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Food for the weather: the diet of Chinese philosophy
The contents

  • Food in accordance with the coordinates
  • A balanced diet is the principle of Yin—Yang
  • Selection of products according to the principle of Yin and Yang
  • Products are Yang and Yin in the power menu that are considered extreme

According to Chinese philosophy, everything in the world is connected and interacts, so even the climate conditions in which people live directly affect the food.

Everything that happens in the world, including natural phenomena and climatic background, the Chinese were designated as active (male) and passive (female) start — Yang and Yin.

Food in accordance with the coordinates

Yin is considered the beginning of the female has a soft energy and appropriate hot time of year. Yang — masculine with a cool energy that relates to winter. There are also transitions between these energies. So, spring time is a period of transition from Yang to Yin, and the fall from Yin to Yang. The same can be traced in the movement from the poles to the equator: the transition from male to female. And all this corresponds to the way of life and human nutrition.

Food, which refers to the feminine Yin, the same large size, sweet taste and fragrant, the content of potassium and other Yin elements. While the food is Yang is not so large and fragrant. It is dominated by nutria and other Yang elements. Feminine energy is full of greens, fruits, and roots and culture from the grain — men’s.

Conclusion: living in a hot climate and when is the warm season, in the diet should prevail greens, vegetables and fruits — foods with Yin energy. Northern conditions dictate other rules of the diet. The basis of the diet should be energy-intensive and concentrated Ian-products. From the Eastern knowledge and macrobiotics, it follows that exotic fruits in diet menu a cool time of year and in the North are not welcome. According to the theory of Chinese philosophy, they “undermine” the internal balance in the body.

It is believed that people will be healthier and more energetic if it is to eat in season and what grows in the place of his residence. But this does not mean that people living in Northern latitudes should eat only beets and cabbage, and forget about the oranges and pineapples. To fully enjoy the taste of exotic fruits are advised to go on a vacation to a place where they grow. Just as residents of the East and Asia can enjoy grated radish and soup, visiting the Northern areas.

A balanced diet is the principle of Yin—Yang

Traditionally, the cuisine match the food according to Chinese philosophy. So the basis of Russian national cuisine are cereal products (cereal, pastries, etc.) and roots, which are preparing a variety of dishes — salad, soup, stews, vegetables, etc. For dessert, eat nuts, seeds and berries, which, unlike the fruits of the tropics, are characterized by their compactness and density. As you can see — this is the perfect diet of Yin and Yang.

With the onset of warm season, residents of the middle latitudes are refreshing their menus with tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens and fruits. As soon as the cold and moving South to North, the main dishes in the diet become hot soups, vegetables, porridge, a variety of soup. Potato, which is considered Yang food, is almost the main ingredient in many recipes.

Products-Yin, which include cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes popular in Russia and Italy. But once the vegetables are salted, fermented and canned, they are transformed into products-Jan. As you know, pickles are an integral part of Russian cuisine in the winter.

Most of the products with the Yang energy such as cereals, legumes or root vegetables, easily stored without canning and pickling. What not to say about Yin products related to perishable. To be transported into remote areas, they tear immature. This means that these products are ripened in transit or treated in a special way, in the diet do not bear for a person of no value.

Selection of products according to the principle of Yin and Yang

How to determine the southern and Northern food, in order to correctly make your healthy diet menu? In fact, in any product there is female and male energy. It is important to choose those in which predominant Yin or Yang. For example, the above-ground fruits like pumpkin, zucchini and cabbage belong to the Yin foods. More female energy in the fruits which grow even higher over the earth. They ripen in the heat of summer.

Take those apples summer varieties, perishable sweet and can be eaten straight from the tree. They have more Yin. While winter apples are sour, have a long shelf life and not suitable for eating when still hanging on the branches. They can be safely attributed to the products-Jan. To them belong the sour berries — cranberries and cranberries, which ripen with the onset of late autumn. Yin-the berries are collected in summer it’s strawberries, strawberries, raspberries.

Almost all plant food is a source of Yin energy and products of animal origin carry Yang energy. To cook plant-Yin in winter, it takes time. As a result, they become Jan. Also food adds Yang energy, the handful of salt.

Plants-Yin, which have been heat treatment, lower body temperature and slow down the metabolic processes, but plant-Yang, on the contrary, accelerate metabolism and enhance the temperature limit of the body.

Seafood and fish are one of the most balanced compositions and are considered to be more healthy. They are associated more with female than with male content and combine well with vegetables. Such a diet will benefit the person.

Products are Yang and Yin in the power menu that are considered extreme

To make the correct food, you need to remove from your diet extreme foods or consume them in moderation. These include:

  • Yang — pork, sausages, duck eggs, salted foods, tuna, eggs and so on.

  • Yin — mayonnaise, sugar and milk products, flavors, chocolate, white flour and white rice, vinegar, etc.

Way to health: diet in accordance with climate

The weather conditions of the regions with harsh climates (the North, the Arctic) balanced diet it is better to make of:

  • cold-tolerant cereal is rye, buckwheat, barley, winter wheat cultivars;

  • ulosevich crops of local origin: they are permitted to boil and simmer.

Diet menu for a temperate climate are advised to do:

  • beans and local cereals growing of beans, peas, lentils, oats, barley, rice, wheat;

  • vegetables grown in those places that can be processed by way of cooking, stewing or steaming. Also in the diet added a bit of raw vegetables, fruits and greens;

  • small amounts of fish and seafood.

For the tropics and subtropics recommended food consisting of:

  • grasses of the South, sago, cassava, long grain rice;

  • large bean — Lima, Pinto;

  • ulosevich crops, fruits, and many greens of the area;

  • foods with minimal heat treatment and with the use of spices and fats of vegetable origin.

This menu is the path to health and longevity.

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