Food for awakening from hibernation


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Food for awakening from hibernation
The contents

  • What foods should be abandoned at the end of winter?
  • Nutrition in the spring: the most useful vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy nutrition: prevention of hypovitaminosis spring

Short daylight hours, freezing temperatures and a lack of vitamins in late winter, bring the body in a state of emotional exhaustion. To get rid of irritability and melancholy, and to regain strength, it is necessary to revise the diet and, of course, the foods that shape it.

What foods should be abandoned at the end of winter?

Typically, fatigue occurs after a hearty lunch. However, the reason may lie not only in portion size, but in other ingredients in the dish. So specialists were called to the foods that cause a sharp loss of strength.

  • Sweets

Already for anybody not a secret that food with high sugar content causes spikes in blood sugar levels that lead to fatigue. Especially noticeable is the property of sweet treats when the seasons change when the organism is weakened by lack of vitamins, minerals and the lack of sunlight. Therefore, the number of sugar-containing foods in the spring, you need to limit.

  • Fried foods

Food, containing in excess fried (with lots of oil) food also contributes to feelings of fatigue. After all, it is the digestion of the body spends a lot of effort and energy.

  • Energy bars

To eat such high calorie foods, it is appropriate only before intense physical training. Otherwise the body will not be able to process such a nutritious food, which will lead to fatigue of the person.

  • Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are difficult to attribute to the components of a healthy diet. After all, apart from a pronounced destructive action on the body, alcohol causes severe drowsiness. However, the body during this “holiday” spending power not to recover, and to fight alcohol poisoning.

  • Coffee

Though coffee and has invigorating properties, nutritionists warn that its excess can lead to the opposite effect. And people in the future to really have to will continue to increase the number of cups of coffee beverage.

Nutrition in the spring: the most useful vitamins and minerals

Lack of energy in the spring can be caused by a deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins. So people who want to organize a truly healthy diet must be ensured adequate intake of the following substances.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium needed by the body to synthesize adenosine triphosphate which is the energy source for all flowing in the human body processes. So food, poor content of this mineral substance, can cause chronic fatigue and reduced performance.

  • Iron

In order to provide oxygen to the internal organs and tissues of the body need healthy red blood cells. And for the normal functioning of these blood cells need sufficient intake of iron. Therefore, a lack in the diet of foods containing this mineral can cause fatigue, apathy, and a decrease in the protective forces of the organism.

  • The b vitamins

The vitamins in this group are required not only to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, but also to release energy from food, synthesis of hormones. Therefore, in late winter, be sure to consume plenty of foods rich in these vitamins.

Healthy nutrition: prevention of hypovitaminosis spring

For many, the arrival of spring is associated not only with the first heat and the young greens, but also vitamin deficiencies (lack of vitamins). Indications are exacerbation of chronic diseases, brittle, split ends and constant drowsiness.

Prevention of hypovitaminosis spring is as welcome ready multivitamin complexes, and the use of healthy, natural foods. Unfortunately, in late winter to purchase fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables is quite difficult. Imported fruits are usually immature tear, so the nutrients they contain minimal amount.

Doctors call spring main symptoms of hypovitaminosis caused by a deficiency of various organic substances:

  • lack of vitamin A causes a decrease in visual acuity, dryness and peeling of the skin;
  • lack of vitamin C leads to bleeding gums, hair loss and problems with concentration;
  • lack of vitamin E — high irritability, fatigue, memory problems;
  • vitamin D deficiency manifests itself pulling and aching in the joints;
  • the lack of vitamin B1 causes problems with sleep and poor appetite;
  • lack of B2 causes a decrease in the number of red blood cells, and deterioration of hair and nails.

Nutritionists lead the list of products which should be included in a healthy diet in the spring.

  • Dairy

Milk and its derivatives are a storehouse of vitamins (A, E and b group), as well as many minerals. Especially appreciated milk products, the use of which favorably affects the digestive system. Separately, it should be noted that the use of milk or cream with coffee significantly interferes with the absorption of dairy products, so it is better to eat separately.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables rich orange or red will help to restore the lack of vitamins A and E. in addition, they are a source of vitamin C, which enhances immunity of the person. So, for example, preferably year-round to include in the diet apples, citrus fruits, and carrots, which contain large amounts of mineral substances, fruit acids and antioxidants. Therefore, vegetable salads with fresh greens and light dressing, it is able to charge a dose of vitamins and improve mood.

  • Food of animal origin

This group foods include meat, fish. They are not the only source of protein and many other nutrients. For example, lean beef helps to cope with a lack of b vitamins, and cod liver oil is a storehouse of vitamins A and E, and folic acid. Red sea fish helps to replenish polyunsaturated fatty acids, which helps to strengthen the nervous system and helps to cope with the spring Blues.

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