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The abdomen, which appears in women, can occur after thirty years, as well as in adolescence. It is difficult to get rid of it, because there are no such exercises and complexes of nutrition that will affect the body locally – you will certainly start to lose weight in different parts of the body. Therefore, it is most convenient to predict the growth of the abdomen. Help in this list of products that contribute to the increase in fat in this area.

We know that many products from the list are very tasty, and sometimes even useful. Therefore, we offer you no less delicious alternatives that will delight you in the weekly menu.


Five products that make the stomach grow

Yes, this delicious product does not contribute to a flat belly, especially if you eat it once a day. But pork remains a useful meat, despite its excessive fat content. It can be eaten no more than once a week and not in the evenings: the body resting at this time, the digestion process slows down and everything you eat will be deposited in fat. But remember that neither chicken, nor beef, nor any other meat affects the growth of fat in the abdomen as much as pork.

What can I do to replace it with? Poultry meat chops are the best product for a flat belly.


Five products that make the stomach grow

The product contains a lot of calories and is very popular among people. Potatoes can be both good and bad for the body. For example, you should never eat fried potatoes with a lot of oil. In such a dish is often added stew or fats of fat – it is delicious, but fat! And all this food will be deposited in the sides and stomach. In addition, such dishes have a bad effect on the health of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. There are dishes made of potatoes, which are cooked much faster, but do not harm either the figure or the stomach.

Than to replace: boiled potatoes, potatoes in an oven – not less tasty, but much more useful dishes. Add chicken or turkey fillets and it tastes even better.


Five products that make the stomach grow

We’re talking about first-class wheat pasta. The noble name means not only a tasty and nourishing product, but also fast carbohydrates, which give a short tide of energy and no less short saturation. After such pasta you will quickly get hungry and go eat more. Such pasta is stored in the fat on the stomach.

Than to replace: pasta of their second-grade wheat is no less tasty than first-grade wheat. There are also many kinds of noodles, such as buckwheat and rice noodles. They won’t hurt your body and they will diversify your daily menu.

Alcoholic drinks

Five products that make the stomach grow

Beer is considered to be the most caloric beverage of alcohol, but it is not about it now, but about alcohol in general. The fact that it slows down the liver, which is not good for both overall health and metabolic processes. Stomach fat appears not only in men from beer, but also in women because of the frequent use of any alcohol. In addition, frequent consumption, as we all know, is harmful to health.

What can I do to replace it with? You don’t need to replace it, you just need to know the measure. Alcohol on holidays will not hurt your body and stomach in particular, but a stable use on weekends will develop a habit of deposition of fat in the body.

Any sugar products

Five products that make the stomach grow

Everyday consumption of sugar harms the thin waist. Fat is most often deposited in women’s hips when consuming sweets, but daily drinking tea with three spoons of sugar and eating candy will affect the fat deposits in the abdomen. Sweet is harmful not only to the figure, but also to the teeth and stomach. It is possible to please oneself at breakfast with candy or cake, but eating them at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening is already an obvious alarm bell. After all, sugar contains the largest amount of fast carbohydrates, which do not contribute to weight loss.

How to replace: sweet fruit (not in the evenings) and dried fruit. If you can’t live without sweets at all, try sugar substitutes and choose the least nutritious products.

So, these five products are the worst enemies of the thin waist. If you already have a flat stomach, don’t relax and keep it in shape! But if you see flaws in yourself and want to correct them, then go to the right food and balance your diet.

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