Four sweets to make your figure look good

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Do you think girls only dream of diamonds and furs? Not at all! Most girls dream of eating their favorite sweets and not getting better. The growing food industry has given us thousands of different kinds of foods that literally break the shelves of confectionery departments. And passing by them it remains only hard to sigh, because every girl as our father knows that all the delicious delicacies are full of great and terrible carbohydrates, and sometimes even complete with fats, which will certainly damage the figure. But is it really so?

We say no. But under several conditions. First of all, you stick to a certain amount of calories per day and a balanced diet always, therefore, do not tend to snap off and get rid of a pack of cookies or waffles in one sitting. Second, sweetness should fit in with 20% of your daily calories. Feel the good news in the morning?

And now a little more good information: sweets can also be very useful. And you have probably already heard about their properties.

1) Zephyr is a light and airy, real king among sweets. Does not contain a gram of fat in its composition, as prepared from apple puree and egg whites. Contains useful for the gastrointestinal tract pectin. One marshmallow per day can be afforded even on the most stringent diets, and the modern food industry has made a real breakthrough by launching the production of lines of sweets using vegetable substitutes.

Four sweets to make your figure look good

2) Although Halva is the leader in caloric value among the presented products, and also carries in its composition a large amount of fat, but all this is compensated by its properties. Firstly, a significant fiber content regulates glucose and cholesterol levels in the body. Secondly, since halva is made of seeds and nuts, the bulk of the fat in its composition – unsaturated, that is, those that also participate in the recycling of cholesterol.

Four sweets to make your figure look good

3) Black chocolate. Unfortunately, many sweet toothpastes, the one that is from 65% of cocoa content and without stuffing. But what a treasure trove of trace elements! Also, bitter chocolate is a real source of serotonin, the very “happiness hormone”. Two pieces of chocolate in the morning will not only break the craving for sweets during the days, but will also increase concentration and normalize blood pressure.

Four sweets to make your figure look good

4) Honey. Very good replacement of sugar, because it does not carry bare carbohydrates, but also a stock of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Tea with honey is not only an effective remedy for colds, but also the best substrate for the brain and heart muscle.

Four sweets to make your figure look good
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