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The stomach is one of the most problematic areas. This is where most of the fat is deposited. How to make the stomach flat? Proper nutrition will help.

How to build nutrition to achieve a flat stomach?

Getting a flat belly is not so easy. Have to exercise regularly and eat right.

How exactly should build power? Here are some effective tips to help remove excess fat from the problem area.

First of all, avoid harmful products. These are soda, fast food, alcohol, chips, crackers. In addition, it is important to reduce the intake of salt and sugar. But vegetables and fruits in the diet should be a lot. Do not forget about cereals. Complex carbohydrates and fiber help to improve the processes of digestion, get rid of constipation and at the same time feel full.

Another rule – do not skip breakfast. The first meal will help get rid of hunger, recharge your batteries and not overeat during the day. But dinner should be light, and no later than 19 hours.

For a flat stomach it is important to drink plenty of clean water. It speeds up the metabolism, improves the bowels. Drinking water is necessary, starting in the morning on an empty stomach, and then during the day before meals. Then it will be possible to reduce the amount of food eaten, because the appetite will be dulled.

Meals should be built so that during the day there were 4-6 meals. Of course, the portions should be small. This will not starve and at the same time avoid overeating. After all, a large amount of food consumed invariably leads to weight gain and fat deposition in problem areas, particularly in the abdominal area.

What products will help to achieve a flat stomach? Cinnamon, ginger, green tea, whole grains, seaweed, kefir, cottage cheese, greens.

Cinnamon converts fat cells to energy, helping to remove fat on the abdomen. Ginger speeds up the metabolism and reduces excessive appetite. Green tea speeds up metabolism and reduces cravings for sweets. Whole grains quickly get rid of fat on the abdomen, because they give a long feeling of satiety and help not to overeat. Cottage cheese and kefir adjust the work of the intestines. Seaweed helps burn fat faster and reduces appetite. And greens removes excess water. In addition, greens contain a lot of fiber, cleansing the intestines.

All this is important for losing weight in the abdominal area. Therefore, these products are very desirable to include in your diet.

Slimming and the right menu

Slimming and the right menu

Weight loss will be really effective if the nutrition menu is built correctly.

Breakfast should be hearty. It can be dishes from eggs, cottage cheese, cereals. You can also add vegetables or fruits. It is desirable to drink green tea, drink with cinnamon or ginger.

For lunch it is worth cooking vegetable soup. As well as a meat or fish dish and salad. Meat and fish should be stewed, boiled or baked. Salads should be filled with vegetable oils and lemon juice, you can choose natural yogurt.

Dinner should be light, but after it should not torment the feeling of hunger. Vegetable stew, baked fish, cottage cheese casserole – an excellent choice. Portion should be small.

From snacks should choose only the most useful. For example, fruit or vegetable smoothies, yogurt with berries, cottage cheese, vegetable salad.

Here is an example of a useful menu for a flat stomach:

in the morning: omelet with sweet pepper, green tea; or fruit and vegetable smoothies; or oatmeal with berries and cinnamon drink; or yoghurt and two toasts with ginger drink;
snack: vegetable salad; or grapefruit; or yogurt with blueberries; or curd with nectarine slices;
dinner: cauliflower soup, chicken cutlet and salad, compote; or chicken breast with brown rice and salad, mors; or boiled fish and salad, orange juice; or fish soup, stew with vegetables and mushrooms, cinnamon drink;
snack: apple; or smoothies; or salad; or boiled egg and leaf lettuce;
in the evening: beef with fresh herbs, kefir; or cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin and tea with mint; or vegetable stew and ryazhenka; or fish stew with vegetables, citrus juice.

If desired, in the evening you can drink a glass of kefir or ryazhenka. But this is not necessary if there is no feeling of hunger.

Nutrition for a flat stomach should be balanced and complete. It is important to abandon carbonated drinks, fast carbohydrates, fried foods.

Recipes for dishes and drinks for a flat belly

Recipes for dishes and drinks for a flat belly

Weight loss will be fast if you choose low-calorie meals and drinks. Recipes must be healthy and tasty. Here are a few such recipes.

Vegetable Soup

A few broccoli and cauliflower inflorescences, green beans, onion, carrot coarsely chopped. Pour water, add salt and pepper. Cook until ready. Beat with a dip blender, add herbs. Warm up.

Vegetable stew

Dice medium-sized cut 300 g pumpkin, three sweet peppers. Two carrots cut into slices, onion – half rings. Stew for fifteen minutes, then add boiled and sliced ​​mushrooms (you can take any). Salt and pepper, add chopped garlic, marjoram and simmer until cooked.

Pyshenka with pumpkin

Boil 100 g of millet in salted water. Separately, boil 100 g of diced pumpkin. Combine millet and pumpkin, add a little raisins, vanillin. Boil a couple more minutes.

Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Grate two sweet and sour apples, a large carrot. Two walnut chop. All combine, fill with liquid honey and lemon juice. Very simple and useful recipe.

Fish with vegetables

Fish carcass clean, salt and pepper and pour with lemon juice. Put in the form. Slice carrot, pumpkin, onion, tomato. Put the vegetables to the fish, add a few cloves of garlic, sprinkle with olive oil and pour. Bake until done.

Kefir with cinnamon

Useful and tasty drink. In a glass of low-fat kefir add a teaspoon of cinnamon, mix well. Drink better in the evening.

The recipes are simple, so do not have to spend a lot of time at the stove. Weight loss in the abdomen will be quite fast, if not only the nutrition is correct, but also the physical load is high enough.

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