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Foods that cause insomnia

The contents

  • Meats is not the best solution before bedtime
  • Coffee is a drink that is better to drink in the morning
  • Hot and spicy food: what’s the catch?
  • Eating chocolate at night: helpful or harmful habit?
  • Ice cream — a treat not for a good night’s sleep

Why one food contributes to the rapid falling asleep, and the other not? Scientists have long been engaged in studying this issue, studying the effect of food on the quality night of rest. Of course, sleep does not only depend on the composition and amount of food. He is under the influence of the emotional state, the room temperature, illuminance, but in any case, you should pay special attention to what you satisfy your hunger shortly before going to bed, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. What products work against sleep?

Meats is not the best solution before bedtime

Smoked and of themselves are not the best food, and certainly just before bedtime especially. The fact is that smoked meat contains a large amount of tyramine is physiologically active amino acid that has on the body vasoconstrictor effect and thereby increases blood pressure. But that’s not all. Tyramine stimulates the production of norepinephrine, leading to stimulation of the nervous system. Any smoked badly affect the quality of night rest, slow down the falling asleep, besides they contain many chemical additives, negatively acting on all health in General.

If you can not refuse from eating meat before going to sleep, stop your choice on the Turkey. It is rich in tryptophan — an amino acid involved in the synthesis of the hormone serotonin, and it contributes to the quality and long-lasting sleep. In violation of process of production of this hormone being violated and all the circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. Where else can you get tryptophan? Eggs, milk, seafood. By the way, milk and dairy foods are a great choice for your last meal, because they contain calcium, known for its calming effect.

Coffee is a drink that is better to drink in the morning

That coffee invigorates, know everything, so I try to drink this drink in the morning, but for coffee lovers there are no differences. With last meal: a Cup and drink, they go to bed, and then are surprised that I can’t fall asleep. Coffee makes the heart and vessels to work in high load conditions, thereby increasing the pulse and blood pressure. Instead of rest, the brain starts to work actively, to analyze the daily information, not allowing to escape from a swarm of thoughts and tune in to the rest.

In addition, this drink has a pronounced diuretic effect, and can not just once or twice to Wake the man in the middle of the night. For this reason, you should not eat for dinner, foods with a similar effect — cucumbers, watermelons, radishes, celery. In fact, your hunger before bed is rich in crude fiber food is not the healthiest habit, because it can cause unwanted pain, cramps, bloating, preventing quality night’s rest.

Hot and spicy food: what’s the catch?

Lovers of hot and spicy dishes, condiments and sauces with mustard, horseradish, red pepper and other spices are very much at risk. The fact is that such food can cause heartburn, does not contribute to normal sleep. If heartburn recurs from time to time and the man knows exactly what provoked it, it is enough to eliminate these negative factors, to establish a regime of sleep and wakefulness. If the attacks are repeated constantly, the doctors suspected gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this disease the reflux of the esophagus of stomach contents occurs regularly, imposing its imprint on the quality of human life.

In this case it is better to seek help from professionals to find the cause of the pathology. Perhaps we are talking about lowering the tone of the lower sphincter of food, increasing intra-abdominal pressure, poor emptying of the stomach or decreased ability of esophagus to self-purification. In any case, need some time to follow a diet, abandoning of the habit of eating at night, spicy, salty and sour dishes, generously seasoned with spices.

Eating chocolate at night: helpful or harmful habit?

Among all sweets chocolate is some mansion. It is permitted to eat even on a diet and in General, scientists believe this food item is incredibly beneficial to the body. It’s hard to argue with that that that treat improves mood and acts as a prevention of depression. The chocolate prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and coronary heart disease, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and even helps in maintaining your youth and beauty, but he has a lot of “side effects”, which can play havoc when eating this delicacy for the night.

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which have a tonic effect. It has many other psychoactive substances, and in the bitter tile is a lot more of them than dairy. But this does not mean that the slaves of their habit, you can replace dark chocolate for milk and continue to eat it before bedtime. In the dairy treat contains more sugar and fat, it can cause diabetes and obesity. Chocolate, like coffee is best consumed in the morning.

Ice cream — a treat not for a good night’s sleep

As you can see, sleep duration and quality depend largely on food preferences of the person. If any of the readers are ardent fans of the ice cream that they often consume in bed, then with high probability they face problems a night’s rest. And all because the ice cream is a product of the cold. It narrows the blood vessels, slowing blood circulation and disrupting the process of digestion. At night, the stomach needs to rest and so he is forced to work, and to put excessive effort. And they he will certainly need, because ice cream contains a lot of saturated fat.

All sorts of supplements in the form of nuts and chocolate will act as “batteries” for the mind, and then sleep will not work for a long time. Fruit ice is also not the best solution. And although it is made from the frozen juice, it adds a lot of chemical dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances. It is best to drink at night, a glass of kefir or natural yoghurt, and soon you yourself will not notice how immersed in the Kingdom of Morpheus.

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