Food habits of people of different countries of the world


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Food habits of people of different countries of the world

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  • Ethnic cuisine as a reflection of people’s habits
  • Food habits of different countries to facilitate weight loss
  • Healthy eating: healthy habits of different nationalities

People’s habits related to food, directly depend on the characteristics of the region where they live. So, each country not only has its own unique cuisine and rituals associated with food intake. What traditions inherent in the cuisines of different nationalities? What they should learn?

Ethnic cuisine as a reflection of people’s habits

The different cuisines are a reflection of culture and national centuries-old traditions, passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, dietary habits of people living in different parts of the world may differ substantially.

All national cuisines of the world unique, which makes them very attractive for lovers of gastronomic tourism. It is believed that to meet the taste of authentic cuisine can only be their historic homeland. So, to try the perfect pasta only in Italy, but “proper” pudding — on the shores of Albion. This applies to French cuisine, which is famous for its gastronomic delights, and many others.

It is important to realize that the culinary traditions and habits of people living in different parts of the world have deep historical roots, and often do not reach to our days almost unchanged. And recipes of ethnic dishes, for many centuries, only improved and updated, allowing to create bright and distinctive national cuisine.

In addition, most of the national dishes, is available for the region products. Each kitchen has cooking rules, food processing methods, etc.

However, even those who do not have the opportunity to travel in order to satisfy culinary curiosity, are restaurants of different national cuisines that will allow you to get an idea about the culture and food habits of other nationalities.

Food habits of different countries to facilitate weight loss

Each country has its own rich culinary tradition, as well as a special eating habits, formed under the influence of the geographical location, climate, historical (or religious) influence, and also due to other factors. The following is an overview of the most healthy of them.

Will be especially interesting to get acquainted with the useful data habits to those who want to achieve weight loss.

  • China

The people of this country have rich cultural traditions involving all layers of society. It is customary in China to pay attention not only to flavor food but also on its quality. The most beneficial nutritional habits of people living in this region should include the minimal use of salt and consumption of large amounts of vegetables. The basis of the diet of the Chinese are cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. The flesh is only a small part of it. It is also important to note that all the products subjected to minimum heat treatment that allows to save most of their useful nutritional properties. It is important to note other habits, such as feeding schedule and use of chopsticks (which contributes to more regular food intake and rapid onset of a sense of fullness).

  • Spain

The famous Spanish Siesta (a tradition to have a rest after lunch) is known around the world. The doctors confirmed that such a habit is not a whim but a manifestation of care for the body. Siesta allows you to restore strength, normalize blood pressure, increase brain function. Moreover, with the help of an afternoon NAP can make up for possible lack of night rest, which is often the cause of extra pounds. There are other useful habits of the Spaniards: roasting and braising foods on a dry pan (without using oil) and the choice in favor of local, organic food.

  • Japan

Japan is a country of real centenarians and people who have problems with excess weight. Because the diet of most Japanese is useful and low-calorie food (vegetables, cereals, fish and seafood). And most of the food is cooked, usually by boiling or sautéing without oil. In addition, in Japan it is not customary to serve large portions. During the meal on the table exhibited a variety of small cups, bowls, etc., of which each eater takes only a little food. After all, the people of this country have a very useful habit to get up from the table slightly hungry.

  • Italy

Italians are connoisseurs of food produce for every meal for a few hours. However, instead of mindless eating, they are enjoying the process, enjoying the taste and aroma of the meals served. Here it is customary to eat only freshly prepared food, and the last meal should finish no later than eight o’clock in the evening. Also among the dietary habits of people living on the Mediterranean coast, we can distinguish the mandatory inclusion in the diet of olive oil. This product, along with vegetables, cereals, fish and seafood is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. And this power system is known to be one of the most balanced in the world. In addition, the Italians often allow myself at dinner with a glass of dry wine. This habit not only helps to improve digestion, but also reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

Healthy eating: healthy habits of different nationalities

Each country formed its own gastronomic traditions, which may be unacceptable to the other nationalities. However, among them are the useful habits which it is necessary to take “note” to anyone who wants to enjoy healthy food.

  • India

Indian cuisine is famous for its love for all sorts of spices. Not only do they give dishes amazing flavor and aroma, but also stimulates the digestive system, but also normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood.

  • Mexico

In the culture of the country there is a tradition almuerzo (a big and hearty meal in the middle of the day). Thanks to him, the Mexican manages to keep the feeling of fullness until the evening, and to avoid the possibility of overeating.

  • USA

It is believed that American cuisine is replete with harmful and high-calorie food. However, the Americans popularized farm products. A useful habit to always make a choice in favor of organic food should definitely adopt.

  • Sweden

Cuisine Scandinavian countries are also rich in wholesome and nutritious dishes. Meanwhile, the diet of the Swiss people occupies an important place saltwater fish (a valuable source of healthy fatty acids), and also rye bread, which is less harmful for the figure.

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