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Foods sources of selenium
The contents

  • Brazilian walnut is a champion of the content of selenium
  • Pork kidneys — food rich in selenium
  • Lobster and other seafood as the food sources containing selenium
  • Oyster mushrooms — ideal for diet
  • White fungus — a valuable forest delicacy

Selenium — an essential mineral for the human body, a part of proteins and is involved in many processes, including oxidation-reduction and material exchange. Selena is impossible without the absorption of iodine and vitamin E, and he is a member of antioxidant defense system. Therefore, it is important sufficient to consume foods containing selenium. Which contains this mineral?

Brazilian walnut is a champion of the content of selenium

Bertholetia high, the fruit of which is called Brazilian walnut, is grown in countries with warm tropical climates — Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, etc. Attempts to cultivate this plant, although successful, but much progress in this breeders there, and while the wild trees are the only sources of tasty and healthy fruit. The composition of the Brazil nut includes a great variety of important substances — mono – and polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is a valuable source of selenium in the diet, the amount of which varies in the range of 1500 µg per 100 g

A lot of the fruits of Bertholletia magnesium and thiamine. Brazil nuts are recommended to eat to prevent breast cancer and prostate glands and improve immunity. Surprisingly, but all other nuts are referred to food with a high degree of risk of allergic reactions, while Brazilian walnut is known for its antiallergic effect due to the presence of selenium, the overwhelming histamine.

Pork kidneys — food rich in selenium

Not all Russians are like by-products, and in vain, because of the qualities they are not inferior to meat, but by the content of vitamins and minerals can even surpass it. The kidneys are able to diversify your diet and ensure the body’s need for protein is the main building material for muscles. They have a lot of vitamins — A, C, E, H, PP, b group, minerals — iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and selenium. The number is about 250 — 300 g per 100 g. Regularly eating pork kidneys, normalize blood pressure, improve brain and memory function, speed the healing of wounds and cuts, because this food contains a substance that improves the regeneration of tissues.

The most important thing is kidney to prepare, otherwise the impression of the dishes will be spoiled. First they should be soaked in cold water or milk, and then simmer, fry, boil or bake, removing blood vessels, ureters and the renal capsule. Salt kidneys is recommended immediately before serving, and if you do it early, the dish will become dry and hard.

Lobster and other seafood as the food sources containing selenium

Of course, lobster is not cheap, but there are many more available seafood, is able to provide the body’s need for selenium. Shrimp is a valuable source of nutrition, rich in calcium and protein, yet low in calories, which gives reason to use them for food while on a diet. Of squid — cephalopods can cook a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes — salads, appetizers, soups and main dishes. Seafood is very rich in useful substances to the body, but especially a lot of different minerals in them.

Zinc, which is most found in oysters, is of particular value to the body of men, participating in the production of sperm and male hormones. And yet, this mineral is essential for the production of anabolic hormones in the body. The benefits of iodine prophylaxis of thyroid gland diseases known to many, and all the other mineral salts — potassium, phosphorus, Nickel, copper and other very important to maintain normal functioning of the body. Selenium in seafood is about 130 mg per 100 g.

Oyster mushrooms — ideal for diet

Anyone who adheres to a diet diet should pay attention to this food because its calorie content is only 40 Kcal per 100 g But oyster mushrooms contain many valuable substances that are essential for human health. These include numerous amino acids, the variety and quantity of which gives reason to equate the mushrooms for some meat and dairy products. While oyster proteins have a high digestibility reaching the cooking 70% or more. Fat oyster a bit, but half of those who have, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Included in the fungi polysaccharides beta-glucans exhibit high antitumor and immunomodulatory effects, and substances such as mannitol and chitin play a role of sorbent, absorbing all the harmful and toxic trace elements. The oyster mushrooms are all water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins inherent in vegetables, berries and meat. But nicotinic acid in them 5 — 10 times more than in vegetables, and mushrooms discovered ascorbic acid, tocopherol, ergocalciferol, vitamin b complex.

White fungus — a valuable forest delicacy

Another source of power from the Kingdom of nature, in particular coniferous and deciduous forests. Borovik is called the king of mushrooms, and I think gathering is very good, if you can find a meadow mushroom. In some Western countries, mushroom picking keenly following special authorities, forcing all fans of this product go to the camp in a neighboring state. White mushrooms contain the same nutrients that many of their counterparts, but the mushrooms do not darken during drying and acquire a special, incomparable flavor, which I love and it cooks.

Borovik is no superior to the other mushrooms in the protein content, but nutritional value is not the case. White fungus like no other is able to stimulate the secretion of digestive juice to improve the digestive system. During research it was found that in its performance it surpasses even the broth. In industrial conditions, its cultivation unprofitable, so the main method of production remains quiet hunting. Mushrooms hiding in deciduous and coniferous forests, in young groves and plantations of pines, firs, oaks and birches. These foods are natural sources of selenium for the human body.

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