habits that lead to excess weight

There’s nothing wrong with coffee or tea this morning. There are very few calories in such drinks. But you like to dilute them with cream or milk, don’t you? And sugar is a “sacred thing” in general, spoons 3-4? Then don’t blame them on the scales. You just need to know the measure of additives. And even better – completely abandon them! Especially for those who are used to drinking coffee or tea several times a day! All the additives make such drinks empty carbohydrates, which do not cheer you up, but only add extra fat.

Here are just a few of the most obvious morning habits, which are more damaging to the figure than give the benefit! Want to lose weight? Then reconsider your attitude to breakfast!

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