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You love to feel energized from a Cup of hot coffee, but the boost does not last long, and in its place comes a nasty limp? We will tell you about five alternatives to coffee that, according to scientists, give strength for the day and have some other useful properties.

The risk of an overdose of caffeine and antioxidants

Researchers have shown that an excess of caffeine may lead to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can have a negative effect on the body. The studies also found that caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands and stored in the nervous system four to six hours, breaking the usual sleep mode. It was found that caffeine reduces the ability of the kidneys to store magnesium, calcium, zinc and other vital micronutrients. Coffee a lot of antioxidants, but what happens when the body receives more antioxidants than it can absorb?

Scientists conducted a study involving healthy men and women aged about 54 years. They received high doses of antioxidants or a placebo. In the study, all participants had to pass the 11-week program of endurance training. Conducted the experiment the scientists were interested in three different aspects, both before and after the study: the results of subjects in the Shuttle run on 20 meters, the level of mitochondrial protein and maximal oxygen consumption. At the end of the study, participants with a maximal oxygen consumption and results of the Shuttle run on 20 m showed about equal improvement.

The difference was in the amount of mitochondrial protein in the participants. Subjects who received a placebo, has shown the ability to increase the level of mitochondrial protein, and was taking a dietary Supplement that could not boast. In fact, taking a dietary Supplement was not able to produce a mitochondrial protein, and this suggests that high doses of antioxidants can allow the body to reach optimal capacity.

Natural coffee substitutes

As you know, caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity and impairs the cellular response to the level of blood sugar. Medical researchers have found that high blood sugar levels can lead to an increased risk of mortality and destruction of the arteries caused by cardiovascular disease. Another marker of cardiovascular disease is to increase the level of homocysteine under the action of chlorogenic acid, as well as the ability of chlorogenic acid to slow down the absorption of glucose.

Inquiring minds want to have an accurate idea of who is still protected from the increase in blood sugar. Studies have shown that patients with type II diabetes who regularly drink coffee, there is a connection between the rise in blood sugar and a massive release of insulin after a meal. More detailed studies showed that coffee contains caffeine can be the cause of high levels of insulin in the pancreas.

Increased insulin production is harmful to health. Diabetes suffer hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and the disease is not retreating. Therefore, the above data suggest that coffee consumption should be kept to a minimum.

Alternatives of coffee

But there is good news. If you want to give up coffee, but you still need energy boost in the morning or afternoon, there are useful alternatives to coffee.

Green powder matcha tea (matcha)

Green powder matcha tea perfect substitute for coffee. To brew matcha tea, mix about 2 g of powder in 1 Cup of water and stir. This tea is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Matcha gives you the same energy boost as a Cup of regular coffee, but it contains five times less caffeine. He slowly enters the body for six to eight hours, providing long-term result without side effects – fatigue or lack of energy. According to some studies, matcha can help improve memory and concentration by increasing dopamine levels.

Green smoothie or green vegetable juice

As you know, adding herbs to the diet increases the energy level due to the nutrients that contain green vegetables. Lovers of natural juices can add in more juices, broccoli, peppers and spinach leaves to increase the consumption of vegetables. You can try and blend of green Superfoods with the addition of green vegetables and fruits to taste. Experiment with different combinations of vegetables, for example, adding to a smoothie celery, avocado, lime, spinach and sprouted grains. Add water and ice cubes and mix well. Drink chilled smoothies at any time of the day, this drink will quickly add strength and provide the body with many nutrients.

Protein smoothie

Protein is vital for energy production by the body. According to recent studies, protein concentration, activity, and promotes the growth of lean muscle mass. Some protein is contained in the vegetables, but to increase energy levels try using protein powder, peanut butter or Chia seeds.

Try a great protein smoothie with chocolate and peanut butter. This drink eliminates cravings and gives useful properties of antioxidants. To give the drink flavor and taste, mix cocoa powder, almond butter and protein powder.


Mate is a very popular drink in Brazil and Argentina. Drink from dried leaves of Yerba mate is a natural coffee substitute. Lovers of this tea are harvested and dried leaves. Dry leaves pour hot water, and they give a flavor. So prepare a hot herbal drink. The taste of mate is somewhat reminiscent of strong brewed green leaf tea. They say this drink gives you energy just like coffee but not as strong effect on sleep, less stimulates and improves concentration. Compared to the average Cup of coffee average serving of Yerba mate contains about three quarters of caffeine, while Yerba mate provides the body with nutrients and amino acids.

Plain water or water with lemon

In the course of research, the nutritionists are convinced that dehydration can lead to fatigue. Signs of dehydration include headache, inability to concentrate or fatigue. If you encounter these symptoms, it is recommended to drink more water. You can add lemon to the water to give it flavor and aroma. Many people drink only when you feel thirsty, which indicates the dehydration. Scientists have proved that in the absence of sufficient hydration, the body is not functioning at 100%. A study involving athletes have shown that low levels of hydration affects the ability to effectively train. To avoid dehydration and drink plenty of water, it is useful to always carry a bottle of water.

With moderate coffee consumption is not harmful drink. To provide the body with the necessary energy, avoid dehydration, eat more vegetables and protein. A new, nutritious drinks in the diet can also benefit your health.

This article was written by staff writer iHerb.


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